História Fight For You (Malec Shortfic) - Capítulo 4

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Categorias Shadowhunters
Personagens Alexander "Alec" Lightwood, Magnus Bane
Tags Drama, Malec, Malec Shortfic, Romance
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Gêneros: Drama (Tragédia), LGBT, Romance e Novela, Shoujo (Romântico), Yaoi (Gay)
Avisos: Bissexualidade, Homossexualidade, Linguagem Imprópria, Nudez, Sexo, Suicídio
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Alguns dos personagens encontrados nesta história e/ou universo não me pertencem, mas são de propriedade intelectual de seus respectivos autores. Os eventuais personagens originais desta história são de minha propriedade intelectual. História sem fins lucrativos criada de fã e para fã sem comprometer a obra original.

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Sorry it's been so long. I've been distracted lately. But I'm back!!!

Capítulo 4 - Alec

The right wall blew up. I can’t say that I fully minded, because I knew what would have happened had it not. And I wasn’t ready yet. I mean, I wouldn’t have wanted to stop him, but I would have had to. I wanted my first time to be with someone who loved me.

Magnus had fainted on top of me right after the explosion, so I had to pick him up and carry him. I set him on my bed, ran to his room, and found a suitcase. I threw in some shirts, pants, socks, underwear, all the things he would need to live. I even took his makeup. Izzy would be proud. I hadn’t unpacked my stuff yet, so I had that all ready. I threw the luggage out of my window, and carried Magnus, bridal style, out the window, into the cool night air.

A part of me wanted to sit down and take a moment to relax. The other part wanted to go back and find my siblings. But I knew what I needed to do. Magnus Bane was priority. I had trained my whole life for this.

I felt in my suitcase for my car keys, and put Magnus in the backseat. I put the suitcases next to him, and climbed into the driver's seat. I looked back at the burning building.

I knew that Izzy and Jace were trained to deal with situations like this, but my brotherly instincts wanted me to go back for them.

It was then that I realized that I was still naked. I had to find a pair of boxers, some pants and a shirt.

It was difficult getting dressed in that car.

Magnus had blood on his temple. He must have been hit with flying debris. I knew I would have to clean the cut, but I would deal with that later.

For now, I would take him to my safe place.

My job was far from done.

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