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Beating & Bleeding

escrita por Weronfirenow
Fanfic / Fanfiction Beating & Bleeding
Em andamento
Capítulos 7
Palavras 9.913
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Charlie Puth, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, One Direction, Zayn Malik
Gêneros Comédia, Romântico / Shoujo
—Beautiful, isn't it?— A male voice interrupts my thoughts. I fright. I don't know this voice yet, but such a voice... This guy is owner of a thick and hoarse voice that is so sexy! —I love looking at them.—

Now I can see his eyes clearly, they're really green and so wonderful! —I'm Harry. Let me know your name.—
—I'm Caroline.—

—But are you dating?—
—No, Harry, we're not dating, I don't know what we have, but I like it.— I sit on my bed. He's staring at me. —And do you know why?— He shakes his head. —Because he's never went away or started being someone totally different. He has never let me alone or pretended to be someone else.—

—I kinda hate him, we don't talk to each other without arguing.—
—Love and hate walk together.— He stops looking at me. —You've already answered my question.— I can't say he's wrong... —Just answer one more.— His honey-eyes stare at me. —Do you like him more than me?—

Zayn Malik can't imagine that Harry Styles really loves her. But Harry does it, and he can be better just because of her, he can change and do anything for her. 'Cause Caroline is the one and only who could make his heart start beating and bleeding, who could make him truly love. But he doesn't know how to say it, he doesn't know how to show her, 'cause she doesn't trust him anymore.

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Parece uma fanfic

escrita por ninajct
Fanfic / Fanfiction Parece uma fanfic
Em andamento
Capítulos 1
Palavras 3.430
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Harry Styles, One Direction
Gêneros Comédia, Drama / Tragédia, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente
O engraçado disso tudo, é que a Lis de 13 anos de idade estaria muito orgulhosa.
Se eu pudesse voltar ao passado eu diria para mim mesma que viver uma fanfic na vida real é muito mais difícil do que parece.
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escrita por harrysironman
Fanfic / Fanfiction Destiny
Em andamento
Capítulos 2
Palavras 1.396
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Harry Styles, One Direction
Gêneros Ficção
"Promise me,you'll never leave me Harry,promise me!" She sobbed,crying into his chest.

"I won't baby,I won't"


But she left,carrying his most precious thing he didn't knew about!
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Dark Nights

escrita por anna_bst
Fanfic / Fanfiction Dark Nights
Em andamento
Capítulos 1
Palavras 1.205
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Little Mix, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, One Direction, Zayn Malik
Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Drama / Tragédia, Fantasia, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, Gay / Yaoi, Lésbica / Yuri, LGBTQIA+, Luta, Magia / Misticismo, Mistério, Policial, Universo Alternativo
He wasn’t quite sure why the First Wolves requested his presence on such an important gathering, he had some ideas though. The Annual Celebrations for the gods were exclusive events for powerful, influential wolves. Although Harry Styles was a powerful wolf - not that they knew it -, he was also a commoner and somewhat rebel, to be honest.

Maybe they knew about his stealing. Maybe they would hang him.

He would find ou soon enough.
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escrita por byther
Fanfic / Fanfiction Never
Em andamento
Capítulos 4
Palavras 4.707
Idioma Inglês
Categorias One Direction
Gêneros Ficção Adolescente, Policial, Saga

Katherine London, a young woman passionate about writing and traveling around the world decides to stay in Argentina where she was born, simply to give love a chance. The love of her life has a name and that is Paul Evans, a young man from England with a past little recognized by his beloved Katy.
The news that Javier and Laby would come from Paul Evans' past to the present would change Katherine's life in a radical twist full of mystery and a thin gap between life and death.

A love story that will leave everyone seriously thinking "What is true love?"
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Vengeance (Harry Styles fanfiction)

escrita por Slayingqueen
Fanfic / Fanfiction Vengeance (Harry Styles fanfiction)
Em andamento
Capítulos 17
Palavras 15.701
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Emma Watson, Ian Somerhalder, Lendas Urbanas, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, The Vampire Diaries
Gêneros Fantasia, Ficção, Luta, Mistério, Suspense
Stripped away from the love that she deserved from her parents by the vampire clan,Malaine would stop at nothing to get her revenge.
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Complicated Romance(Niall Horan fanfiction)

escrita por Slayingqueen
Fanfic / Fanfiction Complicated Romance(Niall Horan fanfiction)
Em andamento
Capítulos 15
Palavras 11.681
Idioma Inglês
Categorias 5 Seconds Of Summer, Ariana Grande, Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, Josh Hutcherson, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift
Gêneros Ação, Drama / Tragédia, Ficção, Luta, Suspense
It was a rainy and stormy night,usually I loved this kinda nights,but something about it made a shiver run down my spine.
It was 1am in the morning and Alyssa hasn't yet come back from the party.I also hated being left alone in the house.

I was bored and didn't know what to do.I then decided to log into my facebook account to check some stuff.
A disturbing bang from the living room door made me jump from bed.I heard footsteps coming to my bedroom.
I knew it was only Lyssa but I was getting scared at how she was coming to my door.

She opened it and just by the look on her face I was scared!
She was swearing profanities with her gritted teeth.
She didn't acknowledge me as she started coming to the familiar drawer she had.
"Noo not that drawer!" I mentally screamed.
Tears started to run down my cheeks as I knew what that drawer contained.

She quickly drew out a gun from the drawer and I couldn't help but plead. "No no no lyssa,you promised you wouldn't visit that drawer..ever" I said in a quiet voice enough for her to hear.
She quickly glanced at me,then I saw sadness,which was quickly replaced by uttermost rage.
"You can go tell that to that bastard of a boyfriend!" She yelled at me.

Then realization soon hit me,Ian ..Ian was gonna get killed! I warned him but that dickhead refused to listen.
"We're leaving!" She said in a demanding tone,telling me to get up and follow her,I followed her with no hesitation like a lost puppy until we reached the car where she got in and I also did.
It was a silent drive,judging by the way she was driving at such speed,she was trying to get us both killed! We reached Ian's house, she quickly rushed into his house.

I was walking and sobbing slowly into the house,I started hearing pleads and whimpers from Ian.
I decided to walk in and try to get her to stop,but it was too late..
Right in front of me,Alyssa shot Ian shot twice in the head...and his body fell back on his bed. "Nooooo!" I screamed

I slowly opened my eyes shivering in bed,with a sweaty forehead and almost soggy pillow.It was like I was reliving that event once again,the all too familiar nightmare felt and seemed soo real and frightening as it always has been.
This has become my lifetime nightmare since the past 5years,With hands,I wrapped the duvet around my body again,
I didn't scream nor make any noise,the tears just kept on streaming down my face.
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Please Remember Me

escrita por Wingblood
Fanfic / Fanfiction Please Remember Me
Em andamento
Capítulos 29
Palavras 20.199
Idioma Inglês
Categorias One Direction, Sara Sampaio
Gêneros Drama / Tragédia
"Everything went well until the day of that damned accident.
My name is Philippa, a normal 18 year old girl. At least I was normal.
I lost everything, but especially the one I love."
Through troubled journeys and happier days, Philippa tries to overcome the pain of loss and much more. Stay with her and find out her story.
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O Amor Nunca Morre – Zierre

escrita por heloisavitalmel
Fanfic / Fanfiction O Amor Nunca Morre – Zierre
Em andamento
Capítulos 5
Palavras 904
Idioma Inglês
Categorias Little Mix, One Direction
Gêneros Comédia, Drama / Tragédia
P (perrie)– ainda sinto sua falta– digo ja aos prantos z(zayn )– eu tambem!– eu ja podia ver lagrimas nos olhos dele– eu te amo! –
Depois de ele falar isso ouço uma barulho na maçaneta e alguem entrando com muita agressividade
L(liam )–que porra toda é essa aqui??!!– olhou pra mim da cabeça aos pés com mágua e um pouco de decepção no rosto– porque VOCÊ fez isso comigo?!!–diz ja chorando– eu devia saber vc ainda ama,sempre amou, e sempre vai amar ele! Mesmo depois de tudo que ele fez contigo Pi?

Olho pra zayn e vejo a fúria nos olhos dele ja querendo bater em liam.
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His Name Was Harry

escrita por attris
Fanfic / Fanfiction His Name Was Harry
Capítulos 1
Palavras 452
Idioma Inglês
Categorias One Direction
Just a open letter to Harry Styles.

{one shot} {letter} {oned appreciation project}
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