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História Adopted Depp - Capítulo 4

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Heey! After a long long time, I'm back!
Hopefully you guys will like this one!

Capítulo 4 - -SURPRISES-


I could see how excited she was to meet her new house, so I am. We got to the entrance of the apartment.

- Ready?! - I said looking at her with that beautiful big smile on her face.

- Ye-Yeah! - She said nervously

I opened the door, and everyone that were there to do her surprise, started screaming and giving her some claps, she got scared at first and was hidden behind me, but then she saw Lily Rose, my other daughter and Lily opened her arms in a sign to Beca go giver her a hug, and so this happened.


- Hello beautiful! How are you? You're looking stunning on this rock clothes! Haha - Lily said to me and I couldn't stop smiling. There were Lily, Jack, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, John Depp (Mr. Depp's father) and his sisters!

- Oh thank you! This is my best clothes, I'm so happy to be here! - I said and Lily were with watering eyes and smiling at me, and I did the same to her.

I gave hugs in everybody, Mr. Manson is funny lol he says some stuff that really makes you laugh, because is so stupid that you end up laughing. Mr. Cooper said for me to call him uncle Alice, and I accept it! And finally, my new grandpa and auties... My new grandpa gave me a huge hug and said that I'm a Depp now and said welcome to me, he was crying too, and I couldn't take and started crying too. My auties gave me lots of hugs and kisses, it was funny. After that, I came back closer to Mr. Depp, and I asked him if I could say some words to everybody, he said I could for sure.

- Well, I just wanted to tell you guys that, I'm the happiest girl on this planet right now, and is not because people know you all, but because I got a new family, a family that will take care of me and love me, just as I will love and take care of you all. So, thank you so much for letting me make part of this beautiful thing! - when I ended, I could see that almost everybody were crying, and this made me cry even more. Mr. Depp gave me a huge hug again.

- Well, let's stop with this much tears, and go to the pool area! Today is a big day! - Mr. Depp said and everyone screamed and gave claps to what he said. 

- Mr. Depp... I, I don't have a pool clothing... I'm embarrassed, I wanted to go inside the pool with Lily and Jack, but I don't have bikini... - I said almost crying again.. what a baby, huh?!

- Hey, don't worry! Here's is not public, you can use normal clothes inside the pool. And no Mr. for me, remember? Call me John! He said with a big smile and for my surprise, he went all the way to the pool and jumped in with all he were using, witch made me laugh a lot! He called me and said to me to jump in too, so I did!

We stayed there for a while, and then started to get a little cold and we got out of that pool. Lily took me to my room, cuz I didn't know we're it was, and went to her room, just as John and Jack. I was shocked to how beautiful this room is! I can't believe that this is all mine! Looking to the sides, I could see that both had a door. I went to the left one first. Oh, that's a bathroom just, for me?! Wow!! And then the next one, on the right side, were a very big closet! OMG! All my clothes are already here! But, who did this? Well, I don't know. I picked up a big black shirt I have with my drawings on it, a large black shorts, my panties and bra and went back to the bathroom, so I could take a shower and put on that clothes.

I got ready and I were brushing my hair when someone knocked on the door. 

- Hey! Ready for the other surprise? - John said

- Oh, just finishing to brush my hair. Another one?!

- Dint you remember that I said that there were two surprises for you?! And when you finish, Meet me on the living room, ok?

- Yeah, but I thought... Fuck this! Okay, in 5 minutes I will be there! 

- Okay lol! - he said and laughed to the "fuck this" I said, lol.

I got ready and took my phone with me, and going down the stairs, I saw John sitting on the enormous sofa rolling a cigarette. 

- Oh, you're here! Come on, let me show you something. 


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