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História Crush - Riddle Era - Capítulo 1

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this couple is kind... original kkakakaka but Tom was born in 1926 and Walburga was born in 1925... so they studied in Hogwarts in the same period.

the phrases in italic are from "Femme Fatale" by Twin Temple

Capítulo 1 - . commit crimes with me

There was no use trying to look away from her and concentrate on his Potions's essays, it was much more interesting to admire the way her skirt went up when the young Black crossed her legs politely.

"I'm in the mood for destruction" - said her alb thighs happily and Tom totally agreed.

He closed his eyelids and asked himself, "What is so sinister about a woman?" And his mind immediately replied: "ruin and ecstasy".

Her red lips moved rhythmically as she spoke to the other nearby slytherins. "Just shut up and kiss me. Lie with me, commit crimes with me" he imagined himself saying.


Walburga noticed Tom examining, watching her from across the common room. She smiled with her blue-gray eyes and winked at him.

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