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Sorry its short..but tell me if you have suggestions or something

Capítulo 12 - Bad feelings part2

Fanfic / Fanfiction Boyish girl - Capítulo 12 - Bad feelings part2


I didn't realize how long I stayed there but I guess that was too long that sky turned grey and finally I hid my face behind the red bricks ...but I guess my mom saw me when she stoked kissing..she got shocked I don't know it was because of the change in my appearance or because of the shame she hadand saw me watching for too long..I was too paralyzed that I couldn't move much I tried too many times to walk but I couldn't go any further ..she came forward to talk to me ..but she was on lit clothes she came to window I could see her new b.f sitting on the couch and not caring about that moment wich was full of emotions ..and Synge of perfectness... My mom opened window and said"hey is that you Melody you look so so so different ..oh that's great that finally you believed in your self"I looked in her eyes I feeled deep betrayal in them...deep blue eyes which were the only thing that we had in common..I felt great tinge of wickedness un thise deep blue eyes..but from second I understood and feeled this thing s I started running too fast with tears sheded in my eyes I heard her voice calling me out but the scene of my mom telling me she would never do this when my father left us didn't let go of me..and now that I compared that with the scene that I just saw 2minutes I felt  a terrible pain in my stomach but I couldn't push my hand on it cause I was ruining ..I don't know how long I ran but suddenly I felt the world spinning around in circles..then I felt nothing.................................


I clearly r emember the moment I opened my eyes I was staring at the white ceiling ..then I saw blurred faces but I couldn't recognize them and my eyes each time closed atumotiacally ...I tried to destinquish the faces and the place numerous times but I felled each time ..and at the end it was pitch dark.

......nothing but darkness

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