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Capítulo 6 - His house

Fanfic / Fanfiction Boyish girl - Capítulo 6 - His house

"What is it?" I shouted "what happend ?are you ok?" He said while he was runing to kitchen "It 's a note" I said "what?you shouted just because of a note?"he replied laughing"it's like you never recieved a note" he cantinued laughing "don't laugh..."I said and I punched him on his arm"oh.. why did you do that ..it hurts" he nagged "pufff..what should I do ?my mother won't be home for 2 month " I said " ugh..that's ok..I 'm wondering what would you do if you were ne ...always alone..living in a foriegn country..with new culture..new people." He said trying to show that his life is worse than me...I wont buy that..I would even sacrifice my life for that car that he had...but it suprised me how a 18 years old boy can live alone in city of crimes.."what do you mean?your parents don't live with you?" I said"Nah..they are just thinking about their beautiful money.." he said ..now I understand how he can affort that car..

....we reach his house...

_that' my house big but lonely..needs some small girly touches...

_"oh fuck...you are so rich..I mean rich..I promised to my self to not say this loud..but OMG..OOO MY GOD ....this is the thing that OMG was made for..this so good"I can not believe I puted all of these words togetter and said it to a boy.. "I guess people fall in love with it but I rather have a tiny house but worth inhabiting ..and the house which has some love in it"he returns with a smile on his face"but I rather have this one "I say still shocked "if you want you can live with me "he says and jumps out of the car opens my foor and leads me into his beautiful house..

the inside is much prettier than out side but I rather not to talk cause I already talked alote..specially with a boy..we seat ..open our books and we start

few minutes later

I'm still teaching but he is not listening I dont care cause a I just want to go home..

suddenly he stops listening completely and stares at me ..but I don't dare to look at him in the eyes..he does some thing wierd or it was wierd for me ..he takes my head between his hand and looks at me eye to eye .."hey..you know what..honestly speaking I didn't ask you to teach me because Im not doing well with science thing..I asked you because ..I wanted you to come here..so I could know about you more..I really want to know..plz..tell me about your life ..your secrets..and I will give you what ever you want"


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