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Capítulo 4 - Lunch time

Melody 's POV 

When it was time for lunch I was sitting lonely as always and I was lost in thoughts when I heard a familiar voice "can I sit next to you Melody?" he said "Y-yeah" I replied while my eyes were locked on the table, I tried so hard to identify him by his voice but I failed so I had to look at his face but how? I was so shy to look up! My heart was telling me to look but my brain was rejecting the feeling ..finally my heart won and I looked up to see his face ....it was Jack ..the new boy "Can I ask a question?" I said in a polite  but curious way "yes sure" he answered "Why are you being so nice to me when you don't have to???" "What are you talking about?? I do it because I love to." I figured out that he was annoyed  by my question so I said "Ummm..I just..you know ..I was shocked..cause no one cares about me" "if they are cruel it doesn't mean I have to be like them" his answer made me happy for the first time in a while... "ummm..." "what, you wanna ask another question?" "No" I lied, actually I want to know more about him. How old are you ? Where are you from? What are you doing here?  but I didn't ask any of them..suddenly I felt a cold thing like water on my jeans which going inside to my body "ohhh no! I'm sorry it was my fault" he said and searched his pockets for a tissue..I was frozen but then I felt warmth of some thing on my thigh when I looked it was him trying to dry my jeans ...honestly that felt amazing .

Jake's POV 

WOW .I can't believe she is so gorgous when you get closer to her and it would be much better if she acted like a girl..she would look amazing if she let..I try to make eye contact but she doesn't even look at me ..I really want to know her secret ..and why she behaves like a boy. I will discover it one day and you know what if I want to do some thing  I have to get it..but first I should devise some plans so I can reach what I want so I decide to ask her something after drying her jeans cause I spilt my juice on it "hey melody..are you good at science?" "Yes I love it ..why?" "Can you help me with tha?, I'm not really good at it" I asked "ummm" she said "what?"I said "I don't know ...ok ..when shall we begin?" she replied"after school at my place" I said bossy "you mean your house?" "Yes is there a problem?"I said "No ..it's ok" it was my first plan but it went well I want to know more about her you know I kinda  like her ..ugh what I'm talking about ...I just wanna help her.


The bell rang with it's piercing sound .."what do you have next?"I asked "Math then P.E" she said indiffrently "ok I guess I cant see you up to the end of school"  "yeah" we almost reached her class "bye see ya after school" I said "bye "she said coldly I don't understant why she behaves like this....but I will figure it out. OOH SHIT I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE IS SCIENCE CLASS ...wtf what should I do now I decided  to ask a boy standing over there .."sorry!!can you tell me which way is the sience class??" I asked "sure ..you can come with me I have the same class" he said "ok" I replied "so why are you hanging out with that stupid boyish girl??"  he asked "why not?" "cause she looks gay and she's an idiot" He said laughing "what?. How do you know? she isn't" I said almost yelling "she is"

I didn't talk more and the rest of the day I just thought about her....

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