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Os personagens encontrados nesta história são apenas alusões a pessoas reais e nenhuma das situações e personalidades aqui encontradas refletem a realidade, tratando-se esta obra, de uma ficção. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir ou violar as imagens dos artistas.

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Sorry for not updating often, School started for me :((

Capítulo 9 - Mean (Jimin)

*knock knock*
I'm moving to a new dorm, The school is one bus station away wich is amazing

"Yesss~" a cheerful guy with dimples opened the door "Oh hi pretty girl~" he says, I politely bow
"Im the new roommate.." I shyly reply, he gasps "Omg so sorry I didn't know, come" he apologizes and I enter "My name is Hoseok but you can also call me Hobi"

I nod "I'm Y/N"
Hobi brightly smiles
We head to the living room, 6 guys were sitting and doing nothing..? They notice us and stand up "Who's that?" A guy almost the same height as me says irritated

"Its our new roommate!"

"Omo she's so cute and Tall!" They say except The short guy, one was sleeping
"Lmao Jimin, She's taller than you" A guy with bunny teeth laughed then smirked, I think everyone mocks him for being this height.. Poor guy

They presented each other, the guy sleeping woke up. The member told me that he's grumpy and likes to sleep alot, If you wake him up he'll kill you. They also told me he doesn't befriend people easily.. After I told him I could rap he started to get friendlier

I rapped for him and I said that I love listening to rap, he smiled wich made the members shocked

"Youre amazing Y/N" Jungkook winks, I shyly thank him. I noticed Jimin glaring at us
Ugh this guy

"I'm tired~" I yawn and stretch my arms "I'll show you your room" hobi says
I follow him

"Here" he says and closes the door, wow it's pretty in here
I place my luggage under the bed and lay

I hear the door open "hm?"
"Yah" Jimin enters "What?"
"Why did you come to this dorm? It was better without you" He says making me glare at him, I may be shy sometimes but I'm not weak

"Because I wanted, next time knock before entering" I reply "This was MY room and I had to change Because of you!" He almost yells, I'm spechless.. Well he said okay so

"You said Okay—"
"They forced me!" This time he yells making me flinch "Yah You bitch! Don't yell" I hate it so much when someone yells, I become angry and sad at the same time.. I have a bad past..

"You're the problem! I FUCKING HATE GIRLS LIKE YOU"
Tears escape my eyes
"Don't yell.." I say, my tears weren't stopping

He stared at me

The door slammed open "JIMIN! what did you do?!" They say
Jungkook hugs me "shh, don't cry.." His voice was soothing wich made my tears slow down "Don't you feel bad for making a girl cry?! You should feel shame" Jungkook glares at Jimin
"No" and he leaves

"I'm sorry about him.." he apologizes, I shake my head "I-Its not your fault"

Jungkook hugs me then goes away

I sigh and head to the kitchen, Its almost time for diner. I'll cook, I've been taking cooking classes for years so Im good at it

I take out the ingredients and start cooking different dishes, some of them I'm sure the members have never tasted

"Everyone! Diner is ready" I yell making them come and sit around the table, I place the dishes on the table. Jin helps me "lets eat" they all say and we start

Everyone enjoyed it, they wouldn't stop saying good things wich made me shy but then Jimin said "It's disgusting, I'm not eating" he goes upstairs to his room, next to mine

"Oh.. It's okay I wont cook anymore–"
"Noooo" they all say at the same time, Im happy "thank you"

Im done eating.. I wash the dishes and head to my room
Jimin must be hungry..
He didn't eat anything, I go downstairs to the kitchen and cook something special for him. The members told me what he loves

I knock on his door "w-what?" I heard Jimin ask
"Its me.."
"What do you want..?" He sounded weak..
I open the door and find him laying on his bed, pale
"You must be hungry.. Sorry if it wasn't good, here" I hand him the tray of his favorite food "I d-dont want it"

I sigh "You're pale, you should eat or you'll become really sick. Come on" I take some bread and dip it on sauce "open your mouth.."
He looks at me and opens his mouth, I put the bread on his mouth and he chews on it

"Is it good?" I softly ask
He slowly nods, mission complete. I smile at myself

"Okay now? Eat, or do you want me to feed you?" I chuckle joking, he looks away. His cheeks really bright pink


"Okay~" I giggle and feed him, it felt like feeding a baby. His cute chubby cheeks


I'm done feeding him, it was cute

"Ayee, who could've fed Jimin?" The members smirk, I cover my face with my hands "Yah.."

Jimin comes and looks at us

"What is happening?" He asks
"Oh nothing" they smirk

"Y/N let's watch a movie together" Jungkook suggests, I was about to agree but Jimin cut me off "No, I'm gonna watch. I'm not letting her use the TV" he replies, I guess he will never like me..
It's his personality and I will respect that, I'll be friendly and help him even tho he hates me

"Its ok another time" I smile

"I'm going to sleep, good night everyone!" I happily say "Good night!' They all reply except Jimin "good night Jimin~" I add, he stares at me then looks away


I wake up early and make breakfast, I make a special tray for Jimin since I know he's going to reject this one

Slowly everyone wakes up, I head in Jimins Room. The members told me Jimin sleeps till late

He need to get used.. I'll try to make him change
"Jiminnie~ wake up" I nudge him a little, he opens his eyes. He's so cute
"Why'd you wake me up?!" he yells, I sigh
"Dont yell..You should eat" I smile a little
"Fine" he groans, I start feeding him

When done the members decided to go outside and buy things, I didn't need anything so I decided to stay home. Jimin too

"Bye bye Y/N and Jimin!" They greet and leave

"If you need anything tell me!" I tell Jimin, I didn't hear a response..

*ring ringgg*



Oh Jake!

How is it in your new Dorm?

It's beautiful I love it! And the people are nice, It doesn't even look like a dorm. It's a house with 2 floors

I notice Jimin leaning against the wall and looking at me

Im glad you're happy

Hmm, so what are you doing?

Nothing, I miss you~

I miss you too! What are the others doing?

They're bored and doing nothing


They all miss you too, even tho it's been 2 days

Yeah.. Don't worry I'll visit you sometimes

Gotta go now, bye bye my wife

Haha bye bye my husband

I hung up and look at Jimin "Hi–"

"You're Married?!"

I laugh "no"
I swear I heard him sigh in relief, what the..

(4 hours later)

Geez what are these guys buying?
"Are you hungry?" I ask Jimin, he shakes his head

"We're here!" I heard the guys yell, I run towards them "what did you buy??"

"Some clothes also a pair of–" the members cut him off "DONT"
What did they buy?? Im curious, did they buy something for me?? Aye

"Show meee" I pout
"a pair of lingeries..." He finishes
The others started whistling and looking at the other side
Jimins cheeks were pink
"It's okay! I needed them, thank you!" I thank them and take the lingeries

"They're pink, Jin choose them" they laugh, Jin is like a mother to us
Ill go and change now because I haven't changed my underwears for 4 days

(After changing)

"Come and eat" Jin calls us, we sit around the table
"I changed to the lingeries you bought me" I smile, while eating they choke
"Omg, drink water" I give them all a glass of water
"N-no need to tell us" Jungkook stutters, oh.. But they should get used, Theres a girl in their dorm. There's a chance the could see me naked or in my bra

they start eating again, I take my shirt off wich made their lips apart
"Is it good on me?" I ask, the slowly nod. I'm Happy

"Oh and.." I was about to take my shorts off but they stopped me "no no no" Jungkook stops me

"Its the same thing as if I was wearing a swimsuit.." I reply, the stay silent. Jimin kept staring at my body
I wear my shirt, the bra is laced but the underwear is more
Maybe they're shy

"Did you guys hear, a student got hit by a car while crossing the street" Hobi says, ow poor student
"Yeah, the driver run away after hitting him. He was just a normal student going to school.. The police hasn't found the driver"

Im going to school on monday, today we're on Saturday
"If I get hit by a car you probably wouldn't care" I sadly smile
"WHAT?! of course we would" they say and give me the look 'What are you saying'

"I wouldn't care" Jimin stands up and sits on the couch, then turns on the TV "mean bastard" Jungkook whispers

"Geez he's mean" Rap mon says

Its okay, I respect what he says. Like I said, it's his personality

"Ill study somethings because I'm going to school on Monday" I say and stand up "oh Jimin is going on Monday too" Suga replies, oh that's good


I'm going to school now, I ate breakfast. Jimin woke up and ate too, now we're going together but he stays in front of me and doesn't talk at all

"Uhh, what class you got the first period?" I nervously ask "Maths"

"Oh me too!"I feel better now, at least he is with me

We enter and sit, he sits next to a girl and smiles at her
.. I guess I'm not good..
He's so Happy with her but angry when he sees me, well.. If I don't talk to him it would be better, I don't want anyone to be sad because of me

I take out my sketch book and draw Jimin with the girl, she sure is pretty
(20min later)
I'm done drawing and the teacher comes in
I'm sitting alone..

"Hi everyone, There are 2 new students! Please stand up" I Stand up and a boy does too

We go in front of the class "Hello–" we start at the same time, I giggle

"ladies first" he smiles, what a nice guy!

"Hi Im Y/N, 19 years old. Please take care of me" I bow they clap then the guy "Hi I'm Gong Myung, 20 years old. Please take care of me" he also bows, the class claps again

"You can sit"

I sit in my seat
I hope this year is successful..


I head to the cafeteria and grab my tray, I sit. Alone of course and start eating, I notice Jimin sitting with the same girl.. Laughing together

Why am I feeling like this? Jealous

"Hey" Gong Myung greets and sits next to me "Hii" I brightly smile
"You're the nicest and brightest girl I've ever met, you're not like those sluts" He says

"Thank you!"

(After school)

I wave at Gong Myung And saw Jimin leaving school "hii" I wave at him while smiling, he looks at me but then ignores me
My smile goes away

Jimin was coming, I don't think it'll be green when he arrives
the light was red when it went green I crossed the road but while crossing it a car came towards me really fast

I was so shocked and didn't move

"YAH Y/N" Jimin Yelled




(Jimins P.O.V)

Blood was dripping from her arm, she was covered all in blood..
I run over there and shake her "Y/N.. Wake up! Don't be like this.. Come on!"
The driver was a guy, he drives away

I take a pic of his car

I call the ambulance
"Y/N.." I cry

Ill find whoever did this and I'll kill him, that bastard! I kick the ground

The ambulance arrives.


(The hospital)

God please let her be okay! I pray

The doctor comes towards me "Are you her boyfriend?" He asks, I shake my head
"Im her friend.."
Somehow it hurts saying this

"She broke her arm and leg, she's in a bad condition.. She nearly died but thanks god she came early to the hospital"

I feel so bad for being mean to her.. She always helped me but I just yelled and hated on her..
I started to get feelings for her the day when she fed me but I didn't want to admit it

She's beautiful.. And nice
Im a bastard! If I didn't ignore her she would be with me walking and this would never happen! I'm an idiot! A complete idiot!
I punch the wall until my knuckles started bleeding

"Jimin!" Rap mon calls me "What are you doing?! What happened to Y/N??"
They ask worried

"She got hit by a car.." I almost cry

"What..?" Jungkook asks not believing what I said
"It's my fault.." I say

Jungkook angrily looks at me then punches me "Jungkook!" The members stop him, Its okay "I deserve being punched, Im the problem! If I didn't ignore her she wouldn't be in this condition"

They sigh

(5 days later)

(Your P.O.V)

Bts has been taking care of me these days, I have a broken arm and leg so Its difficult for me. The doctor said I'll get better in 2 weeks and I could walk wich made me happy

But I haven't seen Jimin since that day I got hit.. I miss him.. I miss him so much

Now I know that I'm inlove with him, I love him and can't stop thinking about him
Hobi enters "are you thirsty?" He asks "no.. Hobi?"

"Uhh.. Jimin, where is he? Is he doing ok?" I ask him, he looks at his legs
"To be honest.. He's not okay.. The day you got hit Jimin kept telling himself it was his fault and Jungkook got mad and punched him, he told Jimin not to visit you at all. Whenever I get home I hear him sob in his room.. I feel really bad for him."

When he finishes I felt something wet on my cheek, tears were coming out my eyes
I wipe them then someone comes in "Oh Gong Myung"

"Sorry I couldn't visit you these days.." He apoligizes

"It's okay.."

"So.. Are you feeling better?"


Breaking news: A student crossed the street and got hit by a car, like the student from 2 weeks.The students friend took a picture of the car wich helped the police find the driver, he's in prison for the rest of his life. Someone paid him to hit these innocent students, the police hasn't found the person

I sigh
I hope they find the person.. It's not because I got hit but he will kill people

(2weeks later)
I'm finally home! I enter and the members do too "we haven't changed a thing" they say

"Im going upstairs"

I head upstairs and look at Jimins bedroom door
.. *knock knock*


I open the door and Find Jimin sitting on the floor and hugging his knees
I sit next to him "Y/N.." He says and tears form in his eyes, I hug him tightly. He hugs back "I'm sorry.."

"Its not your fault!" I smile and wipe his tear with my thumb
He holds my hand "I love you Y/N.. I know I've been mean, I was a bastard.. But I Started gaining feelings for you. You're pretty and really nice, I know you don't like me back. You would never like A guy like me, I just wanted to let you know. If I leave it would be..."

I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck "shh, I love you too" I say making him stop what he was saying
He wraps his arms around my waist and presses his lips on mine, we passionately kiss. Jimin licks my lip, I let him slide his tongue and explore everywhere

We part away and look at eachother

"Does this mean you're now my girlfriend??" He asks with hope, I nod and peck him on the lips

"Everyone! Diner is ready" Jin calls us, we head downstairs and holding hands
When they see us their lips part

"Did we miss something?" They say, We chuckle "We're a couple now" Jimin says making them smirk "I thought you hated each other.. You better not do naughty things" Rap mon says making our cheeks red

"I swear If I hear moanings at night I'll kick you out the house" Jin says
I cover my face on Jimins Chest

"Lets eat!"
We happily eat together, Jin told us his dad jokes
Jimin kept touching my thigh, geez this guy

"Guys we're tired, good night" Jimin says ans grabs my hand "but–"

We head to his room "we're sleeping together?" I ask, he nods smiling innocently
"Okay" I lay and cover myself with the blankets, Jimin does the same

He backhugs me

"good night Jagi"
"Good night"

(6 years later)

Jimin and I got married when we were 19 years old and we even have 7 kids, they're all boys. The house we're living now isn't the dorm, bts are in the dorm, we got a new nice house

" SoJin, JinSo, Minpyo, JaeEun and InJung ! Come here to Mom" I call them all, There's YunBok too. He's born it's been 3 days, Im holding him. Jimin is at Work

SiChon is sitting next to me, he's 1year old
Then SoJin 2 years
JinSo 3 years
Minpyo 4 years
JaeEun 5 years
InJung 6 years old

"Are you kids hungry?" I ask them, they all nod.
I put YunBok to sleep and head to the kitchen to cook for them

(1 hour later)

Im done making food for the 5
I fed YunBok with breast milk and SiChon with a baby bottle

I give each boy a plate with food for their age "Be careful not to spill the plate!" I tell them, theyre used I know they wont

I heard the door unlock, The kids are supposed to run over the door but I was
"Jiminnnn" I hug him, he hugs back laughing "you missed me??"
I nod 10 times "I couldn't stop thinking about you at work~" he says making wink "we can't live without eachother" I reply

"Where are my boys?" He laughs
He goes towards them "Dad!" They all say in the same time, they love their dad so much. They hug him

"How are my boys?"

Jimin kisses SiChon and smiles at YunBok "where is my little boy~? You're so cute!" He cutely says making YunBok laugh, it was so cute
To be honest All of the boys look like Jimin but YunBok looks more like me, his lips and eyes are like mine. I looked exactly like him when I was a baby.

I hold YunBok and touch his nose "Cute little baby!"I giggle, Jimin backhugs me "Y/N.. Having another baby wouldn't be bad" I felt him smirk "yah, We aren't stopping having babies. In the end we will have 20"I chuckle and peck him on the lips "I love kids so much, I also want to have a daughter~" he pouts, I place YunBok in his bassinet

I face Jimin "Alright"
He happily kisses me and then carries me, I wrap my arms around his neck
"I love you Park Y/N"
"I love you too Park Jimin"


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Hope you enjoyeddd :)) i may not update for some days

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