História Electricity - Capítulo 1

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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

Notas do Autor

i will be using for short:
J= Jhonatan Byers
S= Steve Harrington

This is my first fic

Capítulo 1 - Oneshot

Fanfic / Fanfiction Electricity - Capítulo 1 - Oneshot

After Nancy was gone in a work trip, Jhonathan was alone in the city of Hawkins.

He got an invitation to take pictures of the graduating kids, he had to select the best photos of the kids but there was only one other adult taking care of the kids, Steve Harrigton.

-later at Jhonathan's house-

S- wow you are a pretty good photographer

Im sorry i broke your camera some time ago

J- im sorry i broke your face some time ago

S- well i was mad at that time, i saw you and Nancy, i dont know i lost my mind

I think if it wasnt for that we could've been good friends

-Jhonatan nods-

S- i just dont know what she saw in you man

J- i dont know what all of those girls saw in YOU

S- what are you talking about? im soo stylish and handsome

J- Girls want more then pretty hair you know ,they want someone that understands them, someone that makes them feel safe, to protect them

S- hey what do you mean, like look at this muscles, i defeated like 5 demodogs dude, i can protect someone

J-well i protected Nancy from the DEMOGORGON

S- Hey i was there too

J- Yes but you just screamed, besides i dont do sports and i still got you in that fight

S- that was just luck, i bet i could beat you in a fight now

J- ohh are you sure? then fight me harrington

S- ive been waiting for this, but we need something to numb the pain, got any booze?

J- i got something but its pretty strong

-They drink the alchohol-

-they go to a separate room, there is only an old matress in the center and a wardrobe, they start warming up for the fight, Steve is jumping and getting excited, already a bit sweaty because of the alchohol-

S- you better not go down in one punch

-they start the fight, Steve attempts to hit Jhonatan but he evades,punches and kicks are flying, they already get a bit hurt,

one kick hits Steve and he falls int he matress, Jhonatan trying to get the upper hand , them both wrestling furiously, and sweating, the wind blowing trough the window

until Steve kicks Jhonatan off the matress and he hits the wardrobe, wich rumbles and appears to start falling, Jhonatan is confused by the fighting and appears not to be able to get away in time, Steve rushes towards him and pulls him back tearing Jhonatan's shirt,

The dust settles after the wardrobe falls, they are both kneeling int he matress, both sweaty and breathing heavily , the wind is blasting outside as the first raindrops fall

-Jhonatan takes a deep breath and looks at Steve-

J- i guess you can protect someone after all

-Steve calmly looks at Jhonathan-

S- i guessi can be protecting you from now on

-A moment of silence is broken by the sound of thunder while Steve and Jhonatan start to make out, their bodies in touch, they start to go backwards in the matress, in their way Steve closes the window and removes his ripped Tanktop, the room getting dark as the dark clouds gather outside-

-they dont really understand whats going to happen-

-They lay in that dark room-

-Not thinking about anyone or anything-

-Not caring about whats happening around them-

And outside

The storm




Notas Finais

Well that was my first fanfic, i really hope someone enjoy it, i really liked to write it because i shipp Stonathan a lot
if you have any criticism or advice leave it on the comments

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