História A new restart - Capítulo 4

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Categorias Os 13 Porquês (13 Reasons Why)
Personagens Alex Standall, Bryce Walker, Clay Jensen, Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Sr. Porter, Tony Padilla
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Capítulo 4 - Tape 9,Side B

You yourself, are you listening to this set of tapes ever wondered: What is being watched? Followed? Monitored? It's already a moment that I no longer felt safe in my own room. Not anymore, because you don't know if I'm in my room right now. Point D-2 on the map. The Baker's house. Upstairs Unchanged by my mother, since I almost left. But I won't talk about it now. Each of you will know at the right time. But back to what you were talking about, have you ever felt that you can't stand? out of the house without being seen? Yes, because we all see each other. The difference is that some go beyond these limits and make you feel each time as if it were just a stained glass window, an attraction that has to be seen and photographed. That's right. And another big problem is that you never managed to control your anger. It's not because someone refuses something you have to make a person's life hell. Perfectly, that part belongs to you, Tyler Down.
Tyler, Tyler, such a talented guy in photography, why was he wasting his gift? Photos are cool, and I like it a lot, but does it cost you to ask permission at least? It's not because it's the yearbook, it's your job that you can invade people's space. But I have to recognize, when you're nice, you are. I remember when we met. You were kind, complimented me and thought I was fine in the pictures. And honestly, my dear paparazzi, I liked that photo shoot. Someone already told me that I have a talent for photography. Who knows? But I think I'm too shy for that. You were nice that time Tyler, was considerate, not invasive, nor boring. .You have the potential to be a great photographer. But what did you do? Thrown it in the trash.
When he started stalking me, I imagine he was obsessed with me. Wanted me what? Affection? Love? That way? You just scared me and felt trapped in my own room. You made me fear and even despise you. I appreciate that you defended me and were even cute in your court statement, but think about what you did. This is not something to do. And to make matters worse, if it weren't for the Helmet, you would have done a school massacre, just like those nuts from Columbine. FUCK TYLER, sorry for the bad word, but why do you think this stupid idea would solve something: I've been a victim of much worse assaults and never thought of it! And more, I don't know how you haven't been arrested! Do you think it's normal? of a wounded, scared and weak boy. Someone who just came out of a program to control anger. And that revenge on the people who in your vision deserved to be assaulted: For what? What did you get from it? Nothing, nothing thanks.I don't hate you.I'm sorry.And maybe this is worse ...

It was the fourth tape of the same shipment. Clay decided it really was as Hannah said. The tone was softer, but there was still, sometimes here and there, reviews as acidic and harsh as in the first batch. He removed his headphones when he heard a camera sound. , Tyler, taking pictures:
Hey Clay, how are you-he asked scared
"Damn Tyler, it'll scare another one! What are you doing in my window?"
- Nothing, Clay.Just ask..if..it's good..you listened to the tapes?
"Yeah, I'm listening. And have you given up on that crazy idea? Even Hannah thought it was absurd."
"I know. But I can't talk about it. You don't understand. Listen to my whole tape and you'll know."
-As well?
"Don't make a fuss Clay, I know you sent that picture to the whole school. You wanted to avenge Hannah, didn't you. That picture of mine."
"Yes, I did," Clay said, "and yes, I wanted to see how it feels to have privacy invaded. You have nothing to hide now."
"Anyway, that was a while ago. Know that Hannah never did this to me."
"Which is curious. Because you made her feel like a prisoner. She might as well have done something to hurt you. But she didn't. Neither with you, nor with anyone." Tyler agreed with a sad nod.
-I'm not at fault if she's more amazing than all the girls in high school.-Tyler said
"I agree with you on that. Hannah is amazing. You and the others couldn't enjoy her kindness."
Hey, wait, Clay. Don't overdo it. Hannah has always been nice to me, including she even posed for me. By the way, you're nice too. No wonder she likes you so much.
"Thanks for the compliment ... But .... How is it? Did you take pictures of her? Is that true?"
-Yes, you can hear it. It's all on the tapes. But those tapes can't be made public.
"She's not the only victim of abuse at that Clay school. Nor has she been with Jess either. I've been too. Imagine the mockery you're going to talk about. Look, there goes the guy who got screwed by Montgomery! It's a little bug, no." catch no one!
-About a bit. Are you saying you've been raped too?
"Exactly," he said angrily. "That damn Montgomery. I don't know how Hannah knew that but she says she witnessed the act. And it felt the same way Bryce raped Jess and raped her! Clay, Looks like this is a constant among the athletes at that school! If you want me to be honest, in that massacre I would only spare you, Alex, Jess, and Hannah if she had there. And, well, two more people.
"I suppose your friends are Cyrus and Mackenzie?"
"They themselves. They helped me when the whole school turned my back on me. And so I was going to do that Clay! It was a cry of despair! Anger! Revenge!"
-I already know that
"I would do it, Clay, I would do it ... if it wasn't for you."
"I'm glad you gave up on this crazy idea. I don't think Hannah would like it. And I know you're in love with her."
"And you too. And she loves you. Because you're a different guy, Clay." That school the problem is in this damn culture of rape and aggression. But at least I keep the pictures
Do you still make a photo for the yearbook?
-Yes I do.
Do you still photograph people?
-Now only when I have to do it. But I'm the leader of the photography club remember?
-And it's true
-Well, some things you will understand when listening to the remaining tapes .. I can't tell you anything else
"It was a miracle you weren't arrested with that bunch of ammo and guns. Wow, don't freak out, don't screw your life more than you already screwed."
"For Hannah, I do everything. And since you asked me, I accept. But I still don't understand. Is she alive? The tapes say that."
"If you're not a big talker I'll tell you," Clay said.
"Yes, but she doesn't want to show up yet. Apparently she follows each of us, so the tapes count."
-Where is she?
"I don't know. She said she'd rather keep it a secret."
-I miss her so much
"I don't know if you're wise, Tyler. You hurt her too much with this invasion of privacy."
But on the tapes you'll see something you might not have imagined
"Hannah is a great girl, very nice and kind. But despite having a good heart, she's not the immaculate saint you can think of."
"I never thought that," Clay replied.
"Anyway, she not only criticizes me. Well, she makes several say, curious remarks ..." Tyler said insinuatingly;
-Okay Tyler. Do you want what: A photo?
"Not Clay. I just came here in passing." He grinned. But if you want to enjoy it.
"Another day, Tyler. Not to mention I'm not presentable."
-Anyway, that's fine.If you don't believe my words, Clay -and handed a cake of photographs -So look at these pictures
They were pictures of Hannah, with a smile on all of them. She was in various poses and in her usual costume. Jacket, flowered dresses and her ankle boots. In some she wore her signature beanie. and jeans. It seemed to be liking the camera, for the look it made for the photo. What she had said on the tapes. There were photos of standing, sitting on a bench, leaning against the tree and half reclined. They were well behaved but very thought-provoking photos.
"Where did you get those pictures? Tyler, they look great!" He was a little jealous, but he had to admit. The photos were beautiful.
- In the same school. In the courtyard and in the garden near the cafeteria
-Oh, I remember. You take external photos for the places directory.
"That's right. And that was the day we met. I helped her open her closet and then she agreed to pose for the pictures."
"Really, Tyler, she's right. You're a great photographer."
-Thank you.I remember that day.And it was that day Clay, that I fell in love with her
"But that's no reason to pursue her. Couldn't you talk to her?" He said, with a hint of jealousy hidden away.
- No. You know I don't have the guts. I've always been shy about it.
"Fine. Let's not talk about that," Clay said, cutting off.
"You like her, don't you?"
- Well ... yeah ... she's a very good friend, we work together, but ... That doesn't matter. Never mind.
Tyler knew how to elicit an answer. But he didn't have time to pull anything out of Clay. There was a camera noise between the foliage of the trees.
Until suddenly, again. A camera noise. Someone was taking pictures there.
“Smile!” Someone shouted.
“Who's there?” Tyler said nervously.
"Hey, don't you like taking pictures so much, Tyler?"
- But who are you?
"You may not know me, or you don't think so, but I know you well. Let's do a beautiful pose."
"Pose for someone I don't know?"
- You're right. You're not seeing me. But I'm seeing you.
"Stop it," he said irritably.
"See what it's like to be spied on, Tyler? It's not a very good feeling, is it? But it's okay if you want to know who I am, meet me at the school's photo studio. I think there's a special photo shoot from the last few months right now." ?
-How do you know?
"I have my means. And you can be sure you know who I am. I just haven't figured it out. At the photography club in an hour."
The photographer was apprehensive. What if this stranger spread something: What if he or she, by voice, was a girl who wanted to take revenge or bully him, as many did. Frightened, he left Clay's house, took his car and drove off. to school. It was seven at night.
Tyler went to the studio. I didn't know who was taking pictures of him, but I wanted to find out. Somehow, I felt I knew that voice and that way.
"These are the photos I'm organizing. Why did you bring me here?"
“Why, for a photographer, that's the best place, don't you think?” And a girl with a half-chanel hair, heavy makeup, sunglasses, and leather jacket approached.
"Who are you? I don't know you. What do you want from me?"
"From you? Nothing. I just wanted to show you how nice it is to shoot."
- Photograph?
"I love Tyler Down photographs. But with permission, of course. Which sometimes isn't my case. It wasn't."
-Wait do you know my name?
"More than that. I know a girl named Hannah Baker was hanging around taking pictures of her from her room and scaring her into her own home. I also know that she planned to do a massacre at school and was stopped by a boy named Clay Jensen." .I know many things.
-No, wait then you are ..
"That's right, Tyler, my dear paparazzi." The woman took off her glasses, her chanel wig, rubbed her face to remove her makeup.
"Hannah! So you were taking pictures of me at Clay's house?"
-It was me
How did you get in here?
"Someone entrusted me with the spare keys to some rooms I go to. Since every now and then I have to come here at night. Anyway, I'm here, Tyler. Alive and in color," Hannah said with a smile.
"Did you come to torment me?"
"No, no. And you can rest easy. These pictures I took of you are normal, nothing compromising. Until you are photogenic."
-But you ... You're not upset with me, .. are you?
"I've been more," she replied seriously. "You stole my security from Tyler and that's a lot. I was afraid to stay in my own room. You know this: You must know. After what Clay did that one." you felt what it was. Although I didn't agree with that, I recognize that it must have been a good lesson. I could have done it, but I don't like it.
"Don't even remind me of that! And ... speaking of something else, would you pose for me again? You're amazing, more natural than anyone I've ever photographed."
"I appreciate the compliments," she said calmly. "Maybe so. If you ask me gently and politely, I can think about it. And let it be in a public place and by day. I liked those pictures back in the courtyard."
“Am I… erm… forgiven?” He said, half whispering.
"If you listened to the tapes, you might say so. And another thing to give up on this crazy idea you're making. So much for a tragedy here. Especially at this school, where most of the bosses here are silent. If not." were it Clay ..
"Yeah, Clay is cool," Tyler agreed.
- True. He's amazing.

"Now listen to me, Tyler. Your work is beautiful. But that doesn't give you the right to invade my privacy. If I want a picture, I ask. And if it's for the yearbook, be discreet." Ok: Very well, the rest I already talked about in my tapes. If you want to be my friend, I will accept. That's what I said, I feel very sorry for you being like Tyler. Same. But only under those conditions. and went out the studio door.
"Hannah! Wait," he called.
She turned around. I could only see Tyler talking, teary-eyed,
-Thank you....
At that moment, Clay, hit play, put on the headphones and listened to the rest:
Wounded, yes. Weak, yes. But who knows, or better no doubt it's not just your fault: You were executioner, but you were also a victim. Clay furious over what you had done to me, spread that picture of your skinny white ass. You know, I was supposed to find it funny, but it wasn't much different than Justin and Bryce did to me with the picture in the park. Like the previous one, I'm here in front of your window. This, D-1 on the map. How to be observed in every detail of your intimacy? Discover your hidden skeletons? Huh? Nice, no? But something I have to tell you. I pity you, seriously, you should be as helped as I am. that asshole Monty raped you in the bathroom, I felt like at that moment Bryce raped me at his house. The pain, the anger, the humiliation, the urge to end it, I felt it too. How do I know that? "I just tell you that someone very trustworthy told me. It wouldn't be fair for me to tell you all my methods. You know, if you give up on this crazy idea and dedicate yourself only to your art, who knows, and I can't guarantee it, I can take some." photos with you, but as a model ONLY and at most, friend, BECOME CLEAR.
And speaking of pictures, I remember very well my picture of the sweetest, sweetest girl in high school. You know who and what I'm talking about. Really Tyler? Just because I didn't want to go out with you, you had to expose me like that. "I told you, focus on your art as you did there at court and you will have a much better future. And rest assured, I believe you now know what it is to be assaulted on your intimacy and on your body. And it is NOTHING good." It's like your essence has been crushed, your soul dead. I'm still recovering from all the trauma that your actions and others have caused me, but I don't want to feel hate. and lovely that I met that day, so we can be friends. Your machine is to unveil people, unveil them, but never expose them, rape them and hurt them.
Well, to be honest, I understand you. I've been on both sides of the issue. As a victim, but also as an aggressor. Say Sarah Carlin. Poor Sarah! In the desire to be inserted, to be popular there at Ridgeway High, I ended up hurting someone else And maybe, I hope she'll forgive me someday. I've been a reason why, you guys saw it in court. And look Tyler, I know what I say. I had to get out of there because of the problems I caused. I didn't feel good at heart and I bitterly regret that kind of attitude in my 14-15 years. I was expecting a new reception here at Liberty High. .And we were willing to be friends with you. We can all be victims, but we can also hurt and hurt others, sometimes unintentionally. Maybe we all better put a stone in it. Especially when it involves the most intimate of us all. Oops..I said we? Intimate? Yeah, but this is for the next tape ... asking for an hour and Tyler, think, if you still have any brains in what I told you ... I really, really wanted Tyler that you wouldn't throw your life in the trash ...


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