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História Connected hearts -Brahms Heelshire x Reader - Capítulo 2

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Sorry, it took forever for me to update this book. I lost my creativity but now I am back to update and release new stories. I'm open for requests for x readers.

Capítulo 2 - Chapter 2

An elderly woman was standing besides, a doll who sat on the dark green armchair. The living room was nicely decorated. There was a fire place, lots of books, and their very own gramophone! You noticed that the living room was too clean and organized.

The child-sized doll that sat in front of you caught your attention. The doll was well dressed. It's porcelain skin was pale. It had dark brown hair and brown eyes.. those lifeless eyes that looked back at you. 

You looked around hoping this was just a joke. Maybe the kid was hiding somewhere.

The woman placed her hand on the doll's shoulder. "Welcome to our home, Miss Y/N. I am Mrs. Heelshire and you've already met my husband, Mr.Heelshire." Mr.Heelshire walked towards Mrs.Heelshire and the doll. "I hope your trip wasn't too exhausting." He joked and Mrs.Heelshire chuckled.

You couldn't help but ask if this was a prank, if it was then it wasn't a good one.

"So, Is this suppose to be some kind of joke?" They both stopped smiling and the room was quiet again. Mr.Heelshire shook his head in disapproval.

"This is our son, Brahms Heelshire. I'd like you to apologize to him then introduce yourself." She said in a stern voice.

The doll stared as you made eye contact with it. "Hello, Brahms. I am (Y/N), your new nanny. I am so sorry for offending you and your family.. I won't do it again and I hope you forgive me. "

You got up and back away. "We'll lets get started on the tour. I'll-..." Mrs.Heelshire was interrupted by the door that swung open, behind you. Sadly, you were to close to the door. It was too late to get out of the way. It hit you with enough force which caused you to fall down.

You looked up at the stranger only to realize that his face was several inches away from yours causing you to move away in embarrassment.

"I am so sorry.. Are you alright??" You got up and rubbed the back of your head. "Don't worry, I'm fine! It's my fault for standing so close to the door." Mrs.Heelshire walked towards Malcom and smiled. "Hello, Malcom." He smiled back. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs.Heelshire." He shook their hands and walks towards the doll then smiled. "Hello, Brahms. How have you been?" He shook the doll's hand. You smiled at him.  You thought Malcom was charming and a kind person. He was very handsome as well which cause you to blush a little. 

"Let's start the tour, shall we?" You looked at Mrs.Heelshire who held Brahms in her arms.

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