História 2:00 a.m thought - Capítulo 1

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Todos os personagens desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual.

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I'm not good at writing until I'm half asleep and my heart is breaking..

Capítulo 1 - What if?

It's those late nights and you feel your heart inside burn as it feels like it's being torn into two. Your head is throbbing with you thoughts going wild bouncing off your skull as you lay in bed trying to get yourself calm enough just to be able to go to sleep. But you can't you've got so much on your mind; from school to boys to everything, what if you don't pass high school, what if you don't find your love, what if you don't keep all your friends, what if..  Everything happens for a reason I use to read everywhere from Facebook to instagram to the Bible I get shoved down my throat. You always will find away to make yourself unhappy there's just something that always clicks to make a great day to a bad one by pondering on your mistakes from weeks ago "what if.. " comes into play again. I like to tell myself that one day I'll find a real purpose to stay here and not just leave and I have; but those thoughts will always find a way to creep  their head leaving you feeling worthless. How can you kill the demon inside without killing yourself?  

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