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Capítulo 2 - 1.

Fanfic / Fanfiction Damaged - Capítulo 2 - 1.

In the past i have been torn down. Beaten abused. No one ever saved me. Promise after promise. Lie after lie... Until he came into my life...

My name is Bayleigh Ann Grace. My father is Wesley Rogers. My mother is Mary Ann Foster. I was named after my grandmother, Silvian Ann Grace. She died when i was two, so i have no memory of her but from the way my momma used to talk about her she sounds like an angel. I have only one brother. He is dads favorite. His name is Austin Rogers. He is 20 years old and has been in and out of jail since i was 14. I am 18 now. My mother passed when i was 12.

My dad is a drug dealer here in Colorado. He is actually the biggest and baddest drug dealer here. He has only got caught once when he was 19. He turned his back on me along with my brother when momma passed away. I have no family.

It's 5:30 in the afternoon. I have to get ready for work. I work at a little café down the road. I still live with my dad and brother. As i am getting ready i go into the kitchen and see my brother standing in the fridge. I go straight to the table to get me an apple out of the basket and my brother walks over to me.

"Did you tell that boy what i do?" he looked at me. I looked back into his eyes. He was talking about the boy i went out with last week. I don't know why he is asking me this because i don't talk about that. I don't like what they do but i don't talk about it and i don't like hearing about it.

"Did you?" he raised his voice.

"No!" he pushed me against the wall and i dropped the apple.

"You listen to me Bay. You listen really good. Don't you ever! Ever talk about me to anyone! You got it? Now I am your brother and i would do anything for you but you betray me and I will Fuck your life up so fast you won't know what hit you. That is a promise. Got it?" i nod my head. I am not scared of him because he has done his worst before but i still don't know why he thinks i would say anything to anyone.

"Good. Now run along. I have someone coming to pick up a package and when you get home pack your bags. We are moving to London. Dad said to let you know and he wants you to get off early around eight and tell them you want your last check. Where we are going you will need it. Tell them your quitting. " what?

"I can't just-"

"Do what we said! No questions! It is for all of our safety." i can't believe they got me into this! I can't move! I have a boyfriend. I love him! They always said to not get close to anyone and this is why. Every time i get close to someone we move and even though i am eighteen i can't leave because I will be killed. Damn! I hate this shit!

"Don't say anything to your boyfriend about this either." he said before walking out. I wanted to cry but it would only make me look weak. I leave out and get in my car heading off to my job.

As soon as I got there i clocked in and at seven-thirty I tell Ms. Crystal i had to go home and I wanted my check for this week. She didn't say anything she just got everything together and handed all of my stuff over.

"We are going to miss you here." she said before i walked out and i smiled and walked out to my car. When i got in i broke down. This is the first time i have cried since after my momma passed away. I cried and cried finally at 7:50 i wiped my tears and reapplied my make-up and went on my way home. When i got there i passed by my brother and whoever it was he was talking to and went upstairs to my room. I started packing. About an hour later i was through and i heard a knock on my door. They never come back here to my room.

"What?" i said. My door opened. My brother and the guy he was talking to earlier was in my door.

"Bay this is Joshua he is going with us. He is under protection and the house we have in London has only 3 rooms so he is staying in yours."

"Why can't i just stay here? I have what i need. Food, clothes, money, job, vehicle, everything! I don't want to share a room with a boy! I have a boyfriend who i am supposed to be leaving behind and can't even say goodbye to! I am eighteen! Every time we have moved before i have never complained. Please!" i yelled at him but soon i lowered my voice and said.  "I have never given a single problem about moving before." I could tell he was pissed. He starting walking over to me getting in my face.

"And you will not start complaining either! Dad is already in London and we leave in ten minutes. Be ready!" he walked out but the boy stayed. He stared at me.

"What?" i said with an attitude.

"you let him treat you like that?" he said. If he is already going to start judging me then i really do not want this shit to happen. He is going to act the same way sooner or later.

"So what? Soon you will be the same way if you aren't already." he looked my brothers age. He hangs with him so most likely he takes after him too.

"No one should ever treat anyone else that way." he said.

"Do not give me that bullshit! Here are the rules. We will have our own beds or you will be sleeping on the floor. So if there is one bed better make a pallet on the floor. I do not care if that bed is a California king sized bed. You will not be sleeping next to me. Also my side of the room is mine. Do not touch my stuff. I mean it and do not." i pointed my finger at him and finished my sentence.  "I repeat do not touch me!"

He was speechlessly standing in front of me.

"Leave. And shut the door behind you." i told him making him turn on his body around slowly and exiting my room.

I sit on my bed and cried. I hate living like this. I hate that i am just an object here. I wish momma was here. I screamed into the pillow beside me.

"Bay! You ready? " i heard my brother yell into my door.

"Be out in just a minute."

"Hurry up!" he said aggravated. i fix my make-up and grab my bags and walk towards the door. Before i opened the door I looked back into my old room. I guess this is goodbye...

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Hey guys... Just tell me what you think... My first chapter may be kind of bad but just let me know what you think so far and give me some ideas. I love to hear from you guys. Hate comments are welcome too if you feel the need to have them...

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