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The Best Inside Him

escrita por IzzyM_Br
Fanfic / Fanfiction The Best Inside Him
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Capítulos 1
Palavras 1.619
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Ikemen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Comédia, Drama / Tragédia, Famí­lia, Fantasia, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, LGBTQIAPN+, Literatura Erótica, Luta, Magia / Misticismo, Mistério, Policial, Sobrenatural, Suspense, Terror e Horror, Universo Alternativo
Five centuries ago, there was such a pure and reciprocal love, two different sides of the throne, their history was forgotten but her love was so powerful that Cardle became known as the city cursed by love.

But now they are reborn, their destinies were drawn again, between love and hate, desire and fear and live and die.

Isabelle has always suffered at Eliot's hands since she was eight years old and she never knew why he hated her so much, but the truths begin to emerge after ten years, inexplicable dreams about her past and even Eliot who should be her soul mate.

A year ago someone set up Eliot and he believes it was Isabelle, he promised while he was trapped in his "luxury cage" that he would make her pay throning her life a living hell and that would break her in every way, but he knows that deep down he loves her and that love will kill them.


This is a second generation of the ikemen revolution ( this is a game about Alice in wonderland) Isabelle is the daughter of Kyle and "Alice the second "
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