História Brown eyes - Capítulo 1

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Gêneros: Drama (Tragédia), Fantasia, Ficção, Ficção Científica, Sobrenatural

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Todos os personagens desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual.

Capítulo 1 - I'm not an adult anymore!

New York-NY, United States.

Charlie Wright, a thirty-one-year-old businessman with cancer who is staying at a New York City hospital that was about to die at 12:00.

Buffalo-NY, United States

Dylan Vigh, a 12-year-old preteen at the same time getting ready for bed.

Rochester-NY, United States

Amy Jones, a 19-year-old girl who was sick was going into a coma, coincidentally at the same time.

Rochester, Buffalo, New York.

They all close their eyes in the same hundredth, the three close their eyes at the same time. Charlie died, fell into a coma, and slept Dylan.

Buffalo-NY, United States.

Charlie opens his eyes, jumps out of bed.

Charlie: what happened? Where am i? Was what I lived just a dream? Or was my whole life a dream?

Charlie walks to a mirror in that room, looks in it and realizes it's in Dylan's body, and screams in terror, until Katie, Dylan's mother enters the room.

Katie: My son what happened why are you shouting?

Charlie: son?

Katie: I get it, I had a nightmare, right?

Charlie: I had?

Katie: How many questions huh? Go back to sleep Dylan, because tomorrow we'll be up early to go to Rochester to visit your aunt!

Charlie: Dylan? Rochester? Aunt?

Katie: Go to sleep Dylan! knocked on the bedroom door.

Rochester-NY, United States.

Amy in a coma, see a field with distorted colors, a violet ground, and deep down finds Dylan sitting screaming his name, and she walks toward him.

Amy: Hey! You why are you calling me? ”She knelt in front of him.

Dylan: I can't go back and you need to help me

Amy: What do you mean?

Dylan: I try but I can't, you need to help me! You need to help me!

Amy: How can you not?

Dylan is slowly fading.

Dylan: I was sleeping, I may still be, but I can't wake up!

Amy: I'm sorry but I don't think I can help you now I'm in a coma, I won't wake up even if I wanted to!

Before she could answer, Dylan went out.

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