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Capítulo 26 - Chapter Tweenty-Five

Fanfic / Fanfiction BangtanGirl eng.ver. - Capítulo 26 - Chapter Tweenty-Five

   For your happiness, the boys arranged some time so your visit wouldn't be forgotten. They took you to eat bulgogi, the famous Korean "barbecue". You found it very funny to go to a restaurant to cook your own meat. People usually eat at restaurants so they don't  have to prepare your food and you were paying for it.
   Everyone looked very excited. There was so much laughter that you were afraid that you would be expelled from the place by excessive noise. One moment, Namjoon asks to speak, causing the other members to shut up.

     RM: "Y/N, speaking for everyone here, I want to say that it was great to be with you during these thirty days."
                 V: "We got used to having you here. It's like you're part of Bangtansonyeondan now."
                 JH: "What are you saying, Taehyung? Y/N is part of Bangtan! She's our BangtanGirl!"
                 SG: "We're going to miss you a lot.  You can be sure of that."

   Your eyes began to fill with water.

     Jin: "Aigo! What are we going to do without our little girl here? Take care! Don't forget to eat, don't sleep too late, don't forget to drink water, don't..."
                 JM: "Don't grow anymore! It's already a lot of humiliation with those here..."
                 JH: "And always send us news! You can count on us for anything!"
                 V: "Why are you crying?"
                 Y/N: "I don't know... Sorry..." You wipe your tears with the sleeve of your coat.
                 V: "Awn... Noona..." Tae runs to your chair to hug you. "Don't cry."
                RM: "We bought a souvenir so you won't forget how much we like you and how much we're gonna miss you." He hands you a gift box.
                Y/N: "There was no need for that, you've given me so many things already. Be able to be here is the best one."

   From inside the box you take a chain with a pendant written BangtanGirl and a bracelet full of hanging mini Army Bombs.

     Y/N: "Wow! So pretty! Thank You!"
                 RM: "No need to thank."

   You try to put the necklace around your neck several times but keeps failing, so Jungkook takes it from your hands and do it.

     JK: "Done."
                 Y/N: "Thanks."
                 JK: "Now open your mouth." He gives you a piece of meat and watches you eat with a silly smile.
                 Y/N: "What?" You say with your mouth full.
                 JK: "You look so cute like that."

   You laugh and look away.

     V: "Why are you two so red, uh?"
                 Y/N: "What? It's because of... Of the fire heat! That's why..."
                 JH: "Y/N, your boyfriend must be dying to see you."
                 Y/N: "You know very well I don't have a boyfriend, Hoseok."
                Jin: "Oh,  but it won't take long for you to get one! Just wait until you arrive at home. A pretty and nice girl like you, there's not going to lack are interested people! You'll see!"
                JM: "That's true! Even more now that you're famous! Don't you think, Jungkook?"

   Kookie seemed not to be paying any attention to the conversation.

     JM: "Jungkook, I'm talking to you! What's this face? Did anyone die? Hahaha!"

   Jimin puts his hand on the boy's shoulder, but he pushes the other's arm brutally.

     Y/N: "Jungkook!"
                 JM: "What was that about? Jesus!"
                 SG: "Hey, hey, hey! Quit it! Bunch of kids..."
                 RM: "I think I'd better ask for the bill, it's time to go."

     JK: "Y/N!"

   After arriving home, everyone went to sleep except you and Jeon. You two were sitting on the kitchen floor. You could be sleeping in your soft and warm bed, but the boy used the excuse of having to do your drawing before you left to keep you awake with him.

     JK: "Don't sleep!"
                 Y/N: "I'm not sleeping..." You grumble.
                 JK: "Y/N! How am I going to draw you if you keep looking down?"
                 Y/N: "What did you expect? I"m really tired and you don't let me sleep!"

   You rest your head on your hands and as time passes it begins to fall to the side, but Jungkook shakes you before you fall asleep.

     JK: "Wake up!"
                 Y/N: "Uh? I'm not... Not sleeping..."

   You lean against the wall and close your eyes again. It seemed like Jungkook had finally left you alone. You were practically asleep when you noticed something strange with your mouth. When you open your eyes, you are frightened to see the boy's face in yours and push him away.

     Y/N: "Jeo-Jeon Jungkook!" You cover your mouth with your hands and Kookie starts to laugh at you.
                 JK: "Will you sleep now?"
                 Y/N: "I-I already told you I'm not sleeping! You weirdo!"

   You hug your knees and curl up against the wall as the kid draws again.

     JK: "Y/N, did you already pack your things?"
                 Y/N: "Yep."
                 JK: "Did you take your hanbok, the coats that Jin gave you?"
                 Y/N: "I've already taken everything."
                 JK: "You might be missing Brazil very much, right?"
                 Y/N: "It's always good to come home... Wherever it is... I want to see my family, my friends... But I'm going to miss you guys too..."

   After a long silence, Kookie takes a deep breath and puts the materials on the floor.

     JK: "Y/N... Would you like to be my girlfriend?"
                 Y/N: "What?!"
                JK: "Well... I was already thinking about what the hyungs said today and... Y/N... Even though I know I can't be near you... I don't like to think about the possibility of you being with someone else... I must seem very selfish..."
                 Y/N: "Kookie..."
                JK: "I promised myself that as soon as you left I would forget about this feeling... This that I feel about you... But it's not that simple, I can't."
                 Y/N: "Kookie... I don't know... It doesn't seem like a good idea... I don't even know when it's going to be the next time I'll see you or if I'll see you again..."
                  JK: "Whenever you want! I pay the trip for you to come! I..."
                 Y/N: "Of course I wouldn't  accept you paying things for me, even more this! And... I've already interfered too much in your life... I still don't think I should have come..."
                 JK: "But you did! And now you have to take responsibilitiy!"
                 Y/N: "Responsibility?"
                 JK: "It's in the Bible: 'You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed'."***

   You take your hand up to your forehead.

     Y/N: "Yes, Jungkook. It's on the Bible. Little Prince is the greater Jesus that you respect."
                 JK: "Little Prince?" The boy gets lost in his own reasoning. "But... Whatever! It's your responsibility! Y/N... Don't you like me?"
                 Y/N: "You know it's not that..."

   You avoid looking at the boy.

     JK: "Y/N... Please..."

   He puts his hand over yours, but you pull it trying to escape from the situation.

     JK: "Y/N-ie..."

   Jeon leans against the wall again.

     JK: "So that's a no?"
                 Y/N: "No... Neither an yes... At least not for now..."

   Another big  and embarrassing silence. You watch Jungkook pick up his cell phone and put it to his ear.

     Y/N: "Who are you calling?"
                 JK: "That girl from the coffee shop. I'll ask if she wants to be my girlfriend since you do not want to."

   Impulsively, you yank the phone out of his hand, but the phone was off.

     JK: "Hey! You almost hurt me!" He says with a discouraged laugh.
                Y/N: " Babo..." You give the phone back. "But... That's not a reason for us to stop talking to each other, right?"
                JK: "And you really think I'm going to give up that easily?"

   Jungkook opens a smile, making you smile too, even though it's a sad smile. The boy puts your  hair behind your  ear and rests his hand on your face.

     Y/N: "Kookie, I..."

   Jungkook kisses you again.

     Y/N: "Jungkook..." You try to let go. "It's not right..."
                 JK: "What's not right? What's wrong with me wanting to be with the person I like?"

   You lower your head and look away.

     JK: "I'll finish the drawing..."

   Jeon departs and returns to the position with to the pencil and paper. Even after so much agitation, in a few minutes sleepness will again trouble you. Your eyes were heavy and it was hard to keep your head up.

     JK: "Y/N? Aish..."

   Kookie gives up the drawing and pulls you, making you sit between his legs and laying your head on his chest.

     JK: "Come here. You can sleep now." He hugs you, kisses your forehead and caresses your hair until you sleep. "I can't loose you, Jagiya."

Notas Finais

Hi ^.^
I wasn't going to post it today but I had a very special request so here it is ^.^
Hope you like it ^.^
See you soon

*** Excerpt from the book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Guide for the lost ones:
*Y/N: Your name
*SG: Suga
*JH: J-Hope
*RM: Rap Monster
*JM: Jimin
*JK: Jungkook
*Jagiya: affectionate nickname between couples

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