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História Can You Keep a Secret?(EN) - Capítulo 4

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Capítulo 4 - (O1X04) On My Own

Fanfic / Fanfiction Can You Keep a Secret?(EN) - Capítulo 4 - (O1X04) On My Own

A few hours later,I was on my way back home.I was almost getting there when,suddenly,a van appeared with the same beings I saw on the portal in Gloss Angeles.The Kraang.But they weren't alone.There was a girl with them.She glared at me and said:


_Who are you?How do you know my name?

_My name is Karai,and I saw you with the turtles yesterday.

_Why are you with them?–I asked,pointing to the aliens.

_'Cause I need to accomplish this mission,and...well,the Kraang looked like a good option–she answered.

I only had time to text Mikey saying I was in trouble before they threw me in the van.

The Sewers–Living Room

After Leslie left,the four brothers talked a little bit more in the living room,then each one went one way.Donnie went to his laboratory,Raph went training in the Dojo,Leo took a rest in his bedroom and Mikey went to the kitchen to see if there was some pizza left.When he closed the fridge, his phone ringed.It was Leslie.

_Guys, Leslie's in trouble! Guys!–he shouted,and the four brothers went to the living room.

_Calm down,man.What happened?–asked Leo

Mikey showed them the message:

"Mikey, I'm in a big trouble here.I can't explain rn.The Kraang's here and there's a girl with them"

_A girl?What kind of girl would join the Kraang?–Raph asked,after reading the message 

_Karai,sure.She works for the Shredder.–replied Leo

_Fine,but what now?What do we do?We can't just break into the TCRI,can we?–said Donnie.

_I got a suggestion.Raph and I distract the Kraang while Mikey and Donnie get into the TCRI and rescue Leslie.Right?–said Leo.The other three agreed,but Donnie was still with one doubt

_Why do I have to be with Mikey?

_'Cause I don't want to--Leo said.

_So he'll be with Raph.

_What makes you think I want it?

_Hey,I'm here.–said Mikey.Noticing his brothers didn't mind it, he continued:--So I'll go there on my own,so nobody needs to be with me.–and left.


I was locked up,stuck to a white chair where sometimes,the Kraangs appeared to get one sample of my DNA,but I always had a way to didn't hand them what they wanted.And there was Karai,the girl who kidnapped me,asking where the turtles were hiding.

_I can't tell.I promised them I'd keep it a secret.You' re not the one who will make me say it.

I wasn't handling this anymore,I needed to get out of there.But how?The belt got tighter in me at every move I made

And so I saw,at the window,Mikey looking at me.He got into the window,and the Kraang noticed his presence and shooted.Mikey fought the aliens, getting away from the shots.Finally,he came in my rescue.

For my surprise,I was very weak,so I fell into Mikey's  arms when he released me.

_Thank you,Mikey.

_You're welcome.Now, let's get out of here

_Right...hey,what about the others?Didn't come?

_No.But,look, you still have me!–he laughed

_That's fine by me,now let's get out of here.

We got out by the same window where Mikey got in.As soon as I told Mikey I'd be fine, he took me home.

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