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Capítulo 1 - Chapter.1

Fanfic / Fanfiction Dear Diary...! - Capítulo 1 - Chapter.1

Dear Diary...!

Do you remember me ? It's Hannah , the girl who had you since she could remember herself. The girl who spent hours watching your colorful cover , designed with those pink glittery heart and also the girl who turned your blank and white pages to find something to read , though she didn't know how to read. I never knew what I'm going to write in those pages , I had no clue where to start , until today arrived...!

Well , I was spending another ordinary day at the same ordinary park , sitting on the same swing in the playground. As the hours passed , I watched other teenagers walking around with their friends. I could hear the sound of their laughing , I could see them lying down on the grass pointing up to the clouds in the sky , I could feel that they were happy. 

Today for the first time , I noticed the empty swing next to mine. Then I felt like that my chest is  about to explode because of all those words that I had kept inside my heart. Then I remembered you. I remembered that you lived there in my library , among all those heavy books. So I returned home earlier , and I was happy cause I finally knew what I am going to write in those blank pages of yours. 

I have to go now. Mom and dad are going shopping , so I have to look after Harry , my little brother. 

I'm feeling much better right now , the thing that I felt in the park is now gone because of you. And I'm happy and thankful cause I found someone to listen. That's right , I found you...!


Notas Finais

Well , this is it. The first chapter of my book. I hope you guys like it:-)

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