Tópico Quais são os trechos das músicas que você mais gosta do CB?

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Usuário: ~NightmareBlake

Os trechos tipo: ''Anjo disfarçado você salva minha vida'' - ''Angel in Disguise you save my soul''

Eu não sei qual gosto mais, mas adoro essa!


Usuário: ~MoriNoNaomi

Adoro esse trecho também, mas gosto do de Crashing and Burning

"Stop the masquerade
There's no one left
Just you and me
Just empty seats"

Adoro. *-*


Usuário: ~Narvik
"... My confusion my confession the one I want tonight..." My obsession!


Usuário: ~xxxnam
Shippo Tudo e.e
" I'm Not gonna live forever , Said , i'm not gonna live forever better make it now or never .. "
- Forever or Never

" I was betrayed , there is no fate , an open sore ... "
- Angel In Disguise

" Eating my mind and with each bite i'm begging please lord No, this place is a mess The onde has gone .. "
- Lovesongs ( They Kill Me )

" We roll Up , like no one can do it Baby , it's lights out , Turn The fucking system up it's one night Rolling through your town tonight , so Stand up , Space and Cinema Bizarre ! "
- I Came 2 Party

" I Wanna be your addiction , i wanna be your president , i wanna taste Androgynity , i wanna Try tour boy and girlfriend .. "
- ToyZ

" Let us make thousand mistakes , cause we will Never learn .."
-My Obsession

" I'm a bit suicidal , i'm My own worst rival , trainwreck , white trash , freak maniac , Psycho , i'm a troublemaking , Rebel , Make a deal with devil , i'm way past ever coming back .. "
- Dysfunctional Family

- I don't need no fakes around me .. "
- Silent Scream

Gosto desses todo , e de outros .. Só não coloquei pq são mtos MSM ;---;