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Sorry Im not active these days😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

I remember I wrote this in a story but I deleted it, Its Jimin again
Please send me a message, wich bts member do you want to be next :)

Capítulo 14 - Bully pt.1 (Jimin)

~Your P.O.V~


He pushes me and I fall on my knees, scratching them. I whimper in pain "Get up, you slut!" He yells, I stand up still feeling pain. He kicks my knees making me fall again, This is hell..

"It's ok now, enough for today" Seokjin says, Jimin stops hitting me. "We were just having fun" Taehyung whines

That's Bangtan, they bully nerds and non popular students. I really hate all of them,exept Jin. He's really nice and the mother of the group,

I get up and wipe the blood in my nose, the only thing they do Is beat up people. When they were about to leave I say something "Come back you little fucker" the most I hate Is Jimin, Park Jimin 

He turns around to face me "What did you call me?" He asks, anger in his voice

"Little mother fucking bitch" I spit out blood and glare at him, I'm tired of all this

"You bitch!" He comes towards me and slaps me, I touch my cheek and it stings. Jimin punches me on my stomach making groan 

"Enough both of you stop" Jin calmly says,we immediately stop. We both know That if Jin gets angry he could beat Jimin up, 

It's scary to see him angry "good kids" 

We look at each other with hate, I show him my middle finger

He smirks "sure" and does something with his hands: 

👉🏼👌🏼(You guys know what it means ;))

I gasp, 'son of a bitch' I mouth, he keeps doing this 👉🏼👌🏼

jimin leaves with his friends, I sit on a big rock and sigh. Ouch my lip is still bleeding,



i Went to my seat and look for my homework


"Where is it???" I kept whispering, I can't find my homework. I swear I had it in here..

"Are you looking for this?" I heard the voice and person I hate the most, he was holding my homework in one hand and in the other he had a lighter "Give it back little fucker!" I yell, he darkly chuckles "come and get it"

I ran over to him, but.. He already burn it.. My homework! I spend 2 hours to finish that! ... The bigger problem is that I'm gonna get detention for not doing homework! 

I glare at Jimin "Why are you doing this to me?! What did I do to deserve this?!" 

"Nothing" he simply replies

I clench my fist and sigh, I guess I'll get detention


"where's your homework?" The teacher asks, I awkwardly Laugh "My dog ate it.."

The class burst laughing "Detention after school!"

The class went like "ooo"

well, that's ma life



I take my tray and search for a table, sadly there aren't any free. "Hey! Come sit with us" I heard Jins voice, I smile at him and shake my head "no thank you" bts is there, Never

"Aw come on, for me?" 

I stop in my tracks, Ok I'll do this for Jin. I need to be brave. "alright"

I sit between Jin and Jimin, why did I chose this fucking place. "Let's eat" Jin says and everyone starts eating, he gives me some kimchi. "Thank you" I bow, he chuckles "No need to bow and you're welcome" jin smiles

Omggg, I'm gonna die

I notice Jimin staring at us and Show him my middle finger 

"You can fuck me whenever you want babeh" he whispers into my ear making me choke

Jin pats my back and gives me a glass filled with water, "Wait! Wasn't that Jimins glass??" Taehyung exlaims

I choke again "Wtf"

I wipe my lips with my hand and make a disgusting face "That means indirect kiss!" Jhope says laughing, the others laugh too

Shit "I'm going to the restroom" I nervously say and leave



I enter the restroom without even looking at the sign, if it's girls or boys

There wasn't anyone so yeah I dont Care

I wash my lips and hands 

I wipe my hands with paper "Aish that bastard" I hiss

 when I was about to leave someone blocked my way

"Hey, get out the way" I say and didn't realize it was Jimin, "SHIT" i curse, he winks "happy to see me?"

I step back but he came closer until my back hit the wall "what are you doing in the girls restroom?!" I yell, he looks at me "It's the boys restroom" 


"Oh really? Let me see" I went outside to see but then ran

"Hey!" He chases after me, I run to the cafeteria. Where Jin was, and backhug him "please save me" I whisper, he looks shocked at first but then gently smiles

It calms me down

"HEY!" Jimin yells, Jin turns to face him

Jimin awkwardly smiles, "I wanted to show Y/N something..?"

More like a question

Jin glares at Jimin "don't touch my baby" he says, my heart is gonna melt..

"Alright" Jimin sits next to Jhope

I hug Jin "thank you eomma, you're amazing" 

"I'm amazing at bed too" he whispers into my ear making me choke on my own saliva

That just blessed my ears, I need holy water

"How about we play truth or dare?" Rap monster suggests, everyone nods

"Taehyung, truth or dare" Jungkook asks


"Would you ever date me?" He asks


Everyone went "ooo"

"Cute couple" rapmon said

"Ok... Jimin truth or dare" taehyung asks

"Uh... Dare"

"I dare you to Give Y/N a peck on the lips whenever Someone says the word Truth"

"WHAT" Me and Jimin say at the same time

"You heard me" he winks

Why did I agree on playing this game?

I slowly sit on his lap

"Don't you dare" I whisper to him, he only smirks

'Help me' I mouth at Jin

"TRUTH or dare" Jimin asks Jin, "peck her!" Taehyung yells, I glare at Jimin "dont you-" he already smashed his lips on mine

NOO my first kiss... Was stolen by this jerk


"Truth" jin says

Not again

Jimin pecks my lips

"Is it the TRUTH that-" he pecks my lips and continues

"Wait sorry I wanted to say, what do you want to do right now" Is this jerk doing this on purpose?!

"I would want to be in your position right now and kiss Y/N whenever someone says Truth"

Jimin angrily kisses me "oh, well you can't do that. I'm already"

"Suga truth or dare?"

Jimin pecks my lips, I slap his chest "stop kissing me!" I whisper-shout

"Dare.." He grumpily answers

"I dare you to go and sleep"

"Omg thanks" he runs aways

"Jin truth or dare"

Jimin licks my bottom lip making me gasp "wtf did you just do"


"I dare you to sleep with Y/N tonight"

"Sure thing" jin responds winking

"don't forget to use protection" Taehyung adds, my cheeks flush red. While Jimin is clenching his fists

"I wont"

My heart is gonna explose! Omg


(After school)

(Detention done)

While exiting school someone grabbed my wrist, I turn around to see who did it

It was Jimin, he slaps me "You can't sleep with other boys!" He yells, I flinch

"I'm the only one that can kiss you, that can beat you, and the one that will take your virginity away" he says making me shocked

Jimin grabs my wrist and head to a dark room, he throws me on the ground.

"You need to get punished babeh"

I've never been so scared before, what is happening to me

He grabs me by my hair and harshly kisses me, he bit my lip and it started bleeding. Jimin slid his tongue

He then slightly lifted my skirt and spanked me "Don't you dare sleep with other guys

Tears form in my eyes

when he's done beating he leaves me

I slowly get up, Agh the pain.. At least I can walk 

I head to Jins house, it was the dare. I don't Care what Jimin says I don't deserve to live anyways

(Ooo that rhymes)


(Jins house)

*ding dong*

He opens the door and smiles but soon his smile faded when he saw my face "come in"


Wow his house is beautiful, just like him

I sit on the couch with him, he has a first aid kit "let me treat your bruises" he smiles and I nod


I was laying on the couch and closing my eyes then Jin came saying "BTS is here"

I immediately stand up, shit what about Jimin

Everyone comes to the living room and greets Jin

"Greet Y/N!" Jin yells and everyone greeted me

The last one came and it was Jimin, he saw me

"Jin-" I started

"Me and Y/N need to talk" Jimin says and comes towards me

"Jin! I want to stay with you! I don't want to talk to him" I says and hug him, tears were forming into my eyes, he hugs back.  "Alright alright shh.." He stroke my head gently and left a kiss on my cheek, I calm down but still hug him. Everyone sits, I sat on Jins Lap still hugging him and hiding my face onto his chest

"You're so cute" Jin whispers

I don't want to see Jimins face


The guys were watching a movie then someone grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the kitchen. Jin fell asleep watching the movie and he is a heavy sleeper

Jimin slaps me "Didn't I tell you not to come?! You're mine and no one can touch you exept me!" He says, Tears fall down my cheek

I try to escape and go to Jin but he grabbed my leg making me fall and hit the floor hard

"Argh.." I groan, Jimin hesitated but then aggressively pulled my arm and it hurt like hell "Stop.."

"You have no idea Y/N.."

I look at him, what does he mean..? I push him "Oh Jimin.. You have no idea what you've done to my life.." I whisper and burst out crying

He grabs my wrist and heads outside

"Look here, If you hadn't agreed to that dare I wouldn't do this. How many times have I told you You're fucking mine?!" He yells

"I DONT CARE, I never agreed being yours why are you making my life hell?!" I harshly push him "You fucking bully me everyday.. I shed millions of tears every. Single. Day.."

"IM JEALOUS OK?! WHY ARE YOU NICE WITH JIN AND NOT WITH ME?! The first day we met you didnt even talk to me.. You only talked with Jin" he replies, I look at him in disbelief

"So youre telling me you bullied me because I didn't talk to you?! ARE YOU SERIOUS"

"THATS NOT THE ONLY REASON" He grabs my wrist

"Let go now!"


"Aren't you happy now..? You made my life hell, thats what you have wanted to do for years. Congrats! You achieved your goal" I smile, behind that smile pain was visible


"Sure.." I whisper and turn around, Jimin grabs my wrist but I slap it "dont touch me.. I'll leave this place and never come back" I say



4 years later

"Jennie~ did you buy me chocolate?" I cutely ask "ugh you're too cute, of course I did for my baby" she laughs, I smile

Jennie is my beatfriend

And I live in America, I left South korea 4 years ago. 

Jennie helped me alot, she let me sleep in her house till I got mine. She's like a big sister to me "So are you planning going to korea?" Jennie asks, I slowly nod "yeah"

"Aw you're gonna let me alone..?" She asks, I shake my head "Of course not, Im going there for a month. Since I finally got vacation and south korea is my birth place.."

She nods "okayy, Im gonna miss you even tho its a month" She pouts, I chuckle and tightly hug her 

"Im actually going tomorrow"

"Ah.." She sighs

"Dont worry okay?" I pinch her cheeks "yes"

I already packed my luggages and everything is ready, Ill just sleep now. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day..



Ill take the train now.. I give jennie a hug "have a safe flight" she says, I smile and wave "bye bestie~"

"Bye~" she brightly smiles


(Time skip to south korea,your place)

Omg Its been so long.. These place needs to be cleaned..

I leave my luggages under my bed and sit, I smile at myself. My favorite bed 

I laugh at myself and took a bag of chips from my luggage, Im a bit hungry..

I decide to go outside and look around, it has changed but not too much

I smile at myself, I feel so old now

I sit on a bench, I saw a guy walking. Something fell of his pocket but he didn't notice, I grab the object and tap his shoulder "excuse me.." I say

He turns to face me "This fell.." I stop talking and realize it was Jimin.. Park Jimin. He has changed so much, he looks more innocent

"Y-Y/N?" He stutters, I stare at him "You have no idea how much I missed you.." He whispers and tightly hugs me, I couldn't believe this was happening..

"I couldn't stop thinking about you every night, I regret everything.. I was a jerk.." He adds

I stay silent, I dont know what to say "please forgive me.." He says with hope

"I cant forgive you that easily jimin.. You have no idea what you did to me" I sadly reply, Jimin looks at his feet and a tear escapes his eye

"Hey dont cry.." I say

"Jimin!" I heard Taehyungs voice

"omg is that you Y/N?!" His eyes widen "it is me" I smile

"We missed you so much Y/N.. You suddenly disappeared 4years ago. We were worried"

"I know im sorry.."

"Hey Jimin did you cry?" Taehyung asks and looks at him, Jimin shakes his head

"How about we go to my place? The members are there too"

"sure" I agree and we head to taehyungs place, I was excited to see them again


We enter his house and find the other members sitting on the couch and talking, Taehyung whistles making them look at us. Their eyes widened as they saw me "Y/NNN" they hug me, a group hug

"How have you been guys?"

"Good, we missed you"


"Jin is gonna cook something delicious right?" Jhope says, Jin glares at him "Fine" he heads to the kitchen

V and jungkook went to his room, suga rap monster and Jhope went to the balcony

I sat on the couch, I felt jimin sit next to me.. "There's place why are you sitting here?" I dont wanna sound mean, he stares at me "I like sitting next to you, I missed your scent" he comes closer, our faces were an inch away

"Y-your too close.." I say feeling uncomfortable but I liked it at the same time, He kisses my neck "I love you.."

I stand up "I-Im going bye guys" I leave and head home, I dont know whats wrong with me..

I slam the door shut and jump on my bed, I look at the ceiling thinking about someone..

*ring ring*

Someone was video calling me and it was Jennie

Hi Jennie~

Y/Nnnn I miss you already~

I do too Jennie.. So whats up?

Nothing much.. I've been lonely even if its some hours, you're not here

She fake cries making me laugh

Aw come on you can do so many things without me there, Why dont you go out for a walk or call one of your friends to come to your place

I dont trust them, they might steal something

Oh.. Dont worry, when Ill be back we'll do many things okay?

She nods 

Now Im gonna sleep a bit because Im tired

I brightly smile and wave

Bye byee


Ah I feel better talking to my bestie


Agh Im hungry.. I wanted to sleep for fucks sake

I went to the kitchen and took out ingredients, Okay now Ill seriously cook. I take my phone and search on google how to cook

I sigh


Im eating ramen right now and please dont ask why okay?

*knock knock*

i open the door and find Jimin "hi" he says "hi" I awkwardly greet

"May I please come in?"

I nod "sure" I let him enter

"Holy fuck what happened to your kitchen" he chuckles "I tried to cook.."

"Thanks god I took this" He takes something out of a bag "kimchi" 

Omgg "yay thank you" I smile, he smiles back

To be continued

Notas Finais

Wahh I feel like a bad person
I'm sorry Ill make a part 2! I promise, tomorrow Ill write it :D

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