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Capítulo 3 - III - Third

Fanfic / Fanfiction Cat Wonderland - Capítulo 3 - III - Third

You stared at the cat boy for a second, actually, maybe for 2 or 5 seconds or a thousand more. You stared at him for forever. But forever may be only 1 second, you know? (The White Rabbit quote, by the way). 

-What. -you asked, but it didn't really sound like a question- Just-- what?!

-Oh, my lady, why won't you listen to me? I just told you everything! -he sighed with a faint smile on his face.

-Well, I guess that explanation was reaallyyyy clear! -it was clearly ironic. Seems like you really are rude.

-Yes, it was! -he defended himself- I told you everything! 

-But, I mean it was clear, but... -you searched an appropriate word inside your mind- Unbelievable!

You said, and then smiled, satisfied with your own vocabulary.

-Unbelievable? -he seemed confused this time- But you just walked through lots of unbelievable things and you didn't question anything!

Your smile disappeared with your thinking skills. 

No more thinking for you today, definitively. Just go with the flow, you thought, It might be just a funny joke anyway, just like Haru said. 

-Yeah, sure. -you smiled again, with your eyes closed- I believe you. Let's save wonderland!

-Your enthusiastic mood seems crooked to me. -he answered, laughing- Well, now we need to show you some things... Oh, there they are!

The door opened and 4 boys came in. One of them was Haru, with his usual grumpy face. One of them was small, but still taller than you, had brown hair, blue eyes, and he seemed nervous. The taller one looked annoyed and bothered of being there, he had black hair and grey eyes. The last one wasn't that tall, but not as small as the nervous one, and had an ironic smile on his face. He had red hair and yellow eyes. 

-So what now, Yato? -asked Haru, sitting down and staring at you like you did something wrong- Just why the hell did you follow me, girl?

You got annoyed at that one. Come on, he came and called you with his eyes! How could you not come? And if you were there, you didn't really want to. You had homework to do and a mother cooking food at home; coming back was a priority.

-And just why the hell do you care? -you were really irritated- I'm not staying here anyway! There's one thing you're right and that is that I'm not supposed to be here! I want to go home!

-Woah! -the red haired one laughed- They're fighting and it's not my fault! That's a thing!

-G-guys, please stop fighting... -the nervous one seemed scared.

-My lady, please don't let him cause that effect on you. -Yato said, walking to you and putting an arm on your shoulder- He is just an ignorant bastard.

He emphatized the last words so that it was clear he really meant it.

-Yato, before insulting each other, should we introduce ourselves? -the taller one seemed bored.

-Yes, we shall introduced ourselves. -he emphatized the last part again, so that Haru didn't protest.

You all sat down and in your mind, you just wanted to leave.

-I'm Yato, the prince of this place. -said Yato, smiling.

-I'm Izaya. -the red-haired one laughed- My lady.

He tried to pretend he was Yato, and the real Yato looked at him intolerant.

-Oh, shut up, Izaya, we're not here for this. -Yato said, looking at Izaya- Please forgive him, my lady.

He is the most normal "person" I have met today!, you thought. 

-I'm Kirano. -the black haired one said, shortly and dryly.

-You know me. -said Haru.

-Unfortunately, -you emphatized that word so much probably in Japan they could hear you- Yes, I do.

The last bit was gentle and nicely said, like you appreciated what was happening.

-I love this girl. -Izaya kept his smile on his face.

For one second, silence took care of the place. Then, a gasp was heard.

-A-Am I supposed to talk now? -asked the nervous one pointing at himself. Everyone except you noded- A-ah! I'm Hiragi. U-um... I-I take care of the, um, the big, tree, you know? T-the one behind the castle, I-I mean, have you seen it yet? N-no, of course you didn't, you just got here... Ah!

He hid his face behind his hands, but you could still see that he was blushed. Izaya explosed in  laughter as Hiragi tried to come back to normal. 

-I'm Alice, Alice Wonder. -you said, smiling a bit.

-We all know that! -said Haru, being ironic- You're Alice, but you're not our Alice!

-That's good to know, because I don't want to be your Alice!

-These two are a couple already. -Izaya laughed.

-WE'RE NOT! -you shouted.

-Oh my, my, it's already late! -when Yato said that, you could see through the window the sun being quickly replaced by a moon and darkness taking place over the clear blue sky- Let's all sleep in my castle tonight. 

-So... -you didn't know what to ask first- Where are the girls?

-I don't have any one except you, my lady. -said Yato smiling.

-Never seen a girl before. -Kirano stared at the table seriously.

-Well... We have Hiragi. -joked Izaya.

-I'm not a girl! -Hiragi blushed.

-Unfortunately, you're the only girl of this place. -Haru seemed really disappointed.

You looked at Hiragi with hope fulfilling your eyes.

-What? I told you I'm not a girl! -he answered, a bit annoyed.

You sat on the ground with hopeless tears on your face. Now you will need to struggle to find a way out of there... With only boys around you.

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Who's your favorite guy?
Mine's Haru @u@
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