História A new restart - Capítulo 2

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Categorias Os 13 Porquês (13 Reasons Why)
Personagens Alex Standall, Bryce Walker, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Sr. Porter, Tony Padilla
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Capítulo 2 - Tape 8,Side B

The pain of a broken friendship is something that lasts, don't you think? How bullshit can trigger such a serious consequence. A stupid list, a slap in the face, I have not forgotten. But let's stop it. I believe it now, with my head Even though maybe, just maybe you don't see me like that. I don't know. What I do know is that I failed you when you needed it most. That day of your party, it hurts me to remember yet. I froze, I couldn't get out and bring that guy down. I was drunk, weak, scared. What night was that? But you had a good time. At that winter prom. Good thing I could do something to help you. Watch out for Justin. Yes, Jess, this side of the tape is about you.
For location, folks, star B-2 on the map. The place where you can have some hot chocolate and chatter away. Monet s. And I start by praising you Jess. I said it was going to be a little different this time, isn't it? I'm proud of one thing. You exposed this disgusting culture of these brainless fuckers, or how much more stupid-macho this school was. I felt vindicated. And to think that this was from before we went to this school. I saw your testimony and thank you for finally acknowledging my words, after several times calling me a liar on the tapes. Yeah, I recognize. I didn't want to disturb you and the Alex, and I felt and VERY out. You could have told me! Well, I also regret not going to Monet when you called me and I miss our friendship. From FML, from M's Life, from Um two three can come out of the den, from those times. I won't ask Alex yet. He has only one side of him. I had a part of the blame on that, since after you slapped me, I didn't agree to talk to you again .You scored on Monet and I didn't go. But I was hurt because you humiliated me without giving me a chance to You already know that, I don't need to dwell on it. However, now, try listening to me before making any hasty decisions or opinions ok?
Jess, tell me something. Do you think that drinking, stuffing your face will solve your problems? Ever since they think I died, I've seen how much you decayed. It was that Bryce Walker whore wasn't it? Rape, but I'd rather call it physical theft of soul, in that poetic way, that intelligent poet, but with the ego bigger than the body so much praised me. This is what I felt, as if my soul had been stolen. I needed to recover and see that you too. What I don't know is how long these wounds will last. And neither do you, I wonder ...
I wish we could see Monet as old times. But drop that drink for goodness sake! Nothing has made you worse. I know what you might be hearing. Maybe I'm being too soft on Jessica Davis, right? After she doubted me, she finally got into the axes and got me. By the way, a tragedy was needed to unite us, or at least try. People can get better, at least I didn't want to believe it. I can't be unfair. If she got it right, compliment. If I think it's wrong, I go down with the wood. And you have doubted my ribbons is something I can't pass up. "Well, you know what I'm talking about, I'm not going to dwell here.
I was very sad after that day. And deep down, I must admit, I didn't totally lose the esteem and friendship I had, even hurt and injured as I was. After Kat, you're someone I enjoyed meeting and thinking we fought for. cause of that stupid list..It wasn't even Alex who did it, but that nasty thug who refuses to name it.How angry Jess! Since that day he squeezed my ass and I got no reaction.I couldn't hit, nor punch Well, I'm not going to stretch, you know that on tape 1, side B. For what you're missing, I'm talking about the Blue Spot store, where I buy chocolates with nuts almost every day. On the map, follow the red star C-3. And let's be fair, Jessica Davis, you're so much prettier than me. But much more if we're going to talk about effectively physical beauty. I'm a simple country girl, simple, who walks around in a jacket , flowered skirts or jeans and hat on the head, well not to get attention

But ... Do you remember that day? Jess.That I never joke..And to think I kissed you both.What a strange feeling.Kissing both friends.Well, at that time I got into the joke.But it was good, I admit.You are very beautiful and Alex is not ago.Ah, and for those who have been listening and think they had something else.I'm sorry to disappoint once again who still believes those absurd stories.As Justin, we just kissed.Will not tell me that at this stage, no one here from Liberty already Didn't you ever experience a kiss? Please, when you're young, you live every single thing. But to the curious, forget it. It was just a kiss. That's it. By the way, how funny are they? People prefer to believe what they want, especially in today's world, full of Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. They prefer everything, and the more outrageous the story, the better. Everything except the truth. And we know what happened. Isn't it really Jess?
As Clay listened to the tapes, two blocks from the Bakers' house at Blue Spot, Hannah would come, as usual, to buy a bar of nuts and chocolate. She remembered that place, joyfully and at the same time in pain. which was raped on her body for the first time. But she was a little relieved. She was undisguised, because the store was empty, and since Bryce had been arrested, she was no longer so scared. on the front shelf. She chose a medium chocolate bar with nuts and nuts. She paid and left. But not everything went as expected. In a hurry, she forgot to disguise herself and was spotted by her old boyfriend, Zach Dempsey, at the turn. from street.
-Hannah! -He called-She ran in a hurry-Uh, how strange, I must have been mistaken.Hannah died a few months ago, can't be her-But that silhouette ... I've seen it before ...
"What's up man, are you crazy?" Said one of the boys, Larry Mathis, a newcomer to the baseball team, taking Bryce's place. And he was as dumb as he-Hannah? Ah, you're talking about that girl who killed himself. he said holding a huge bottle of beer. He was in the company of four other boys, as drunk as he was.
"No, I'm not! But it's weird ... No, I'm sure it was her-I know those brown hair, that jacket," Zach said, scratching his head.
He went home very thoughtfully. He had listened to the two batches of tapes. He had half known that she was alive, but was slow to believe it. He had not seen her.
And it was Zach myself. But don't look for me now.
I'm glad you saved my letter

I must be going crazy-Hannah is dead. Someone's kidding me. Unless ... If those tapes are really true ... So ...
The phone rang. It was a message from the number ... from Hannah! - it paled. Whatsapp's ring rang:
No kidding, Zach, I live. But some people shouldn't know that. I told Clay and my parents, and other people. You can tell some people later; But I ask you, don't spread it. I can't show up now. Our last summer was wonderful. Well, I feel like one hour we have to talk. And don't show that message. See you later. Emoticon of joy
Clay dropped out of school at that time when he met Alex Standall, a little differently. He didn't look sad anymore and his hair was dark, not platinum blond. He greeted him
Hey Alex?
-Hey Clay, alright man?
-Look, I can say that. But..you already know the ...
"New tapes? Yes, yes, I heard them. Look, honestly, this is crazy. Is Hannah really alive?" Alex said incredulously, as was his way.
"If you just tell Jess, I'll tell you. The boy agreed. I met her yesterday at the movies."
-Oh really? You're kidding!
-No. At first I thought I was having ... attacks. Or visions ...
-Like the ones you had last year: -and laughed
"Man, it's not funny," Clay chided. "And you know how I suffered."
"True," Alex said, sitting on a bench, setting down his backpack. "That was very shocking. I never thought it was going to end like this."
"No one ever thinks," Clay said. "I know. First you fell into the pool at Bryce's house and then shot yourself."
"The fault was huge, Clay. You know we were very close friends. Jess must have told you that."
"I know. But you can be happy now. She's alive."
-Look, I'll just tell Jess this. I believe Hannah just wants some people to know. But one thing I don't understand ..
"I wonder what," Clay replied, his tone a little suspicious.
How did she survive? It was amazing. It's almost a movie script, ”Alex said. Almost everyone already knows that, say.
"Can you tell me?" Clay asked.
-No, no.Listen to the tapes and you'll know.Well, now I have Music class- We'll talk later
-And I have French. What a difficult language that one with those erres-and laughed
-See you

Clay was thoughtful. So everyone knew how Hannah survived now but him. How did she escape after cutting her wrists? Yes, she had shown the scars on her date yesterday, but that was something he didn't understand. ask Tony, who happened to drive around there. The friend had PE class at that time.
-It's Clay in the moon world again huh?
"Oh, hi, Tony," Clay said absently.
"Are you okay? Sounds a little nervous. Not even again."
-No, not your impression
"Have you listened to Hannah's tapes? The new ones."
-I'm still on Monday. And tell me one thing. How is Hannah ..?
"How did she survive? I won't tell you. She asked few people to know that," Tony replied with a slight smile.
"Because she told me it was better for some people to think she was dead. Only some deserved to know that it just happened."
-She said she's watching everyone ..
"But I don't see her at school anymore."
"You can be sure you've seen it, Clay." One more time
"What do you mean? Tell me," Clay insisted.
-Nananinan no. -Tony made a negative with his finger-Listen to the tapes and then look for me.That if she no longer sought you
-Already at the movies yesterday
-And I imagine she told you the same thing
"It was. Nothing and no one wants to tell me. Damn! Will it be a repeat? I'm sure I didn't do anything bad for her anymore."
"You can be sure. And you can see these tapes are remarks, not grudges. You must have noticed. Looked at the clock-so late-we talked later."
"Okay," said Clay apathetically, "we'll talk later."
On the way ,he was listening to the tapes:
I'm still with you Jess. The ancients say you should drown the sorrows in the nightlife and drinking. And you're doing it. Jessica, a beautiful girl, with a military father, a very rigid but so fragile creation inside. Think about it, is that helping her? Bryce used you in every way possible, taking advantage of his addiction. I've never been to alcohol, and I've been pretty bad about it, at your party for example. Too bad, Jess. labeled a drunk bitch. You see what it's like to be labeled ... Anyway, I'm never tired of repeating. When you're a girl who makes mistakes, gets crucified. When you're a boy, people throw water at the fire, Most haunted I was when I heard about that box of polaroids. More explosive than my tapes. And to think it started with that trainer Rick. Disgusting. How do these bunch of muscles think they can do anything they want with us? Jess, you and I aren't the only ones, not the last ones. I didn't tell you, but Bryce took me to that one. How's the name: Club House and there he tried to pull a kiss from me forcibly. He even wanted him as a friend, but then he didn't want to see that asshole or paint. gold.Still before the store incident, I still had something, at least some kind of consideration, but then, after that, oh crap! I hated that guy! Sorry.I'm freaking out and it's good to stop. this has already been resolved. We'll meet Jess soon. End of the first tape, guys.
Alex actually told Jess about what Clay had told him. The girl at first was a little confused. She even thought Alex was going crazy. Jess was very skeptical and after breaking up with Justin, she got even more. She decided to let it go. his whiskey canteen and took a sip. It was too much to bear, she thought. My ex-boyfriend was now an addict, I'm still shaken by what Bryce did to me. I'm trying to go back to school and now Alex tells me That Clay saw Hannah. What nonsense. Hannah died months ago, I went to her funeral. But what about those tapes? It doesn't make sense, but ... She started rambling until the phone rang.
"Jessica. Jessica Davis," she answered.
“Hi Jessica, how long have you been?” A female voice was on the other side.
-Who talks? -Jessica didn't recognize the voice very well.
“Drinking again, Jess?” The voice said. “That's not good for you.
“Who is it?” She repeated angrily.
"Not yet. Let's talk first what we always say! One two three can get out of the hole. FML!"
Jessica stopped. It was Hannah's motto, Alex and her, when she was going to tell something about Monet. But only they knew that ..
"How do you know that? That's the motto of ..."
"Jess, I can't believe you forgot about me. You know how everyone thinks I died. But no, I'm pretty much alive. And seeing everything you've been doing. If you doubt it. Look at your mobile number."
-Hannah ..- she said -I'm now recognizing your voice.It's not possible..That's not ...
"Will you doubt me again, Jess?" Hannah said from the other end of the line. "I never doubted you. Alex must have told you that already. Clay saw me at the movies. When he wants to go see a movie, Maybe.I'll be back to work there
"Why are you calling me, Hannah? Is that really you?"
"You can be sure, Jess. You're not dreaming. Well, sometimes the dream is more real than reality. So if you want to understand it like that ..."
-As well?
"Whether you want it or not, you're someone I never really lost friendship with, even if you didn't believe me. I wanted to meet you both. Alex and you. In our office."
- On Monet s?
"Yes. And don't worry. I made arrangements for just the two of us or at most a few people to be there. I can't show myself to the world yet."
"Why didn't you say anything after that incident?"
"I had my reasons. And for all that was going on, I thought it was better," Hannah said. "Well, Jess called you for it. Tomorrow we'll make it better. And please, drop that damn whiskey. If you think it's going to drown your pain. It won't. It will get worse.
"But," she said a little dizzy, "give me if I want to drink! It's good ... Wait, like you .."
"I can't tell you anything, Jess. Wait for our date. You'll know."
"Ah..but ... never mind! I'll keep drinking because I like it! And whoever you are-Jess didn't want to give his arm a twist-don't get into my life."
"Skeptical yet, Jess. Maybe that wasn't enough. Very well. Think and do what you think is best. I'll just say I want to see you. In Monet, after tomorrow's class-Kisses Jess-"
At the same time, Jessica called Clay, not before taking some kind of invigorating. She had been too drunk. And she was pretty confused by all that.
- Hello?
Hi Clay, this is Jess
-Hi Jess.Why did you call me at this time? -It was almost midnight
- Alex was right, Hannah's alive. She just called me
"I said," said Clay.
"The phone was the same. She wants to meet me and Alex tomorrow at Monet. It's weird all that. But if she's alive, isn't she better off for good?"
- I don't know, Jess. You know how much she was injured and hurt. I don't think she's ready. And you are so skeptical, as you immediately believed?
- Is that she said something that only me, Alex and she know. The greeting One two three, can come out of the den. In addition to two other, FML and Life of M. I did not want to admit, but ....
It sounds like that phrase I've seen kids saying when they start a joke. And what is FML: She never told me about that greeting. Well, before those tapes, I had no idea
-FML Clay means F * ck my Life, as it were, ah, * my life is gone. That was when we were going to vent or say something. And always at Monet, which we called the office.
- I get it. Hannah is very full of things, facts.
"If so. Of various secrets. But I confess, I've always liked her. I think I'm really going on this date. Whatever happens."
"It can go there. Maybe it's the second chance we have to do differently," he said. "A chance we might have been given."
- I also think. Clay, thanks for everything.
- You're welcome Jess, I thank you for the support you have with me since the incident. And cried-The greatest happiness is knowing that I did not lose her, I did not lose her ..
-We also Clay, we too .... Kisses- and hung up

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