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História Castle and Bones: Joining the forces. - Capítulo 59

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Capítulo 59 - Surprise

Beckett's menstruation were already regulated again, so she was kind of scared when her period was late. Had she become pregnant again? Maybe not, maybe it was normal, it was better to wait a few days.

Three days later the sickness started and Beckett decided to take a pharmacy test. She did everything to avoid making her husband suspicious, she wanted to be sure and then she could surprise her.

Yeah, the test was positive for more than 3 weeks, which she knew, it had to be on Christine's birthday night...

Beckett then plotted the surprise. She ordered to make one of those magic mugs that are black but when you put something hot they reveal pictures and so on. Castle's would reveal a short text: “Keep calm and we're pregnant”

And it was at breakfast that the future daddy received the news.

Castle - Is this serious?

Beckett - Why would I play with that? Of course it is serious! We made the baby on Christine's birthday remember?

Castle - I won't soon forget...

Beckett - Me neither, just remembering that night I get goosebumps...

Castle - Oh my God you're pregnant! - he pulls his wife to him and kisses her belly, then kisses her. - Is happy?

Beckett - I'm scared, but this is normal, right? I felt that way with Lilly too...

Castle - How will she react?

Beckett - She will love it, she came to me at the birthday asking for a little brother.

Castle - She won...

Beckett - Yes, and to tell her I did a shirt made - she shows the shirt a bit hidden.

The shirt said "I was promoted to big sister" but as Lilly couldn't read, she also had a picture of Dad, Mom, Alexis, her and a baby.

Beckett - I'll tell you before she goes to school.

Castle - I'll get the cell phone...

Lilly appears in the kitchen in her school uniform.

Lilly - Where's my pancake?

Castle - It's saved...

Beckett - Before we have news to give you... - she hands him the box with the shirt.

Lilly opens and understands the message, she looks at her mother in disbelief and Beckett nods. Lilly then starts to cry and to thank. The parents hug her.

At the school Lilly tells everyone, super proud, about her little brother and Beckett does the same with friends.


In the days that follow, Beckett receives letters with threats and then she realizes that she will spend the campaign all pregnant, but she has no intention of giving up.

She also continued to work and the future dad took some time off and resumed his place beside his wife, followed her everywhere.

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