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História Dragon Riders: The Beginning - Capítulo 1

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I hope you like my story, I'm not a good writer but, leave a good comment and tell me when I mess up on something.
I also need a co-author of my story.

Capítulo 1 - Chapter 1: The start

In the mountains of the east lives, a girl who's life isn't as great as some people seem. It was April,  5 of the fourth moon, when Rhona woke up to fix mornings breakfast. She got ready in her leather worn pants, leather boots and a wool shirt. Rhona stopped to look out her bedroom window to see caravans full of decorations and happy people singing and jokeing. Rhona sat there for a minute,  then it it clicked it was the celabratons for when the boys in the village get picked to become either a dragon rider or a witch. To become a drgon rider or a witch you have to touch a stone in the middle of town,  it'll turn purple if your a witch and it'll turn red if your a dragon rider. 

Rhona sighed knowing that women in their village don't get picked to be a dragon rider only witches. Sh walked away from her window to her door to start breakfast. Rhona walked into the kitchen area amd to the back door and grabed a wiker basket, and walked out the back door. She made her way to the chicken coop to gather some eggs. As she was doing this her older brother woke up and made his way to the washroom to shower. 

Rhona walked out of the chicken coop to the kitchen to wash the eggs. After that she made her way to the she where the stored their vesion. As she was grabbing a chunk of vesion,  she heared a noise tht shounded like a animal horse or cow in labor or she might just have heared the screams of them. Rhona huried and ut the vesion in thre kitchen,  as she sat it down her brother walked in.

"Jackson could you go out in the pasture i think Judith is giving birth" Rhona said in slight hurry,  as she was running a little late. She was asked by the blacksmiths daughter if she could help with sewing cloaks fo her father and mother.

"Alrifht gibe me a second to put th proper clothes on" Jackson said as he walked back twords the living room where there is a small closet where they keep their coats and shoes at.

"Alright breakfast will be done when you get back" Rhona went back to making breakfast, with satrting the potatos she got out of a big wiker basket in their pantry. After she done that she started the venison,  then she started to make the dough for the bread. As she was puttin the bread in their out door stone oven to cook her father Henry walked in.

"Rhona,  where is your brother?" Said Henry.

"When i was colecting the eggs from the coop,  i heard scream and crys from the feild. Sounded like Judith is giving birth" she said as she was panting a little from making the bread. During the summer before around july judith their mare fallen pregnant by their male Maxwell. 

"Well bought time she had the little one,  shes a month over due. Well i'm going out their to help, Jackson" He stated as he was walking off the the pasture. 

"I'll be at june's house helping her with the sewing!" Yelled Rhona after father.

Notas Finais

Hope you like my book.

Sorry cliffhanger, i was losing my thoughts as it is almost 1 in the morning.

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