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Hey Beautiful people ❤

Capítulo 6 - Spiritless Kiss

It had been 2 weeks since she last saw Miss Margret and Miss Asia and those weeks were hectic ,for she had to finish her project ,spiritless kiss, at the end of the month for her her event in The Museum Of Modern Art in New York . Lilac named her project after one of her arts in it which represents a woman freeing herself from an abusive relationship.

She felt anxious because she did not find any trace of Emma's journal the day she arrived.

She only found a couple of Emma's weird drawings in the trash can which are a collection of bizarre , mind-blowing and abnormal human bodies written under them 'This is Lilac' .

In all these figures Lilac had pink hair which seemed weird for lilac's hair is brown, so she dyed it light pink when she went to the salon with Vii.

People who'd have thought a four years old child drew them ,but Lilac knew Emma too well she could not draw a straight line or a dot.

It was the day of the event ,Lilac was super afraid and excited  and she let her Instagram followers up to date with her project.

It was an eventful day ,she unchained her spirit and she let the words translate her heart beats ,passion and pain as she explained every painting.

It was magnificent , every art shined a story ,lecture and an aim. When she started to talk about the art she named her project about ,she noticed a lady who seemed so indulged with it, as if it purged and purified her soul and fluxed a flood of revival toward her.

Sparks in her eyes were seen , yet not that type of sparks you see when you are in love, the type when you realize that the one you gave your heart to traded your heart for a cigar. Betrayal ,pain, hate and then pain again flushed on her beautiful face, but then a mask of class washed it all.

Lilac loved to leave an effect on the viewers , it is her purpose after all.

She knew she had seen her somewhere and her appearance ringed a bell , but it sound never echoed.

'She is beautiful' Lilac thought.

The lady's hair was light brown and it was classic short hairstyle where her hair was above her shoulders. She then knew it was called soft blended bob .She was in a white simple dress.

"Hello!" The lady said in a soft voice as she walked to speak to Lilac.

"Hello!" Lilac said with a true smile while extending her hand.

"I am in love with your work, dear"

"Thank you very much" she blushed a little while uttering her grateful words.

"Your past project , Grenade Of Peace, was magnificent and your vision is always true .It is as if your art heart-to-heart speak to the viewers"

"Those are the most kindhearted words someone's ever told me" Lilac said.

At that instant, a guy came and whispered something to the kind lady who excused herself and told lilac to keep doing such the great work.

"Lilac!!" Viona said while pinching lilac

"Yes, bee!!"

"You won't believe it, GUESS WHAT? Even though it is SOOOO hard to GUESS!" Viona said with sound effects.

"I don't know" Lilac said with knotting her eyebrows puzzled.

" That woman with the short hair you just talked to! " Viona whispered.

"Don't look she'll notice!" Viona continued.

Lilac was looking at her friend as if she just ate a cockroach.

"She bought your art spiritless kiss for 50,000 dollars"

"Shut Up!!!" Lilac screamed doing the face The Princess Dairies did.

"I am not kidding , she said she wanted to encourage you!!!! For in her opinion you are going to be the next talk of the century!!"

Lilac smiled from ear to ear and blushed, she heard many compliments today , but those compliments this lady told her are going to be forever in her memory stored in her grateful heart.

"Who is she?"Lilac asked curiously.

"May FREAKING Thompsone Dutton , you did not know " Viona was about to faint while answering.

The missing piece of the riddle was found , she was the wife of Morgan Dutton , CEO of ATOT, and Lilac screamed 'stupid' over and over again in her mind for not noticing.


At Night

That day May failed to shade her emotions and to compress them even though it took May lifetime to be skillful in hiding what is in her tired heart , but that day it her heart leaked  .

She looked at Morgan who slumbered beside her.

'Looks can deceive' she smirked.

If someone saw Morgan sleeping they would suppose that he is virgin of all sins and they would call him a saint.

She laughed as she imagined Morgan being a preacher or a saint.

She was sure he was loyal to her, but she did not know why he was.

Many thoughts took her to her wildest states and other thoughts calmed her soul from being possessed with pain.

'Pain' such a wee and little word transfer titanic mixed feelings. She wondered how could it feel to be pain free again cause she could not draw her pain out ,write it out or sing  it out. She could only throw a pebble in a pond ,but she was never fully concentrated enough to hear its sound as it hit the water.

Waves of depression clashed the beach of her heart as she thought one last idea as she slept.

'She knew what to do next'

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