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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

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Capítulo 12 - Cold (Namjoon)

I'm Y/N.. I'm 19

There's a guy in my class that hates girls so much, I have no idea why.. He's really cold with everyone and to be honest I find him hot and handsome

There were so many girls that confessed to him but he rejected all of them, welp they should find another


I never tried talking to him because he's scary af, Just looking at him it gives me goosebumps. Once, I accidentally bumped on him, he was so tall.. We made eye contact, his eyes were beautiful but the problem is the way he looked at me

I've never seen him smile, even his 6 friends said that. Im close with one of them, Jin

Jin is the closest with Namjoon and he knows more about him, I want to be friends with Namjoon.. But I don't have the guts to talk to him because I'm a scaredy cat

Ugh I should try 

I enter my class and sit in my seat, There's no one sitting next to me. Let me say this in another way

I have no friends.

Except BTS, they're like brothers to me

I had a boyfriend actually but the second day of being a couple he cheated on me and went with another girl, he said he was already tired of me.. What a bastard

But I decided to forget about him and act as if I never was a couple with him, the name is David

Whenever I see him I want to punch him right in the face

Oh speaking of the devil he's here, he makes eye contact with me then approaches me. What? Why is he coming this way??

David sits next to me wraps his arm around my waist and smirks "hi sweetie" I wanna puke "don't call me that and don't touch me you perv!" I smack his hand

"Ow why are you so mean?? I missed you baby" I doubt that, This is the first time he talks to me in a month

"Shut up, you're lying now get the fuck out" I Simply say and take my books out, I take out my sketch book too and think what should I draw

David looks at me then grabs my sketch book "hey! Give it back!" I yell, he stands up and was about to run out the class but someone blocked the way.. It was Namjoon

"Move" David says, almost becoming angry

"Hand me that first" he says calmly

"I said move!" David screams and pushes namjoon but he doesn't move an inch "what the.."

Namjoon grabs the sketch book and gives it to me, I bow. Then he stares at David

"How dare you" David wanted to punch Namjoon but he dodged it and punched Him back. Shit I should stop them  it's because of me

"Stop! Its okay you can take my sketch book just stop!" I beg but nothing, they punch eachother. I went in the middle "Fucking stop!" I slap David really hard

Everyone in the class gasped, no one has dared to slap him. Hmf he deserves it, cheater

David touches his cheek and looks at me angrily, he stands up and pushes me making me fall "ugh"

I couldn't stand up because my leg hurt

He raises his hand and was ready to slap me, I close my eyes tightly and wait for the pain but nothing

I opened my eyes and saw Namjoon grabbing Davids hand "Dont you dare touch her" and he pushes it away

"I won't leave you alone" he says and leaves

I stand up tears forming into my eyes "I'm sorry this happened because of me.."

Namjoon hands me a tissue and leaves

He's actually really nice, I shouldn't be scared of him. Or judge a book by its cover.

I saw Jin enter my class "huh? Jin"

"Omgg, I'm changing class. We're togetherrrr" he happily says, My eyes widened "Yesss" we hug each other "wait.. Don't tell me you were sitting alone this whole time.."

I look at my feet and nervously laugh "hahah maybe.."

"Yah" he lightly hits me "sorry sorry" (A/N: you guys thinking what I'm thinking?;))

"I'm sitting next to you from now on"

Hm I think He should sit with Namjoon, he sits alone too so he needs to talk more with people "why don't you sit with Namjoon? He's also your friend" I smile "You're also my friend" that made my heart melt

"I'll sit here and that's it" Jin says and sits "okay.." I sigh

Namjoon came again, took a glance at me the went to his seat. That's new, he looked at me



Im so hungry! I took my tray full of food and sat with BTS, Namjoon was there too. Yeah of course, he's part of BTS.. Im dumb

We start eating and talk about random things "i heard there was a transfer student in your class kookie" Hobi says, kookie nods "yeah, she's a bitch and treats students like shit, she thinks she's the queen.." he replies in an annoyed tone, I can see he hates her so much "aw kookie don't worry,just dont talk to her and she wont do a thing to you" I say and pat his back "thank you." He brightly smiles

"She's right and if she touches you we will end her life" Jimin adds, We nod

I saw a girl, wait let me fix that

I saw a CLOWN coming towards us with a tray, I look at her confused. Wait isn't that the  new girl..? Fuck

She smirked and approached Jungkook, I knew what she wanted to do so As fast as I could I stand up and went in front of Jungkook

She splashed orange juice on me, kookie gasps "Y/N.." He says

"YAH!" I scream "I was gonna do that to him, you went in front of me!" She replies, I look at her in disbelief

"look here girly, don't you dare touch Kookie or you wont ever see the sunlight again" I reply in a serious tone wich made BTS a bit schocked

I'm overprotective when it comes to my family, especially Jungkook. The girl leaves in rage

Kookie takes wet wipes and tries to wipe the orange juice "its okay kookie" I smile "thank you for always protecting me" He tightly hugs me, I hug back "It's nothing"

I notice Namjoon staring at us


(After school)

I left school and suddenly it started raining "great" I groan and cover my head with my hands, I enter a convenience store and buy a chocolate bar


*ding ding*

Someone enters, I take a glance. Oh shit it's Namjoon, he sits next to me but doesn't say a thing

I continue eating my chocolate bar ..

"Here.." I heard Namjoon whisper and stroke his nape, he gave me an umbrella

I look at it for a second "thank you.."

Someone else enters "Y/N! Can you come to my house?? Bts is coming too"

I hesitate, since I have no homework then okay "sure" I reply making him jump "yesss" he grabs my hand and heads outside, Namjoon comes with us. We enter a car

"Its my driver" kookie smiles, I nod. Namjoon was next to me.. Suddenly the car stopped, Outside was Jimin waiting

"Oh shit there's not alot of space" kookie says "I'm going out" the woman sitting in front of us next to the driver says

"No ma'am it's okay"

Namjoon comes closer to me and Jimin enters "sorry guys" he apoligizes and laughs

I was a sandwich, Namjoons face was so close to mine. We stare at eachother


We arrived at kookies home, it's huge

I've been here before

We enter and found bts sitting on the couch "hi guys" They greet back, we all sit and talk. Kookies parents had to do something so we're alone, I think something bad is gonna happen.. I just feel it

"Hey guys.. Since my parents aren't here tonight how about we drink something??" Kookie smirks, well shit

They grab beer from the fridge and drink

Jin told us dad jokes, BTS laughed like crazy even if sometimes his jokes made no sense. Namjoon didn't look that Happy with all this noise

Geez they drank so much, I count the beer cans

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25... 26.. Dude how many did kookie have in his fridge?!

"Guys stop now, that's too much" I say in a worried tone, the laugh "we're not even drunk why not continue?" Jimin giggles, obviously he was drunk just like the others. Namjoons cheeks where red because he drank too much too

"That's it guys stoppp" I try to yell but I just cant yell at them

Namjoon stares deeply at me "uhh.." I awkwardly look at the other side and avoid eye contact with him, ugh jungkook! Why did you let them drink

I put the beer cans in the trash


Slowly they started feeling sleepy and fell asleep next to eachother wich was the cutest thing to be honest

I take a pic and post it on Instagram

Namjoon wasn't fully asleep "namjoon.. You should sleep" I say, he shakes his head and smirks

"I want you in bed.. With me"

I gasp, I never heard him talk like this. He's drunk and doesn't even know what he's doing, pft what'd you think Y/N

"Sleep, you're drunk" I reply and clean up the table

"Im serious.. You're hot"

I look at him "thanks I guess.."

"Lets have it" he says making me stop "what do you mean?" This guy is wierd..

"lets have sex" he smirks

.. I throw a pillow at him "yah perv! Stop saying wierd things,What a bitch"

He stands up and comes towards me, I take steps back until my back touches the wall. Namjoon winks at me then wraps his arms around my waist "I've liked you since the first day, I may look scary but Im nice and amazing in bed"


I felt his hand inside my pant, My eyes widened

He fingers me "Ah.." I moan

When I was about to cum Namjoon stops fingering me, Fuck

What the fuck is happening to me?!

I push namjoon and awkwardly cough "Im leaving" I say

"You liked it didn't ya?" I felt him smirk, I stop "I did so what?!" I angrily reply, he's doing this on purpose. He wants to tease me

Namjoon doesn't reply and hugs me, I could feel his breath on my neck wich send shivers down my spine "You like me, admit it" he whispers and kisses my neck

I'm not admiting, I don't like him!

.. Or do I?


"Why aren't you responding? Maybe because You like me back?" I felt him smirk and wink at the same time

To be continued

Notas Finais

Hahahah sorry I had to stop here, Ill make pt.2 dont worry
Hope you enjoyed and sorry Im so mean huehue
Love u

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