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História Cherry Trees. (Jotakak MiniFic) - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - Episode 1

Fanfic / Fanfiction Cherry Trees. (Jotakak MiniFic) - Capítulo 1 - Episode 1

Jotaro was strangely waiting for his friend outside his house, it was quite late and he got really confused when he didn't heard his voice calling from him that morning, even if he was quietly waiting, he had to decide, to walk alone to school, or actually call from him, but of course, since Egypt, he didn't wanted to leave him all alone, that changed him entirely.

– Kakyoin! – He shouted once.–

He expected him to come out but this time it was his mom, which made him confused and really worried.

– Jotaro! How long have you been waiting here? Kakyoin is sick, he won't go today. –Said the woman with a gentle smile on her lips.–

– .. Oh.. Alright, I, I'll come when school ends to see him, I don't mind getting sick, goodbye. –He said before walking off to school, hearing the voice of Kakyoin's mom say bye.–

That day in school was the most boring ones in a while, since it was his last year he wanted to be present to all the classes, not that he had the worst grades, he had good ones after all, only his attitude change a bit since everyone was bullying him, at least no one judged him now, knowing well he would beat the shit outta them if they did. Day passed slowly and with distractions and being annoyed by girls, gladly the day already passed, walking off to Kakyoin's house with his homework only to ring the bell once he got there, waiting for his mom to come out and let him in, and gladly she did once he told her he had Kakyoin's homework, so he took off his shoes and walked upstairs, were his room was and knocked three times on the door, only to quietly open the door after doing so and walk in.

– Kakyoin. – Called Jotaro, softly smiling after seeing how his friend was looking outside the window next to his bed.–

– Jotaro, I thought you would leave me alone for once. – He joked, turning his head to him and smiling.–

The scars of his eyes were still very visible like the day he first saw him when he got out of the hospital, wearing his pajamas, the sun was already setting down and that just have him various feelings, of course he already knew about them, but just preferred to not talk about it, saying that would ruin everything, even if it was the first crush he's ever had he never knew how to express himself.

– I have your homework, I wish I could have seen you this morning, but I can't miss classes this year. –He said, walking towards him with the homework and sitting next to the bed.–

– So no more crazy adventures huh? –Kakyoin laughed softly while he looked at him.–

– Hmm.. How's your back anyways? – Jotaro asked, trying to ignore what he said, since he wasn't all over it yet.–

– My back? Oh, alright. –He turned the back to him and rolled up his shirt, letting him see the big scar he had there and the almost permanent prosthetic spine he had on top his real one, although it was attached to him, and seemed to work just fine he couldn't perfectly walk without feeling any sort of pain, but technology still wasn't at his side, so he had to rest a lot, and inject himself once a week to prevent the pain from getting even worse when he was just fine.–

– How are you feeling? –Jotaro softly asked, touching his back gently with his cold hand, which made Kakyoin shake a little at his touch.–

– I-I'm alright, the injections really are helping and so this "new back", I still don't want to force myself to do rough stuff.. –

– Who knows, maybe in a few years you'll be like new again. – Jotaro mentioned, Grabbing his friend's shirt and rolling it down to cover his back.–

– Ah, I want to believe that.. The speedwagon foundation is still helping me after all, without them, I would still be dead, and you.. You too helped, didn't you? –Kakyoin asked, looking back at him again and crossing his arms.–

– What do you mean? –

– I saw your stand for a brief moment in the operation room, right before I fell asleep.– He replied to the question with a melancholic look in his eyes.–

– I.. I was worried, alright? I didn't wanted to loose you.– Jotaro excused, extending his hand to Kakyoin's hair to gently grab it and caress it a bit.– I tried to help.. Keep your heart going, so you wouldn't leave m- us, though when I heard what happened to your back and your legs, I was heart broken.. I thought we could never walk to school together or letting you teach me how to play videogames, watching you draw, I-.

– Geez.. You really got soft after all this happened.– He replied, gently grabbing the other's hand to close his eyes at his touch.– I know you're not like this to everyone.

– You're lucky, you're really lucky, Kakyoin, if it wasn't you, I would already beat you up.–

The red haired guy laughed softly, as he let the other caress his hair as much as he wanted, even if it was already getting late, is not like he mattered about that anyways, all his homework he did it at school, and actually did a bit of Kakyoin's homework because he got bored.

– Jotaro, is getting late, you really should go. –He broke the silence, gently opening his eyes to look at his friend's eyes.–

But Jotaro only let go discomfort noises and rested his head on Kakyoin's lap, even if he already stopped caressing his hair and now they were just vibing there, he still didn't wanted to leave.

– No.. Someone will see him coming out of your house and I'll have to beat the shit outta them, I'm gonna stay here a bit longer.–

– If that's going to prevent you to keep punching people, then staying longer won't hurt anybody, the literal way.–The smaller one laughed after his own comment, only to gently pet his friend's head.–

Jotaro was almost like a puppy, if he was threatened he wouldn't mind attacking, but if he was in a place like that, with such tranquility, being so calm and in peace, receiving pats were the best of things, although he never felt something like that before, because no one did that to him years after that, but he knew, that it was the best of things to recieve something like that. An hour passed and yet Jotaro still wouldn't leave, no one was outside now, it was almost pitch black and he was just, still there, luckily it was friday but it's not like he could stay just like that, no pajamas, it's not like it was weird seeing Jotaro not use pajamas since when they were in Egypt, he slept with no clothes at all and that tensed him a lot, seeing that perfect built body gave him chills for no reason, even more seeing him at night.

– I'm staying. –

– Are you serious? –

– Yes, make way. –He said before crawling besides him and laying on the bed with him.–

Kakyoin moved a bit to let him lay too on that small bed, laughing at how uncomfortable that even was, knowing well that if he stayed he had to sleep on the floor, since the bed was so small, there was simply no way for the two of them to sleep there.

– Keep petting me.–

– Huh!? You only wanted that!? Geez.. – The red haired laughed and resumed his pats on Jotaro's head while he looked at him, although he now had his eyes clothes, he never really watched him sleep or some sort of thing, he was aware of personal space and knew well that Jotaro didn't used to like people inside it, but now..– You truly changed. But it's not something bad, you know it well.. Don't look at me like that! – Kakyoin laughed at Jotaro reaction, he had an angry expression on his face but with a pouty mouth.–

After laughing for a while of such childish expression that the taller one made, he kept on petting him, but when it was already late, Jotaro simply made him stop by standing up, and as emotionless as always, he turned to the door.

– I'll call my mom to tell her I'm here, I'll be back after talking to your parents too. –He said before walking through the door.–

– W-Wait! But I'm supposed to do that! –He raised his voice, but he could not be heard anymore since before he finished Jotaro closed the door.–


Jotaro somehow ended up convincing Kakyoin's parents to let him stay for that night, and even if they offered him some pajamas he rejected it, only accepting a sleeping bag, that he was pretty sure he wasn't even going to use that night but to not be seen as the lowest scum, he had to accept. When he went upstairs he brought Kakyoin and him dinner, since he didn't wanted to leave him alone now that he was sick and weak in some sort of way, he was eating with him that night, he left the stuff on a table in the middle of the room and then helped his friend getting up and sitting on the floor, just in front of where he was going to sit.

– I'll go for my sleeping bag when we're done here.–

– Itadakimasu. –They both said before digging into the food, and because how hungry they both were, no one said a thing until they finished.–

– That was good! Oh, don't bother with picking me up, I can deal with this. –Kakyoin said breaking the silence while he softly rubbed his stomach.–

– Are you sure? –Jotaro asked, feeling a bit of relief when he nodded, as a response, he nodded back and stood up to grab the empty dishes and walk out of the room with them, leaving them in the dishwasher only to go for the sleeping bag and going back to his friend's room with gladly without any kind of problems.–

But Kakyoin was still sitting there, apparently just thinking since he didn't move a finger, he got worried for a second, unntil he walked to him and put both of his hands on the table, thinking on moving it but he wanted his friend to be conscious to do this.

– Earth to Kakyoin, are you there?–

– Y-Yeah, sorry, I zooned out a bit. I was just thinking. –He replied after he saw him in front on him, slowly standing up to help him move the table, and then sit on his bed while he looked at him putting the sleeping bag on the floor and prepare it so he could sleep there, even if that wasn't totally the plan.– Sleeping on the floor?

– Maybe. –

– Maybe? – Kakyoin asked with a little smile on his lips.–

After Jotaro was done preparing the sleeping bag he sat on the floor in front of his friend while he looked up, now taking his jacket and hat off, he had his eyes focused on Kakyoin's, that was making tge mentioned a little bit nervous.

– You.. Want more pat's? –The smaller one asked, opening his arms to him while he looked at his friend totally confused.–

Jotaro only nodded and closed his eyes just when he felt his friend's hands on his head, he quickly relaxed as he stood there motionless, he was strangely enjoying it, Kakyoin still didn't understood fully the why of his change, not that he was angry at it, but was it the new Jotaro?

– Hey, Kakyoin.. Don't you dare say a fucking thing about this.– He mid opened his eyes, looking at him menacingly, that made his friend stop for a few seconds, only to resume what he was doing and agree with what he said with a confused smile on his lips.– 

They stayed like this for a while until Jotaro started to feel cold, so because of this, he stood up and turned the light off, immediately, the red haired started feeling paranoic, and really scared, for the same reason he let out his Hierophant green and tied Jotaro from a second to another while his breathing became agitated. He decided not to fight back, he didn't do a thing, and if he stopped time and did a sudden move it would be bad, Kakyoin still didn't knew about that, he didn't wanted to scare him more than he already was, that's why he let minutes pass until de finally realized and finally made the tentacles release him.

– I.. Sorry. –Kakyoin apologized as he looked down.–

– It's me, alright? Calm down, no one will hurt you in my watch. –Jotaro said softly while he approached to his friend and almost cornered him on the bed.– Let's sleep, alright? –

–Alright, but you'll have to go to your sleeping bag eventually so my parents don't suspect something stupid, yeah? – Kakyoin said as a condition, that Jotaro had to accept.–

After minutes of silence while they tried to make themselves comfortable in that bed, Jotaro cuddled on Kakyoin's chest and with that he immediately understood what he was about to say.

– Pet me.–

– What are you a dog?– Kakyoin laughed for a last time before starting caressing his friend's head and slowly start falling asleep.–

As for the next morning, neither of them woke up early and Kakyoin's parents didn't even walked in to check on them, so they kept hugging in that position until they woke up, maybe hurting a little but definitely more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. Both of them agreed to not say a thing about what happened that night, even if nothing serious really happened, they were both embarrassed about what happened and how hard they would be judged if the school knew about that night, not that Jotaro wouldn't just punch them and make them regret spreading rumors, but Kakyoin didn't liked dramas or rumors at all, luckily he was quiet enough to not be seen by anyone in the classroom, but because he was Jotaro's friend, girls and boys talked to him like they knew him from ever, maybe it was because he was someone they could easily talk to and send messages to Jotaro indirectly and anonymously, it was weird that people talked to him, after all, no one talked to him or was friends with him his whole life, but before everything got worse for him, luckily Jotaro, Polnareff, Joseph, Avdol and Iggy showed up, he finally had reasons to keep going no matter what, and that was what mostly important to him.

After eating breakfast at Kakyoin's house, Jotaro went back to his own with a smile on his face, that anyone at the school would actually find strange from him, at least he heard no girls bothering him or following him even to the bathroom, two days to rest from them it was the best, but the real best of all was that finally that year they graduated, no more annoying girls and immature ones, finally he could be in a professional area with people with his same tastes, and of course, Kakyoin by his side.

The next Monday they finally walked to school together, that was just what Jotaro really wanted since it came to his word that he was sick, so now helping him to walk by letting him grab onto his arm, while they walked to that place, it was almost necessary that those girls kept following Jotaro everywhere, not caring he was with Kakyoin, at least one of the girls was kind enough to lend a hand and help him walk too, he thought she was the only girl that was actually kind with him but he knew very well she did it for Jotaro, so he just had to pretend he wasn't just angry about ot when he actually was, but besides all those girls, spending time with Jotaro, being alive in those moments, was a miracle, he saved his life after all, and that was something he would never forget.

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