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História Cellina - English Version - Capítulo 12

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Capítulo 12 - Cellia and Hidras fighting together

Fanfic / Fanfiction Cellina - English Version - Capítulo 12 - Cellia and Hidras fighting together

Cellia and Hidras went to the entrance to check who was coming in. Shizen Cobra noticed something strange, thinking that it would be her daughter with the associates that Sakura had mentioned, but she was not. She and Hidras went there to see who it was and they came across with Sale, the Wind Shizen, Water Shizen and Pietro, the Stone Shizen. Hidras was surprised to find a Shizen like him. 

 - Well, well, Cellia. How long ago? - Said Sale.

 - Who are you? - Ask Snake Shizen.

 - Don't you remember? Cilius banished us for killing some humans who were here. 

 - The head of you. You know Shizens are not supposed to kill humans.

 - Why should they? They're animals, just like us.

 - Have you forgotten that God gave them intelligence? 

 - We're intelligent too.

 - We are, but we have a mission to protect nature... 

 - ... ...from humans. 

 Hidras didn't know what was going on and ask Cellia what happened. 

- Now that I remembered, Cilius had driven them from us for killing humans who were camping here. 

 - And we will not forgive him for what he did. - said Bágua. 

 - You are uninformed, for Cilius is dead. - said Cellia. 

 - We know that. Chamanic told us. - said Venda.

 - Sell what? You know Chamanico?

 - Yes. You kicked him out because he broke your rules and we joined with him for revenge, but we found out Cilius died and we wanted to take you down, Cellia. - said Pietro.

 - Another piece of information. I am no longer the queen. 

 - And who would that be? Your daughter Cellina? - Ask for sale. 

 - I will not. For me to speak, you will have to kill me. 

 - Good. - Blindfold sucked the oxygen out of Cellia and angry Hydras threw a water pump at her, which was hit by water. 

 - We'll take care of you, kid. - said Shizen Water and Pietro would be fighting along with his partner. 

 - You gonna tell who it is? - Asked for Sale. 

 - No. - said Cellia. 

 - Then I'll finish you off.

 - All right, I'll tell you. 

 Sell stopped and said.

 - See how that wasn't so hard? 

 - Bullshit. - said Cellia and threw poison dust on Blindfold, leaving her blind for a few minutes. - It's hard to hit a Shizen Wind, but I can contaminate it. 

She'd summon two snakes and they'd throw poisonous smoke in Venda.

Meanwhile, Hidras was fighting on equal terms against Water. Pietro turned into a ball and would attack Shizen Water, but he couldn't, as it made his body soft.

 - You don't fight badly. - said Bágua. - But you can't beat me. SUPER WATER PUMP. 

 He threw a big water ball into Hidras, which created a barrier with the same element. Pietro takes him by surprise and hits him. He returns to normal with his body and punches Shizen Water, who could not concentrate on the fight. 

 The blindfold had become contaminated and was gradually disappearing.

 - Damn it. - he said. - I swear I'm still gonna end up with... - she was gone and there was no more sign of life. 

 Then, when Pietro was going to throw one last punch at Hidras to kill him, Cellia grabbed him and tried to kill him. 

 - My goodness." said Shizen Cobra. - The Stone Shizens are really strong.

 Pietro tried to catch her, but she was faster and more agile and deviated from possible Shizen Stone hits. She was holding onto his back and Bágua would throw a ray of water at him, but she turned him over to receive the blow and fell to the ground on his back, but before that, Cellia would stay on top of him still holding and try to kill him. He couldn't move because she had him completely immobilized. 

 - You think you can do it, Cellia? - said Bágua. 

 - And I'm sure. - said Shizen Cobra. - In fact, do you know what happens when a snake tries to break a rock?

 Pietro screamed in pain. 

 - That's right," he said.

 Bágua was surprised to see Pietro being broken and Cellia used more force, until finally he had been broken and turned to dust. Cellia was getting up, all dusty and the two Shizens Hidras and Bágua did not believe it. She defeated two Shizens, without any difficulty. Bágua was a little intimidated but asked her a question, who was in front of Hidras, sitting bruised.

 - What happens when a snake goes into the water? 

 - I am a Snake Shizen. Snakes swim in water. - Answer me. 

 - But let's see how long. 

Meanwhile, Cellina felt the heat of Chamanic and spoke to Helena: 

 - Go ahead, I need to do something. 

 - It's okay. - said Helena, who was going. 

 Cellia would fight Bagua, after defeating two Shizens in a row. Cellina would help Hunter. So what? Will the two Shizens be able to defeat those threats?

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