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Capítulo 2 - At home

At home Harry was just sitting in the cupboard under the stairs, which was his "bedroom", and thinking about linda. He had talked to other kids in the neighborhood, but they didn't seem to like Harry as much as his cousin. Of course, Dudley wasn't popular because he was nice. Other kids were kinda scared of him. What kinda people are the Dursleys? They act like Dudley is the nicest person to ever live, when clearly he terrorises other kids, but Harry is blamed for things he hasn't even done.  

Linda seemed nice. She didn't seem to hink Harry is such a weirdo like the Dursleys always make it seem. She seemed stressed out though. It didn't look like she wanted to go home after school. Her brother was sitting next to Dudley.


Linda didn't have to pay attention to the conversation , why would anyone even notice her.there have been times she was almost left at a park or at kindergarten. Everyone was worried about Jacob. He was the talanted   one. He was the good-looking one. He was the real child. Why did these people adopt her anyways? Linda was one week old when she was adpted. Her real parents left her in the orphanage when she was one week old. What kinda life is this, when your own parents don't even notice you, not to think about love. Harry seemed nice. He surely didn't think of Linda as a weirdo. For the first time ever someone she talked to didn't run away screaming like bloody-murder. Sometimes weird things happen. Whenever Linda was mad something would happen to the person she is talking to. But she never knows how that happened.  Things just happen. 

Linda!!!! Come downstairs. We need to talk.

Wha?.... oh ok, mom, I'm coming! 

What does she need now?

The Dursleys are comming over. Do you know what to do whenever we have guests over?

Sit in my bedroom, make no noise and don't come downstairs?

Well not today. That Potter kid of theirs is comming too and Jacob met him, sais hes a bit of a weirdo.

Hes not weird... she mumbled underneath her breath.

What was that?


Nothing what?

Nothing mam'.

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