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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos, feita apenas de fã para fã sem o objetivo de denegrir culturas, crenças, tradições ou costumes.

Capítulo 17 - Living

Fanfic / Fanfiction Death's Awakening - Capítulo 17 - Living

Marry!" I yelled, "It's not real!" I just changed her scenery to a desert, and she screamed. Her high pitched voice bursted my eardrums. Since I wanted to keep my ears, I gave her back the sight she had before. Marry was so mad she ran after me. Before I could think, my hand came up, and I punched her face. The force of the blow threw her back against the cell's wall. Josh, and Kyle laughed, as Daniel and Robert had the right idea to leave. I turned on my heel, looked at Josh and Kyle, laughed along with them, then, I attacked. Marry laughed along with me. She attacked Josh, while I took on Kyle. Kyle's fighting skills is really sad. He tried doing a blow to my stomach, but I moved and grabbed his hand to flip him on his back. Kyle, then went for grabbing my ankle. Instead of grabbing my ankle, he grabbed air, while I kicked his face.

"What next?" I asked giving Kyle a kick to his side.

"Well..." Daniel hesitated while coming back into the room.

"Well what?" Marry angrily asked.

"We need to kill the monster's queen, or she will ours."

"Y'all have a monster queen? hot!" Robert added coming back into the room after Daniel.

"She plans on overthrowing Hades with her massive army!" Josh said angrily. He grabbed my foot when I kicked him for the fifteenth time, and pulled it from under me. "Oof!" I fell on my back. We both laughed, and stood back up. The others looked worried though.

"I thought it was impossible to overthrough Zeus?!" Josh stated looking nervous, as if he would rather cry in a corner right now.

"Just her, no. But with a whole monster army, there is a big possibility that she could. I tried stopping her, she wouldn't." Daniel stated.

"We find her and kill her then!" I said.

"How are we going to defeat her if she has an ENTIRE ARMY!" Kyle yelled while deadlegging me. I stumbled foward before kicking his stomach. We smiled at eachother, laughing. This is going to the best year yet.

"We kill them too," I rolled my eyes, "Duh."

"Monsters can be killed in many ways, but are hard to kill," Daniel informed us.

I pulled an arrow out of my pouch aimed my bow at Daniel's forehead, and shot. He stumbled backwards onto his butt. His expression looked furious. He took the arrow out of his head. The wound healed quickly. Daniel jumped at me, but I grabbed his shoulders pushing his body to the ground. The cell's floor tile broke into peices, flying everywhere. He grabbed my arm that pushed him down, and swung me onto my back behind him. I landed hard, also making peices of tile fly everywhere.

"You're gonna pay!" I yelled grabbing Daniel's arm and flinging him in circles then letting him go. He flew into the wall making a banging sound. When Daniel gathered his strength back, he left the wall. It had a four foot human sized hole in it now.

"Aw!" Marry squealed, "Y'all are so cute together!"

I turned my head to glare at her when I heard Daniel's thoughts, "Let's get her!" I laughed, then nodded at Daniel. We both charged at Marry, arms wide, and weapons ready. She ducked under Daniel's swing. Daniel's hand scraped my side, but not before I cut off Marry's arm. She winced. Her eyes were wild and fierce.

"Guys...!" Josh started, "We need to start on some potions."

Marry slapped Josh's face with her full arm. We all laughed.

"I've got most the potions already made," she informed him.

"Now who's the love birds?" I joked.

Marry turned to snarl at me. I laughed while deadlegging Daniel who was chuckling himself.

I looked around at everyone. Kyle was rearranging his things in all the bags. Daniel was recovering from me deadlegging him. Marry and Josh were arguing about the potions. Robert was in the corner starring at the wall. Why? I went to go see what he was starring at. The wall had bloody hand prints all over it. Nothing unusual.

"Do you see it?" He asked without blinking.

I squinted at the wall trying to see something, anything. Behind the Bloody hand prints is a white wall, but the blood from the hands make the wall look more pink. To get a better look I stepped back, so I could see all the hand prints without turning my head. There it was. Words. The hand prints were along all the walls saying something different.





My heart pounded after reading all the walls. Robert was still starring at the WE ARE WATCHING wall.

"Why?" His eyebrows furrowed.

"We our made to be on this earth to protect not just ourselves, but others, so stop being a coward and help!" I ordered.

"Death is my fear."

"Then make death fear you!"

Robert inhaled, then walked over to unorganize everything Kyle organized. Marry and Josh finally made an agreement to make four of each potion. Daniel is standing next to me. My hands shake with anxiety. He grabs my hand to stop the shaking from getting worse. A small smile leaks onto my face.

"Look at the walls."

Daniel scans the cell's walls. The hand prints showing the words better then ever. He gulps when he read the wall on the left of the door: DANIEL IS OURS. He let's go of my hand. His eyes are glassy now. The green is around his pupil is getting brighter in the dimmed light.

"We'll kill 'em, I promise," I assure him.

"What if I die?" He asks running the word DANIEL with his index finger.

"How am I supposed to know!?" I asked confused.

"Remember!" He locks eyes with me while grabbing my shoulders. Our faces our inches apart now. "I am still your guardian angel. What if I die, what will happen?"

"Then I'll be sad."

"This is serious."

"This has never, ever, happened before, so I don't know."

We stand there. Neither of us talk. Daniel breaks the silence by yelling for Marry to make him a pulsing potion. A pulsing potion makes your heart start to beat after your dead. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

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