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Capítulo 2 - Chapter.2

Dear Diary...!

You know , I have no clue how it feels like to share your thoughts and secrets with your friends cause I never really had one. 

Actually I did , I had lots of them. So I think it's better to say that I never had a real one. 

The longest friendship that I had , lasted for almost two years , which we were arguing half of it. Arguing about what ? That's a good question. Sometimes I had no idea what the problem was but I knew there was something wrong cause they had suddenly stopped talking to me. So I had to think about my every action in the past several days to find the mistake that I had made. 

Finally I realized that we all were tired of all those dramas and argument that we had every week , so several days before the summer break , we ended our friendship. 

Well , that was my last , longest and also the most memorable friendship ever. True , we had lots of fights but there were times that the sound of our laughs filled the room and times that I found myself smiling at the memories that we had made. I'm thankful for what I had and sorry for the way it ended but sometimes all that you can do for the people you care about is to get away from them so that you can't hurt them anymore. And I did the same , maybe it was a huge mistake or maybe it was the best decision I could make but anything that it was , I did it and now almost three months are passing...!

In these three months , I met some really nice people. They are my best friends now. We never fight , we understand each other and we have a lot in common. The only problem is that they are not real , they are only my imaginations but that's not a huge problem , is it ? 

I should be going now , my eyes are dropping closed and there's no way I can keep open anymore. They have seen enough today from this kind and passionate world that we are living in. So I guess they need to take a break and spend some time in my dreams. They do deserve it , don't they...?!

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I hope you guys would enjoy. Thanks for reading...😘

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