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História Earth's Soldiers - Capítulo 14

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Capítulo 14 - Alejandro, the hilíen

Fanfic / Fanfiction Earth's Soldiers - Capítulo 14 - Alejandro, the hilíen

The president's phone was ringing:  

- Hello? - said the president. 

 - Hello. Mr. President? - ...a common voice of someone was talking to the president, but what surprised him was that this person had the number of the White House. 

 - Who are you? - Ask the president.  

- Please, there's no need to be afraid, Mr. President. I just want to talk to you. 

 The president was suspicious, but he was asking this person to continue. 

 - I'm Alejandro Lopez, originally from Argentina. - he said. - I served in the Argentine Army five years ago, today I'm 21. I heard about Joe Oliveira, who faced a corpse and recently rumors spread that he would face another enemy heavy bar. 

 - Yes. Exactly. But there are no rumors. The press doesn't even know about it. - said the president. 

 - Indeed, but I know. 

 - How did you get that information? 

 - Well, I ran after it. I suspected Gargoyle disappeared out of nowhere and got the intuition that they might have negotiated with him. 

 - We could have done that, but he was after Joe too. 

 - I see. Well, I'll go deeper into my person. I'm a Hílien. 

 - A Hílien? 

 - That's right. A hybrid race between man and alien. My point is, I can use my powers to help Joe defeat our enemy, after all he is an enemy of Earth.

 - Alejandro Lopez... - the president was pulling the memory of that name that was familiar to him. - Now I remember it! You were that kid who went to the Army administration. 

 - That's right. I managed to control the Argentinean army, the Uruguayan and the Paraguayan, all at the same time. 

 - How much is your IQ? 

 - My IQ? It's 200. 

 The president would be surprised.  

- How can you be so smart? - Ask around. 

 - I descend from the Neurans, the most intelligent race in the universe.

 - Yes, it's true. But then, I'll talk to General Li to include you in Joe's training. 

 - Thank you, Mr. President. I expect a brief answer. 

 - Don't worry about it. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The next day, General Li received the call from the president and asked them to pick up a former soldier in Buenos Aires. He gave as many details as possible, saying where he came from and what he could do to help. Li went with Octavian there and met the new member. 

 - Nice to meet you. - he said. - I don't believe General Li is with us. It's a pleasure to meet you. 

 - Nice to meet you too. - said Li.

 - Are you really a Hílien? - Ask Octavian. 

 - Yes. 

 - And how did this intersection come about? 

 - My mother helped an injured neuron. They looked like humans, but they had protruding veins all over their bodies, and they were taller. They fell in love and I was born. 

 - I took it. - said Octavian. - So you'll help us train Joe? 

 - Sure. That's what I talked to the president about. 

 - All right, let's not waste any more time. Time to go. - said Li. 

 Octavian, Li and Alejandro were going back to Brazil. At the moment the stake training Joe was Rosa and it was two days before the boy would fight Gargoyle. 

 During the training, Rosa asked Joe to increase his power, to see how far he would go. He obeyed her and the blonde just kept looking. 

 - I know you can go further. - said Rose. 

 He'd raise it higher and higher, but still, the blonde wasn't satisfied. 

 - Joe, release more. - he'd ask.

 - No. - said Joe. - I don't want to hurt you. 

 - So you got a lot of power hidden in there? - Ask Rose surprise. 

 - Yes. And I confess to you, the more my power increases, the more it burns and runs in my veins. But I also feel that I can hurt anyone who's around.  

Rose just looked. She was slowly approaching him. Joe was walking away. 

 - What was it? You don't have to be so afraid. - said Rose. 

 - I don't want to hurt you. - said Joe. 

 - You won't. - She'd get closer to him, but Joe would walk away, until he leaned against a wall.

The blonde was approaching, sticking her body on his and stealing a kiss from his mouth. Her power was gone and she stopped kissing talking: 

 - I knew it. You loved me. 

 Joe looked red at her. 

 - I confess I thought you were cute. But I was afraid to say what I felt. 

Joe just looked. 

 - I challenge you. - said Rose. - If you beat Gargoyle, you'll have my heart, or rather, if he's defeated. You know what I mean? 

 - I'm in. - I said boy. 

 Rose would smile and turn around and see Alejandro. 

 - Who are you? - Ask the blonde. 

 - Alejandro Lopez, former soldier of the Argentine Army. 

 - Are you really a former soldier? You're so young. - said Rose. 

- I am a Hílien. 

 - Hílien? I thought you were extinct. - said Joe. 

 - No. But on Earth, 30% of the population in Hílien. 

 - Wow. And what kind of alien are you a crusader? - Ask Rose. 

 - Neurano.

 - The smartest race in the universe. - said Rose. 

 - That's right. I came here to train this boy. - I was aiming for Joe. 

 - You came to train me too? - Ask Joe. 

 - Yeah. And I'll give you some tips on how to beat Gargoyle too. I don't know him personally, but I'll tell you everything I know about him. 

 - Thank you. The happy boy answers. 

 Joe is happy that many are helping him. Maybe he can beat the Gargoyle monster. 

 The next day, Joe was sitting in front of the farm. Rosa was coming over to his house and kisses him on the cheek.

 - So you're not gonna train? - Ask Rose.

 - No. General Li gave me a break after he heard about the training with Alejandro. - said Joe.

 - Are you in pain in your muscles? - Ask Rose. 

 - A little, but there's nothing to worry about. 

 - That's right. Let's go to the movies. I heard about Cellina. - said Rose. 

 - They're making a movie of that snake girl? 

 - They already have, you fool. Please, let's see. I love Cellina. She's so cute. - Rose spoke in a childish tone of voice. 

 - It's okay. But I'll pay. 

 Rose hugs him. 

 And there they were watching the Shizen Cellina movie. At first there was a lot of drama, but then little by little the action came out. 

 Joe liked the movie a little bit and liked Rose even more being his girlfriend. 

 Thus ends the chapter. While Joe gets a day off, besides Octavian, Rosa and Alejandro, how would our villain Gárgula be doing? Would he be training? Would he be flying around? We'll only know in the expected struggle between man and alien.

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