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Capítulo 1 - I'm psycho, you're heartless

I literally hate when you call "friends" the people you can not count on your most difficult crisis.

I literally hate when you say "the girl I love", because I know her and also know that she doesn't love you back. On the other hand, she would not say such stupid things.

I literally hate when you identify yourself as "confident" or "happy", since you have never been.

And I am sorry that you can not see this, did the truth hurt you that much? But, before you call me rude, let me explain one thing: you don't need their approval to enjoy your life, feel loved or be yourself. I have some news for you! You've studied the concept of being important in someone's life in the wrong way.

Am I too bad for wanting so hard you be touched by my words? Am I too bad for caring this much about you? Am I too bad for wanting you to be happy without needing anyone?

Yeah, maybe I am

It hurts me to see you down because I truly like you and know what? I'm tired of hiding how much I care.

Do it for you. It's not for me, it never was.

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