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História “First comes love, then comes the???” - Capítulo 10

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I hope that you like chapter 10.
Please enjoy!

Capítulo 10 - Chapter 10 The assembly!?.

The next day at school and Kuzco was walking to his class. “Hi Kuzco how are you doing?” Malina asked while walking next to him. “I’m doing good.” Kuzco answered back while walking inside the classroom.


It was lunch time in the school cafeteria. Kuzco, Malina, Yatta, and Ozark were all sitting together. “I’m sick and tired of Roman lying all the time!” Kuzco said before he took a bite of his rice. “Us too!” Malina, Yatta, and Ozark all said in unison. “I just want to tell the whole school that, Roman is the other parent of the baby and what a liar he is.” Kuzco said after he took a sip of his milk. “I think that is a great idea!” Yatta said while taking off the plastic wrap from her vegan sandwich. “I agree with Yatta.” Malina said after she took a bite of her BLT sandwich. “I also agree!” Ozark said while opening his lunchbox. “Kuzco has to say something.” Yatta yelled to get everyone’s attention. The entire cafeteria became quiet and listened to what Kuzco had to say. “Everyone you already know that I’m pregnant.” Kuzco said while gesturing to himself. “But I know who the other parent is!” Kuzco said again while some students in the cafeteria whispered to each other. “Who is the other parent?” Cuxi asked while looking around. “The other parent is Roman!” Kuzco answered while pointing at where he was sitting. “I’m sorry that we made fun of you Kuzco.” Curi apologized before she looked at Roman. “Kuzco is caring your child, we made fun of him for that!” Moxie said to Roman. “Not cool dude!” Cuca said while turning her back to Roman. Yatta, Malina, Moxie, Cuxi, Curi, and Cuca all got up from their seats and walked up to Roman. “Get him girls!” Moxie yelled after rolling up the sleeves of her shirt. Roman got up from his chair and started to run away as fast as he could with angry girls chasing him.

Notas Finais

I think that Roman deserves it?
I’m just glad that Kuzco isn’t getting made fun of anymore!
What do you think of my fanfic so far please comment?
BTW I’ll try my best to upload Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and maybe Chapter 13 tomorrow if I’m not BUSY!

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