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História Beacon to the brilliance of you - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - Single chapter

Part One

Beyond what is
There is so much more
Warm lemon tea
And soft blowing wind by the harbor.
All that I've gone through
Is miniscule to your arms around me
Life has been treating me lightly
Because each of my steps has made me a believer
Even though we face hard times
People getting tense and propense to fight
I will forgive everything and everyone
'Cause we are just humans but still childish
Baby-stepping to a revolutionary change.

Part Two 

As I look outside of the window of his automobile
The fresh air blows in my face and I'm so grateful for all that I've become.
The airplanes of my juvenile crossing the skies were a sign
Telling me something important deep inside
Because I felt it so real like a foresight
Like bullets, leaving a white mark behind
White lines, blue skies, orange sunset in my mind
It's was a good time for the planets to align.
Dreams are not bogus when they feel so real
About the world, its people, and the decades in prospective.

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