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História Camelot - Capítulo 5

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Capítulo 5 - Knight Leon

Fanfic / Fanfiction Camelot - Capítulo 5 - Knight Leon


I sit at the scrapped up wooden table reading as my head nods and my eyes slowly start to shut. I hear feet shifting behind me and a muffled voice to follow "You know Arthur wants you to go hunting with him early in the morning," Gordon states. My eyes open as I prop my arm up into the table and lay my head down "Yes I know," I cry "I really dont want to go. Like i got along with Arthur really nicely but woods are not my thing anymore after this mess." Gordon takes a seat across from me "Protecting him is a big deal if you ever want to go home." I push myself up and head towards my home yawning and pushing my hair out of my face "Dont forget to pack you will he there for awhile," he screams as I brush it off and plop down into my soft covers. I slide under my white and aqua blue cover and slip off my extra clothes living only my boxers as I doze off.


I wake to a shift in my bed "Gordon?" I say with my face still buried in my pillow. With no answer I turn my head "Arthur!" I say sitting up "Why are you in my room." He straightens up "Its time to wake. We have places to be," he says with a smirk. I swipe my face and get off the bed unto the cold wooden boards of the floor and head towards my closet. "Your room is really nice to be a peasant," the prince says as he lays back on my bed. I stand inside of the closet and throw on a long sleeve black shirt with my name imprinted in red on my chest and even bigger on the back. "Dude that was a half complement," i say with a laugh as i tie up my red shoes. "Well it's the truth. I never seen a servant have nice things," Arthur points out as he starts standing up. I dust off my black joggers and walk out of the closet "Well meet the first," I say " I'm Max and I would like to think I'm not broke." Arthur let's out a little smiles as he motions us to leave.


Arthur takes me to one big fight field you would see in history books. I get there and I see a group of men in armor lined up. "Hey knights this is Max my new servant. Be nice," as the words escape Arthur's mouth the knights face look shocked. As I look around I see a familiar face. I see the knight that helped me around the castle start to walk towards me as Arthur talks to the rest of them in a friendly matter. " Hey man," he greets gently patting my arm "I'm Leo. Knight Leon we met before." I nod in agreement "Yeah that basically means were cool," I say forgetting the time period. "Excuse me. I'm pretty warm." I hit my head "No man I mean we are like buddies. You know friends." He laughs "Oh yeah of course." Leon was very polite and kinda prince like himself. He had nice dark brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes with a toned body someone only wished to have. We talked for awhile and had alot in common even though we are not from the same period of time. He had jokes that could make you laugh so hard you started to cry as I did the same. As our laughter died down Leon started into my eyes and I could feel my heart start to race. As I try to control my breathing I feel eyes on the back of my head before hearing Arthur yell at the top of his lungs that it was time to head out. Leon shot me a smile before heading off towards Prince Arthur and the other knights I haven't met. 

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