História Disco Volante - Capítulo 2

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Capítulo 2 - Chapter Two:

In the centre of the alley was metal door with bullet holes and thick blood dripping down, each bullet hole seemed to pierced though the flash of another person.

Just beneath the shocking stains of wet blood stuck in the crick of the bullet riddled door where a torn off piece of paper, i pull out a miderm size pair of gloves out of my top left pocekt, pulling them securely over my hands. After tugging on the piece stuck in the crick it ripped again in half, the note where written in thick red permanent marker on the back of an old Disco Volante flyer, upon closer inspected the note and it read 'Casi' on the top half of the paper and '17:' on the bottom half.

"Casi - 17 What could this mean"

silently whispering under my breath, in the background, though the dark, gloomy, blood socked ally I could hear the muffled sound of my police radio, I stood back up and slowly walked back though dark gloomy ally to my 1991 ford crown victoria passenger side door to retrive my police radio when the sound of sirains rained though the streets of LA as the forensic team arrived at my destination.

"Detective Fox"

a tall, dark figure jumped out of the recently arrived, police vehicle covered by the darkness of the night, visable only by the intermittently flashing blue and red lights,

"Yeah, are you my forensic team"

as I stretched out my hand in a gesture of politeness, the tall and dark stranger stepped closer towards the light with an outstretched arm the man took my hand and shuck,

"Paul, Paul Fayre."

He where an older man late 50`s with brown hair mixed with streaks of gray on each side, the guy had a smaller and thiner build than most detectives. He released my hand and turned to knock on the hood of the police vehicle as he did so the passenger side door swung open, covered in darkness where another figure opperset,

"and this is Leo"

paul said while waving a hand over into the darky mist that still hovered over the male figure.

"What have we got here then detective?"

Ask Leo as he walked round the hood of the vehicle to join paul in the streak of light rediating from both sets of head lights. Leo where much younger then his partner paul, earily 30's to late 20's, bright blonde hair, with a strong build.

"Looks like homicide, theres blood and bullet casings thoughout the ally, bullet holes in the far door and this."

I passed the torn off piece of paper to leo, he took a few moments to examine the writing on the paper before passing it towards paul, who then places it in to clear plastic evidance bag. 

"Where's the body?"

Leo asked while paul walked to the boot of there vechial to place the evidence in an evidence box.

"Not sure yet, maybe inside"

while pointing towards the rear door of disco volante aat the same time reaching for my radio still lying on the dashboard

"Dispatch i'm heading in to Disco Volante, supported homicide missing body or maybe injured person inside."

Keeping the radio in my hand i waited for a reply.

"Thats fine detective, we also have a couple of messages for you."

Before the radio had finished i tossed it though the window making sure it landed on the drivers side seat and headed for the front door of the Disco. 

The doors to the Disco were an old pair of french doors with a dark faded brown outline, plain glass covered with a decade of dust and dirt unable to make out anything on the inside, the doors were topped off with an old pair of rusted bronze handles. I could see with in the middle of the french doors that they wasn't locked. Before entering I slowly reached beneath my coat and unclipped the single button that held my standard issued beretta M9 19mm pistol and aimed the barrel in front as I reached for the rusted handle and pushed open.

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