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História Angels and demons (Maihua Lee) - Capítulo 21

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This chapter contains part 2 of the hot, if you don't like this kind of thing ... Please read chapter 19

Capítulo 21 - 18

Maihua Lee

Lívia nods and gives a small smile, a simple smile but that makes my heart race a lot.

I direct my two hands to the hem of her panties and remove it from Lívia's body. 

After a long time, I was finally able to see her totally naked and delivered to me... It wasn't easy... but I finally got it.

Why wasn't it easy?Because she always came up with the same subject "we are not the same age" "We shouldn't do that" And many other nonsense. 

I know, it's not silly... But one thing I do know, if the two love each other and her parents accept... it's not considered a crime, but love!

Lívia: is everything ok?

-everything, i was just admiring my girlfriend's perfect body

Lívia: You know we do not...

Just to not hear something that I would hate very much, on purpose... I stick two fingers in your intimacy. Her moan is music to my ears, if it depends on me... I will make her moan every day.

-Do you prefer me to move like that?

I say turning my fingers in her intimacy, while she writhes on the bed, gripping the sheets too tightly.

-or do you prefer me to do this?

I say spinning a little faster then licking her intimacy, her legs are shaking a little... But that didn't stop her from moaning a little louder

Livia: just don't stop! 

-you who send baby 

I take my fingers and step my tongue in her intimacy, immediately she takes her hand to my hair and begins to give small claws.

I touch my fingers again and make the movements inside her intimacy again, soon after I start giving little signs... From his belly to his neck, my fingers stopped at nothing. 

Livia: mai... It hurts a little 

-i know my love, it will pass... I promise

She confirms with her head and I leave a sucker on her neck

- this is for you not to forget me 

I give a small smile and kiss her, as my movements in her intimacy did not stop... To summarize better for you. It was a perfect kiss... Think of me, mixed with her groaning and that perfect mouth... Then! 

I separate our mouths and look at her...

-Damn...How do you get so perfect?

I give several kisses on her cheek, then I descend the kisses to her breasts where I give a kiss on each of them 

Livia: this is torture! 

In a quick movement, she removes my fingers and stands on top of me 

Livia: you're not going to remove this handcuffs, right? 

Swing her head negatively, she takes a deep breath and gives a smile

Livia: so okay... 

She sets herself on top of me and starts to kiss me. I take my hand up to her ass and squeeze it with a little force, causing her to let go of a moan between the kiss. 

It moves away and goes up to my neck, starting from sucking and biting around the region.


Probably she must have left several pacifiers on me... And there will be return. Soon she starts a track of kisses, from my neck to next to my panties box/ underwear... 

Livia: I already apologize if I'm a disaster 

- it won't be... 

She looks at me and smiles. Then she removes the last piece of clothing I had, leaving me completely naked. She approaches my intimacy and a small lick, making me let go of a moan. 

Livia gets an oral on me, and my satan hated by the gods... This girl knew how to take someone to paradise, a pity I am a daughter of lucifer... Because if I were a human, I would surely go to paradise with her! 

When I was near my organ, livia penetrated two fingers into me. I ended up moaning a little too loud.She starts to make movement back and forth, along with spinning movements inside my intimacy! 

-Fuck! Where did you learn that? 

I hear a little laugh from her and after many movements and many other things, I end up having my first org

Livia: did I do well? 

-it was perfect!... But... 

Livia: but what? 

-come here and I'll tell you 

She comes very close to me, close enough to kiss us 

-but now it's my turn! 

He pulls it to a kiss, then inverts the positions, getting on top of it. I take one of my hands to his intimacy and with two fingers, I start making circular movements in his clitoris. We separate from the panting kiss, but even panting... Livia moans a lot with the movements 

Livia: fuck! Please don't stop! 

A perfect vision, livia asking for more, sweaty and a little red until... Lord lucifer, please put that night in both memories.

I couldn't contain myself, while I moved her clitoris, I kissed her again. During the kiss, he stops moving his clitoris and sticks a finger into his intimacy. I separate myself from your mouth and look at yourself 

-do you want me to put more? 

She confirms with her head, with some difficulty. I put one more finger, the same one lets out a groan, as if it wanted more... So, I put one more finger. A loud moan came out of the same 

livia: it hurts a little 

- I know my love... I promise you will pass 

I say the same and I kiss her forehead, She gives a smile and takes a deep breath 

Livia: you're not going to remove the handcuffs, right? 

-I will do something else 

I take my fingers out of her intimacy and by eye, she was looking confused and worried, I go to the box and take another handcuffed. 

Livia: for what other handcuffs? 

I don't say anything, I just go to it, I give it a little seal, her face was so cute and confused. I arrange her body by placing her arms near the head of the bed. 

Livia: you tell me you're not going to do what I'm thinking 

-and what you're thinking? 

Livia: you're going to hold my arms in bed. 

Weak river and I look into her eyes, I take her wrists handcuffed and I take one side of the handcuffs, I close one side in the chain and the other in the bed. 

-you got it right! 

She tries to pull her arms but can't let go 

Livia: are you really going to torture me like that? 


I come close to her mouth and I give her several little kisses 

- I love you! 

Livia: I love you too! 

My heart sped up a lot, like... Really 

-Are you serious? 

Livia: Of course! Fuck our age... I want to be happy with you 

I kiss the same, my heart was very fast, I wanted to cry. I separate our mouths and I look into his eyes, I leave a kiss on his forehead and I start giving little kisses, from his mouth to his neck, and then to his breasts... The famous, kissing track... But for me, he was memorizing every detail of his body.

I go to her intimacy and give small kisses around the region, then I hear gasps coming from it, I would say, that she has a voice from the Angels... What enchants me most about her is not the body, or the beauty...That really enchants me, it’s the way she’s mysterious, she’s like a mystery that I want to solve. Another thing that enchants me about her... is her way of living, her way of not giving up anything, and her voice also enchanted me a lot.

I start an oral in it, also hearing its moans along with the noise of it trying to open the handcuffs. 

With my tongue, I made circular movements and back and forth movements

Lívia: faster please!

I increase the speed of my tongue and look at it, it squirmed on the bed and let out long moans, I move away a little and slowly run two fingers of mine through its intimacy

Lívia: this torture is ending me

She tries to pull the handcuffs off again and fails, so she lets out a breath when I threatened to penetrate my fingers into her intimacy

-you want me to put baby?

Livia: yes mommy

I put my fingers and I hear a moan of the same in response, I start moving back and forth, while moving my fingers I sucked her clitoris again.

Lívia: f...fuck

I increased the speed of the movements of the fingers and my tongue, while Lívia moaned very loudly... Her body was all sweaty, goose bumps and with many hickeys... Well, the same could be said of me.

Soon I feel her intimacy start to squeeze my fingers, giving the signal that she would come.

Lívia: ma...mai

That vision was perfect, she staring at me while I played with her intimacy. 

Exchanging looks during sex is the best thing.

Increase the speed a little more and it gives a very loud moan, I could even say that the neighbors were cursing us right now

Livia: maihua

She moaned my name, my holy Lucifer...That turned me on too much, it soon comes on my fingers and a little in my mouth. I take my fingers off and swallow every drop.

-want a second round?

She confirm with head, I approach her a little and look at her wrists... They were very red, a little hurt

-first i will release you okay?

Livia: okay

-have you hurt my love?

I ask as I take the cuffs off the bed and wrists.

Lívia: I'm fine... It didn't hurt

-same? Doesn't it hurt your wrists?

She looks at her wrists and gives a cute smile

Lívia: yes my love, it didn't hurt and it doesn't hurt at all... don't worry

After I take off the two handcuffs, it approaches me and gives me a peck, then it looks right in my eyes and gives a little naughty smile...

Lívia: what will be the new thing that you will show me?

-If you're talking about sex, I'll show you tomorrow... Now, I have something else to show you something

Lívia: really? What?

She gives a smile, this girl was making me more and more in love!

-good... The new thing that I will show you is... Love and affection

I grab her waist and fall on top of her, then filling her face with kisses

Lívia: oh my God, so I die of cute

-and I die of lust...You are very hot

Lívia: Thank you very much, but you are much more.

I lie next to it and pull it to lie on my chest

-tell me, where did you learn those moves?

Lívia: what movements?

-when you went to do oral on me...

Lívia: fanfics... I read a lot you know...

-I understand ... Can I ask you something else?

Lívia: of course ... Yes, you can ask

-How was losing your virginity with a daughter of Lucifer?

Lívia: one...It was very good, I would repeat it every day...Tw..

-wait there ... Are you really going to repeat sex with me, when we both want to?

Lívia: yes!

-I liked it!

Lívia: Anyway... Two... It's not just because you're Lucifer's daughter that things change, for me... You being Lucifer's daughter, an angel, or normal humans, anyway...I would like sex, if it were with you

-stop, so I'm going to cry!

We laugh together and she looks at me

-we take a shower together?

Lívia: sure?


She smiles at me and sits on the bed

Lívia: I will, but only if you tell me what else is in that box

-there's other stuff, and there's no rubber penis

Lívia: get out! Who likes this is my best friend... Duda

-Does Duda?

Lívia: ah... Duda G. 

-oh...I know her, the gaonha like her.

She looks at me confused... She looked thoughtful and confused

-what is it?

Lívia: nothing... Shall we take a shower soon? I have the impression that when I lie in that bed again I’m going to sleep real fast

-one... Let's go, two... Are you really going? What if I do this?

I ask running my fingers in her intimacy, making her let out a sigh

Lívia: don't make it up, let's go....

-you the boss

We laugh together, get up and go to the same, pick her up in a bride style lap and walk to the bathroom. I put it over the sink and I'm going to turn on the shower.

Lívia: maihua...

-say it

Lívia: can I ask you questions?

-of course my love

Lívia: why are you so attracted to me?

-good... Something about you catches my attention

Lívia: and what would it be?

-in you have something mysterious, kind of a mystery that my heart needs to unravel.

Lívia: and if you know this mystery... What happens next?

-if you are wondering, after i solve it and if i solve this mystery, i won't let you...Because my heart clung to you, your smile, your voice

Lívia: I understand... 

I go to the same and pick her up

Lívia: I already said, put me on the ground that I want to live...

She says to me laughing, I put it on the floor and kiss her on the forehead, we get in the shower, she looks into my eyes and starts laughing

-what's it?

Lívia: I was remembering something

-it is what it is?

Lívia: before coming to your house, I was late, right?

-Yes... About 15 minutes, why?

Lívia: before leaving home, I said to myself, that if I was a little late... You would eat me alive

I start laughing a lot, damn it ... As she thought that, I would never do such a thing! Forget what I said... I just ate her alive

-we will finish this bath soon!

We smiled and continued to shower, of course there were caresses and kisses.

Minutes later

We got out of the shower with a few more hickeys, sir... I'll need to get all my sister's makeup to hide those hickeys.

I take a blouse of mine and put it on, then I put on my pajamas. 

We lay in the conchinha bed, by my choice... sometimes I feel that I just need to hug Lívia so she doesn't run away from me. I feel the fear of losing it, losing the laughter, the caresses, the smiles, even the moans... Love really makes crazy.

It falls asleep, while I'm thinking... One thing I learned tonight... Love is like a scale... And this scale is the correct love, for this scale to be the same size... No 

it is the age that defines the side that weighs more or weighs less, what weighs on this scale is love... If both love each other, they strive for this relationship to work out, this scale will be equaled.

And I also thought of something else, when Lívia said that we shouldn't do that and everything... She was afraid of people reporting me and me going to jail because of her...

I look at the window and I see sunrise, damn... Is it already morning? Well, my father always said... When we think of good things, time passes faster than lightning. I start to fall asleep, little by little. After a few minutes facing livia, I sleep for good.

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