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Sorry I switch topics quickly it's just how I type what's on my mind.

Capítulo 2 - The risk

Fanfic / Fanfiction 2:00 a.m thought - Capítulo 2 - The risk

It's all about your chooses in life where you'll end up in the end of your teenager years. They always tell me that these will be your best years but I'll I do is stress about school because if I don't show how smart I am I'm not going anywhere if I don't do clubs or sports I won't stand out. But if I don't have many friends it's not going to be fun either that's where I always get stuck. I wanna go out with my friends and I wanna make memory's that I can tell my kids so many years later what I did there age, I wanna fall in love but I don't want the heart break later I wanna know how it feels to be swept off my feet or how my heart starts to skip beats and I feel like I can fly with all the butterfly's I feel in my stomach. High school is supposed to be the best years because you don't have to worry about paying bills unless  your a one of the kids who don't get everything handed to them,  you don't have to take care of kids even though some do and still have better grades them most they just see the goal better now, and where you don't need to stress but then later there like why didn't you try harder?  You could have done better?  Why can't my enough be enough?  It's all about how you choose to live your high school years stuck with all your "friends" even though most of the people I meet are fake or playing sports,  doing clubs,  or partying all weekend with kids from all around. It's all based on your chooses and the risk your willing to do. 

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