História Double Trouble - Capítulo 1

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This is not finished. WIP

Capítulo 1 - Chapter 1- How it all started.

Never did I think I would be in love with two good-looking, talented boys that I would have to choose between. Did I want Zion...or did I want Edwin? This is way too much for me to handle. But this is how all of this happened. Enjoy. 

Trina POV

I sat there in class with my earphones in my ears, listening to my favorite playlist on Spotify. The song I was listening to was 'Paris In The Rain" by Lauv. I was doodling on my paper that sat in front of me. I was in AP biology. We finished our lesson before class was over so they teacher told us we could just sit there and listen to music or whatever until we were dismissed. And she didn't have to tell me twice so I pulled my earphones out and listened to my music. Five minutes passed, the bell rung loudly in the class and in the halls. Students got up and made their way out into the halls. Trina grabbed her belongings and stepped into the crowded hallway. She made her way to her locker. When she saw her best friend Kendall making her way towards her. When she approached me she had the biggest smile on her face. I raised an eyebrow. "Uh, Kendall...what's up?" I asked. "Guess what?!" She said in pure excitement. "What? I'm not guessing I'm bad at that." I said as I kept walking towards my locker Kendall right beside my side. "So you know we both like prettymuch right?" She asked. I nodded. "Yeah of course I do," I said approaching my locker and put the code in, then opened it swooping out my books. "I GOT US TICKETS TO GO SEE THEM!" Kendall said with a huge smile doing a dance. My heart dropped, I looked over at her. "Wait...what? ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I asked as I couldn't believe my ears. "So serious. I saved up for the last 5 months and was able to get us front row tickets. So close...we'll be able to touch their legs if they're near the edge of the stage." Kendall said. I smiled big. "Wow...when is it?" I asked closing my locker as we headed to art class. "This Saturday. At 7:45." Kendall said. I then sighed. I was supposed to babysit that day. "Thanks for the offer but it looks like I won't be able to attend. I have to babysit for my neighbor Saturday." I said. "Oh come on Trina! This might be the only chance you get to see them. Just tell them to find another person that day." Kendall said as we walked into the classroom heading to the back of the class sitting down at our table. We had a substitute teacher. The sub just told us to either draw or something. So Kendall and I sat in the back talking. "It doesn't work that way, Ken.," I said rubbing my eyes. When a light bulb went off in my head. "How about I find them another babysitter. Like someone, I know that will take good care of the kid." I said looking at her. Kendall gave me a blank look. "I basically just said that.." I bit my bottom lip. Yeah, she did just say that. "Oops?" I said all innocently. "Eh, don't worry about it." We then headed to art since we probably had about 1 or 2 minutes before the late bell rung. We talked the rest of the way to the class. As soon as we walked inside and over to our table the bell rung and the teacher started to call role. "So whos the person you're gonna get to babysit for you?" Kendall asked me. I looked over at her and then forwards. "This girl name Cassandra. She loves kids and from what I've heard she's excellent with kids. So i know it'll be good to have someone like her take over for me." I say as the teacher called me. "Trina Mikaulson." She said looking around. I raised my hand. "Here," I say as she gives me a nod as she called the others. Finally getting to Kendall. "Kendall Russell?" She called out. Kendall raised her hand. The teacher nodded and then told them about the project she wanted them to do. Which was make something out of clay. She gave them the clay and everyone got to work. Kendall is good with this. She started t make two small bunnies. Me? I was trying to come up with something creative. So I decided to make a rose. And that was going to be a hard task. But I'm always up for certain challenges. We made small talk while we worked on our projects. The class doing the same as the teacher was doing something on her laptop. "I can't wait to see them." Kendall said with stars in her eyes. "Especially Brandon." She said blushing. She's in love with Brandon. At first, she was deeply in love with Nick but is now obsessed with Brandon. But I can't say anything. I'm in love with both Zion & Edwin. Those two makes my heart beat uncontrollably fast. I then spaced out thinking about them. "Earth to Trina?" Kendall said seeing that I spaced out. "Let me guess...you were thinking about Zion and Edwin again huh?" She asked looking at me from the corner of her eye. "Yeah.." I said. Kendall giggled shaking her head. 

Hours later the girls were upstairs in Trina's bedroom. Trying to find something to wear. "Ugh I have a closet full of clothes but I can't decide on what I want to wear!" I groan in frustration. "Girl calm down," Kendall said. "we can just go buy you an outfit. but we need to be quick the show starts in an hour." She added. We both threw on our shoes and heads to the mall.

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