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Capítulo 1 - Chapter1:just-huh

"Just take your bag and get out " my mom shouted angrily not caring to wipe the tears on my cheeks.

I didn't say nothing to her ,though I prepared a monologue on how I would tell her the news.

She just knew it ,curse the Voice Diary app.No ,curse me.

I should have kept a strong password instead I kept
raylovesolive ,a simple quote I always use while telling mom ,how much Ray loves me.

It happened that ,he loves more of my body than me.
The first reaction he gave when I texted him "I'm pregnant !!!" was "Wow !Now go get an abortion ".

A million texts later ,I understood he was not into me ,if he loved me ,would he call me the B-word ?

I am glad ,my papa didn't call me that inspite I acted like a Bitch after they knew it.

I wiped my tears and said an inaudible "okay"  to my mom .

She might act all strong but I know she is clearly disgusted by me.

I walk out of the house ,you can add this to my first walk of shame ,never did I do a thing ,I felt so ashamed .

I have some bucks in my favourite

Emma Cornes bag ,given by my best friend Harry Rush .I wish ,I actually dated him ,he would have never made me pregnant ,because he is a goddamn Gay.

I take a cab for the Livingstone Street where Raymond might be sipping coffee in his gorgeous high hung apartment not expecting me.

It's just a 10 minute ride and I excitedly hurry inside the skyscraping building.

I press floor no.15 and wait with anxiety and my phone buzzes.

It's Harry.

"Hey ,baby girl , what's up?"he asks .

"Everything's down!"I shout into the phone.

"But I am going to fix it up." I say and he begins to soothe me as the elevator door opens .

I rush out and Storm into 1507 still listening to Harry ,as he explains that abortion is the only solution.

Fuck you Harry.

I cannot kill my baby.

I cut the call as my eyes search for Ray.

"Ray ?are you there ?"I call him.

I go over to his room and see him lying naked on his bed .

He is still asleep.

Fuck !! it's 11 am and he is still in his dreamland.

One Fuck word in my Brain comes out from my mouth after the glorious view of Meghan braced in white warm sheaths .

He is with her !!!

This is more shitty than my pregnancy.

Okay !I expected this .

One day or other ,he would dump me for another Miss Skinny.

But I didn't knew it would be so soon.

I storm out of the room and sit on the couch relaxing myself spewing

all the censored words that come on a radio of your favourite singer.

Should I punch him ?

Or her ?

Should I just kick myself out ?


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