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História A loving camp! - Capítulo 5

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Capítulo 5 - Meeting Chad!

Fanfic / Fanfiction A loving camp! - Capítulo 5 - Meeting Chad!

3:17 pm

I had already rested and Egg too so I decided to explore the camp and Egg went to Jared.

The camp was beautiful and very calm, the noise of nature is wonderful (birds singing, wind blowing, etc ...). During the exploration I saw a boy who had a red sweater that was supported on the shoulders and was tied to the chest, blond hair and blue eyes. That person called me a lot of attention, she was sitting on a fallen tree change. So I decided to talk to him:

Cristiano- Hi, my name is Cristiano and yours?

Chad- hello, is my name Chad? What are you doing here?

Cristiano - I'm exploring the camp and why are you sitting here?

Chad- I'm just looking at this humble forest. Since I’m not very good at talking to people.

Cristiano- Why are you saying that?

Chad- You don't understand, I'm very arrogant, and I think I'm better than others for being rich and I shouldn't even be talking to you.

Cristiano - You seem to be a good person

Chad- Are you rich or something?

Cristiano - I am not rich and neither am I intermediate.

Chad - Note, for your way of dressing.

Cristiano - This has nothing to do ...

Chad- Yes, you don't have expensive clothes.

Cristiano- And what's the problem with not having expensive clothes, I'm inferior to you?

Chad- Look, please leave me alone.

Chad gets up and leaves. I found Chad a bit boring but I still felt something for him. As I was alone I decided to continue the exploration.

To be continued....

Notas Finais

I hope the guys enjoyed chapter 5.

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