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Miluna TV-Rascal Lee

Rascal Lee is the best friend of Lust Miluna and that is a derivative of Lust Miluna, with similar traits of Fresh Sans. She is from Lustluna TV, the alternate universe Miluna TV. His nationality is in fact, Rascal City in Rascalluna TV, which is also another alternate universe Miluna TV.
Rascal Lee is not what exactly we call a normal girl. She is considered mysterious, personality changes fast and everyone thinks she's weird. Rascal Lee has a thing for Unfresh, the character Undertale, but keeps showing it. And as she has many secrets, she was born the day that Lust and Lust Sans Miluna had known. But they are not the parents of the Rascal Lee. Many say that Rascal Lee is the daughter of Lust and Lust Miluna Sans. But she's actually a friend of Lust Miluna.
Rascal Lee has strange powers and so can distract people easily. She also has shark teeth, which can destroy anything. Rascal Lee can be nice and mean at the same time. So, no one ever knows when Rascal Lee is in a good mood or not.