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História Castle and Bones: Joining the forces. - Capítulo 60

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Capítulo 60 - Problems

On a certain day, when Caskett returned home it started to rain a lot, but a lot, it was so much rain that flooded most of the way leaving Castle's car isolated, luckily the couple found a safe place to wait for the rain to pass.

The hearts, however, were with Lilly who was still at school and apparently would stay there for a while. Was she afraid?

As little disgrace is silly out, of nowhere it started to blow and it was really cold, when he got out of the car Castle managed to get his jacket, but Beckett's stayed in the vehicle.

Rick, was always a gentleman, especially with his pregnant wife, gave her the jacket and kept only the informal shirt he wore to finish the shift more comfortable. The rain took hours to decrease and the help to rescue the “islanders” also took time since there was no cell phone signal.

When they managed to get to the school to pick up their daughter, they found her terrified and calmed her down and all went home.

Lilly slept on her mother's lap holding Peludinho and then was put on her bed.

As they were without electricity, they were unable to take a hot shower before going to sleep, just dried off and changed clothes. 

The next morning Beckett woke up feeling her husband's body very hot.

Beckett - Love? - Castle opened his eyes - How do you feel?

Castle - With a headache and cold...

Beckett takes the thermometer from the nightstand drawer and places it on her husband. When the thermometer beeps, she takes it off - You have a fever, you have the flu, I am going to give you some medicine and I want you to stay in bed today. Alexis comes to help with Lilly.

Lilly's classes had been canceled due to a problem with the school's power grid because of the rain.

Castle - But what about you?

Beckett - I'm going to work, I'll be fine and I'll always have my cell phone on. - She says while he takes the medicine.

Alexis arrives early, Lilly was still sleeping...

Beckett - Your father has the flu, I need you to help him with the thermometer sometimes, if the fever gets too high, he should go to the doctor. - Alexis nods - Lilly is still sleeping, but I'll be going. I'm on the phone if I need anything.

Alexis - okay and please, be careful...

Beckett - I'll take it and I'll be fine!

Kate comes back to kiss Castle goodbye - See if it doesn't work for Alexis, okay? - He nods and she takes her coat and goes to work.


The case Beckett was investigating involved robberies so Detective Tom Demming (her ex-boyfriend) was working together on the case...

Castle is sly and hates to stay in bed. Lilly went to play with Thaisy from the floor below and the writer was bored. He then calls Beckett but who answers her cell phone is Ryan??

Ryan - Hi Castle.

Castle - Uh... Hi Ryan... where's Beckett?

Ryan - She left, went with Detective Demming until the 15th, apparently left her cell phone here... Did something happen? Need help? She said that you are sick...

Castle - No, easy, I'm fine... I call later then... bye Ryan.

Ryan - Bye...

Esposito appears behind Ryan - Dude what did you do? - Ryan looks disagreeable - Did you tell Castle that the captain left with Demming? Brother, you know that Castle dies of jealousy of the guy with Beckett... - He does not with the head.

Ryan - But it's the truth... why did she leave her cell phone here anyway?

Esposito - She didn't let her, the cleaning lady found him on the floor and brought him here, he must have fallen... but now Castle must be thinking that she left on purpose because she left with Demming... if she gets angry I'll let you snitch. - He leaves.

Ryan keeps thinking about what he did, but in the end he goes to work, because if in addition to ruining the captain's wedding, he doesn't do his job she will be very angry.


The main suspect was in the 15th and as the energy had not returned everywhere, he gives deceived to the police and runs away. The building is locked, Beckett and Demming are already inside. And the bandit is walking everywhere, in the dark because part of the building had no window. The criminal steals a gun and aims at Beckett.

Demming sees and deflects Beckett from the shot and leans against the wall. He quickly releases the detective, so she doesn't think nonsense, he knows she was married and respects it. Since when he dated her, deep down he knew that she and Castle would be a couple.

Beckett - Thank you.

Demming - You're welcome.

Minutes later Demming's cell phone rings, the number was unknown, but he answers.

Demming - Demming.

It was Alexis - Hi, I'm Alexis, Beckett's stepdaughter, can I talk to her?

Demming - Sure! - he looks at Beckett - It's for you, Castle's daughter.

Beckett takes out his cell phone - Alexis?

Alexis - Yes.

Beckett - Why didn't you call my cell phone?

Alexis - Because it is not with you.

The captain checked her coat pocket and damn it it was torn - My pocket tore, I think the cell phone fell... Did something happen? Is your father okay?

Alexis - It happened and my father is angry... he called you and Ryan answered, he said that you left with Demming and that you had left your cell phone at the police station. He left and is going there.

Beckett knew about her husband's jealousy - Does he know where we are?

Alexis - 15th, right? He knows... I called you because I know you're just working...

Beckett - How did you get Demming's cell phone?

Alexis - I got on your agenda.

Beckett - Okay, thanks for letting me know. I will talk to your father when he arrives.

Alexis - Okay, bye.

Beckett - Bye. - She returns the cell phone.

Demming - Did something happen?

Beckett - My cell phone fell, my pocket was punctured, and Castle had a crisis of jealousy and he's coming here, but that's okay. - Beckett goes to the pantry to get water and... Where's the wedding ring? - Demming, I lost my wedding ring.

Demming - I saw that you were with it when you arrived, we didn't walk around here much, let's find out, I'll help.

Beckett - We better find it before Castle arrives, or my marriage will go into crisis.

Demming - Calm down, let's find...

The two start looking, but nothing. Beckett looks in the pantry and Demming in the other room.

The fugitive was found and the building was opened. Castle was not well known on the 15th, but they let him in easily.

Castle appears in the pantry. Beckett has not yet found her wedding ring, she receives her husband hiding her hand.

Beckett - Hi love... you shouldn't be here.

Castle - Why did you come here with Demming? Why did you leave your cell phone in the district?

Before she could answer, Demming, who did not know that Castle was already there, appears saying - Hey Beckett, I found the wedding ring, it were in my pocket, it must have fallen when I pinned you to the wall. - Beckett's eyes widen and Demming notices Castle. - Hi Castle, I just deflected her from a shot, that's not what you thinking...

Castle - Okay, I already saw what I had to see. - He turns and leaves.

Beckett doesn't know what to do - Castle, wait... - but he doesn't look back.

Demming approaches her and gives her the jewel - Sorry... uh... oh damn what I did?... Go after him, I'll solve it here.

Beckett - Are you sure?

Demming - Yes, go! I won't forgive myself if I ruin your marriage...

So Beckett goes after Castle, but he was already in the car. She regretted leaving Demminig on foot, but she needed the car. She followed her husband home.

Dropping the car on the street, she went up to the apartment, Castle was already inside.

He walked in, passed Alexis without saying anything and went to the bedroom. Alexis notices the weather and when Beckett enters, she points to the bedroom.

Beckett - Castle... Everything has an explanation, I swear I just went there with Demming on business.

Castle - What about the cell phone?

Beckett - My pocket is punctured, my cell phone fell - he doesn't seem to believe it and she starts to cry - I'm telling the truth...

Castle - Demming pinned you to the wall, didn't you?

Beckett - To avoid the shot, Castle, I would never betray you.

The writer picks up the thermometer, he feels bad about the flu, but as he is nervous, he fills himself with the device.

Beckett approaches - Let me help you...

He walks away - No need, I turn around.

Realizing that her husband was hot-headed and didn't want to talk, she leaves the bedroom and goes to cry in the living room.

Beckett - Alexis, come on and help your father... see if everything is okay with him ok? - Alexis nods and goes to the bedroom.

Lilly arrives from her friend's house, all happy she opens the door - Hi mom - she sees her mother crying and her smile disappears - What is it? - the girl settles on the sofa next to her mother.

Beckett - Nothing but daughter... - she hugs the little one.

Lilly - But you're crying... You always say you only cry for a reason...

Beckett - It's an adult thing. - She forces a smile - Want to play?

Lilly thinks, but nods and the two go to her room.

Alexis helped her father to measure the temperature that was the same as before. But she didn't even dare to talk about what happened.


That day Castle had dinner in his room. Despite the excuse of being sick, Lilly realized that something was wrong, Thaisy 's parents were breaking up and she was smart with the signs commented by her friend.

Alexis went to put her sister to bed while Beckett went to the bedroom to talk to Castle.

Castle was packing his things in a pile (pillow, blanket, etc.). Beckett's heart sank.

Beckett - What are you doing?

Castle - I'm going to sleep in the guest room.

Beckett - Don't do that... please - she cries - You're sick, it's cold and the heater in the guest room is broken. Stay here, I'm going there...

Castle - No, you need the heater more, you are pregnant and as far as I know the son is mine. - He leaves.

The last sentence made Kate's stomach turn and her heart clench. This couldn't be happening! She sits on the bed and cries, cries a lot.

Knowing the weather at the house, Alexis decided to spend the night there, she still had her room. But it was the couple's room she went to.

Alexis - Wow... I can't believe he is suspicious of you.

Beckett - It is not his fault, maybe I would do the same instead. It was a succession of trivial things, but together they give a horrible idea. I just wanted everything to be over and for us to come back... I love your dad!

Alexis - I know, but calm down, tomorrow when he has a cool head, he will hear you, especially if you take the ultrasound. I know my father and I know that he loves you too and that in the end everything will be fine.

The next day Castle would have an autograph afternoon and Beckett was going to have an ultrasound, one of the first.

As soon as Alexis left the room, Lilly came out of her "I'm asleep" performance and went to listen to her mother's conversation with her sister behind the door. In the end she came in asking?

Lilly - Are Mom and Dad going to split up? Like Thaisy’s parents? Will I have to live with one? And My little brother?

Beckett hugs his daughter.

Alexis - Calm down Lilly, your parents won't be separated...

Lilly - But Daddy is not here in the bedroom. Thaisy said this is how it starts.

Beckett - Mom and Dad just had a fight, so everything will be fine, okay? - The girl looks at her mother with a crying face.

Alexis - Weren't you sleeping? You have to sleep, tomorrow you have class...

Lilly looks at her mother - Can I sleep here, mom?

Beckett - Yes, my love, yes...

Alexis - I'm in my room, just call. - She kisses each one and leaves.

Lilly falls asleep and Beckett cries... cries himself to sleep.


The next day Castle wakes up early and makes the family breakfast, including Beckett's.

When the three of them show up in the kitchen he distributes the dishes, makes fun of Lilly and plays with Alexis, but with Beckett he only delivers the mug and the pancake.

His indifference makes her feel bad. But she drinks coffee, takes Lilly to school and goes to her exam. The intention was to go and talk to him at the bookstore and show the baby.

Castle goes to the bookstore in the center where he would spend the afternoon signing autographs, during the morning he had a lot to do.

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