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Capítulo 1 - One. - the game

Fanfic / Fanfiction Choice of Insanity - Capítulo 1 - One. - the game

Abuse. What is the first thing that comes to our mind when hearing that word? Rape. Bully. Violence. Injustice. Unbelievable how some people do not have boundaries when it comes to their own psychological condition. They do not know how to control their emotions and feelings and after sometime everything comes out in a form of an anger which is reflected by violence, and that same violence is in that moment turned into a murder. But what makes people become violent. It is not always based upon feelings or emotions, that same violence can be a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors. People makes us mad when we do not get paid for our work. Sure we are angry, but if that keeps happening, us not getting payed, it will become worst for our mental health. We want that money. We earned it fair and square, and yet we do not have it. Where is it? Our boss has it and he won't give us that money. We get angry and go to try and have a talk with him / her, and yet nothing happens. That's when the anger turns into a violence to get what we want. But the violence is not the solution for our problems. It never was. Not even now. Sometimes no matter how hard I try to remain calm and keep my confidence it never turns out like I plan. I used to be determined. Strong, passionate, and more alive. I was the one to watch on the world from a different perspective and be positive about every decision I make, but not anymore.  There is always something that crack's us and makes us do things we never expected from ourselves to do.  I, in the other hand, was never a party type of a girl who'd go out have fun, drink, meet some people and have a sex with them in that same night. I don't pubs or any public party house, but the thing I hated the most of all possible types of parties that could be out there in the world were private parties. The one's inside of your crushes house where people make you do thinks you don't even want to do just to prove them you can be cool. Than what am I still doing here? Well I can't just walk away. Otherwise it will look like I am a coward, what I definitely am not. In fact I am the most bravest person my friends have ever came across, at least that's what they say. Let's just say I am a more like a trouble type of girl, and that is for sure. On that even my parents agreed on. I just like looking for a trouble, no matter in what forms it is. Only, not this type of trouble.  Another thing I hated this most was the dating sites. "Come on Kanzie, prove us you're fearless as everybody thinks you are." This is Daniel, my so called crush. Or it was until that very moment when I walked into his house. Now, well he is more like a douche. "Oh shut up, Larry. You don't have a say in this, so if you want to survive the night, I'd suggest you to keep your mouth firmly shut." And this is Siobhan. My very best friend I met in primary school. I basically "saved" her life when she was being bullied by the school worst divas. They were afraid of me most of the time. Everyone knew that when I get angry to better stay out of my way back than. I was very feisty. So basically they stopped bullying her and eventually we became best friends, and ever since then she always has my back, like literary.  When Siobhan throws a punch everybody backs off. Anyway, back to me. Dating sites. You never know what people you can meet while being online. Most of the people makes a fake profile and pretend to be someone they are not. Like I said, you never know who will you meet, the guy can be a serial killer if not some rapist. So I sigh heavily and make a profile. But than again when it comes to naming yourself, you must be careful about name picking.  First rule: Never write you real name. "How about Vanessa190?" I say to myself while typing in and keeping on my mind that I need to be extra careful with this. Second rule: Never, but never, put your real picture as a profile picture. "Girls with raven black hair." I say while typing in a Google to download a pic of some random chick who could serve better than my profile pic. "Perfect." Third rule: Always make sure the camera is of. Believed it or not, there are some people who are very good in a hacking someone's profile and than getting the number of your PC which enables them to watch you over your camera.  But of course. How could I remember this? There is always one rule you forget to follow, and that one rule is either the most important when giving false information's on some random website. "Done." I said when I finally logged in and Chelsea clapped her hands happily. "Alright, lets pick you a guy you will be flirting with for tonight." God, I want to kill this bitch more than anything in the world. "Oh, well he seems nice." Chelsea said now clicking on one man's profile and moving from the PC so everybody could see. "Read it out loud." I sigh heavily and start reading. "Name: Ryker Ace Occupation: If I tell you I'd have to kill you Born: 27th July, 1991. Are you serious? This guy is like twenty six years old. He's way older than me." I snap at Chelsea only by reading the first part. "Just keep 'em coming hottie." Daniel cheered from behind Chelsea on what I gave him my famous eye stare and he backed of almost immediately.  "Chelsea you better make sure your windows are firmly shut 'cause I am coming to your house tonight." I say on what she backed of for one step away and colliding with Daniel.  I turn my gaze back on PC. "About me: I live in Carson City in Nevada. I live with my dog only as I prefer more like dog company than people since they are hard to trust." Not bad honestly. That's what I keep talking all the time, only no one listens to me. I mean, who would listen to me, Kanzie Mae Jonson the trouble campus student. "If you'd like to know more about me message me. I don't bite." What an irony?! I roll my eyes when Chelsea decides to cut the bullshit and orders me to text him. "Text him." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Finally, some fun." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I roll my eyes and than think about it for a second. Ryker seems like a mystery kind of guy. Like he is keeping a secret. He is not what he presents himself to be. I could tell a lot from reading someone's profile. It gives a huge picture in my head and I can tell if this profile is fake. This one definitely was. I need to be extra careful. "Chelsea, what I'm going to do now, you better run from this room." I warn her and she exits a room almost immediately as I said it. "God, give me strength." I say and start typing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Who in the world are you girl? You certainly are not something I expect you to be." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If Siobhan doesn't send me to a lunatic house after this, I sure will myself. I read over the sentence I wrote once again and sigh deeply before I send it. Here goes nothing. Vanesax190 Hey, you look like a big strong guy. You think you could handle my p*ssy or is it too much for you? RykerAce??? Is that best you got, Vanessa? Or should I better say Kanzie. Does this picture looks familiar? My eyes goes wide in horror once I see the screenshot of my picture and all the people on it who were behind me encouraging me to do this.  The camera. And before I got a chance to put something over the camera he sends me another text as everybody starts leaving while gasping in shock and how scared they were all of a sudden. "Come on, Kanzie this is not fun anymore. Turn it off and lets head home." Siobhan protested but seeing me firmly glued on the chair and looking at the desktop she comes beside me and reads it out loud. RykerAce??? Be careful what's your next move going to be, but keep this one thing in mind. I am watching you Kanzie Mae.    

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If you came to the end congratulations. Also thank you so much for choosing to read this story and I really hope you will continue reading it.

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