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História “First comes love, then comes the???” - Capítulo 7

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I hope that you like chapter 7 of my Mpreg fanfic?
Please enjoy!

Capítulo 7 - Chapter 7 Back in time!?!

“Class today we are going to do algebra in math.” The teacher said while writing Algebra on the blackboard with white chalk. “Kuzco i’ll make it easier for you.” The teacher said while putting his hands on his desk.


During lunch in the school cafeteria Kuzco, Malina, and Yatta were sitting together. “Hey Kuzco who's the other parent of the baby?” Malina asked while opening her, little carton of milk. “I don’t know, who the other parent is?” Kuzco answered before he took a bite of his salad. “Do you remember who you “Did it” with?” Yatta asked while she cocked her eyebrow. “I kinda remember who i “Did it” with.” Kuzco answered Yatta before he took a sip of his water. “Can you please tell us who you “Did it” with?” Malina asked Kuzco before she took a bite of her chicken nuggets. “I was at a party when i “Did it” with a student from this school.” Kuzco said while scratching his head.


“Hey Kuzco were going
to play shots, truth or dare in the basement want to join us?” Moxie asked Kuzco while placing her hands on her hip. “Okay i’ll play.” Kuzco answered back to Moxie.

—In the basement—

Moxie, Kuzco,
Cuxi, Curi and Cuca were sitting in a circle on the basement floor. “Who wants to go first?” Moxie asked while looking at everyone. “I’ll go first.” Curi said while, gesturing to herself. “Okay Curi shot, truth or dare?” Moxie asked Curi while she cocked her eyebrow. “I chose shot.” Curi answered with a serious tone in her voice. When Curi said that, Moxie filled a shot glass with vodka. “Here Curi.” Moxie said while handing Curi the shot glass. Curi took the shot glass from Moxie and drank it all in one gulp. “Cuxi shot, truth or dare?” Curi asked Cuxi with a grin on her face. “Truth.” Cuxi answered while crossing her arms. “Is it true that you think that Kronk is cute?” Curi asked while gesturing to Cuxi. “Yes i think that Kronk is cute!” Cuxi answered Curi while blushing. “Okay Cuca shot, truth or dare?” Cuxi asked Cuca while smiling. “Dare!” Cuca answered with a firm tone in her voice. “I dare you to kiss Kuzco on the lips!” Cuxi answered while pointing at Kuzco and Cuca. Cuca put her hands on Kuzco’s shoulders. (“No french kiss?”) Cuca whispered to Kuzco. (“Don’t worry i won’t!”) Kuzco whispered back to Cuca. They both leaned in and kissed one another, after the kiss. “Moxie shot, truth or dare?” Kuzco asked while putting his hands on his knees. “Shot.” Moxie answered Kuzco with motivation in her voice. Kuzco filled a shot glass with vodka and handed it to Moxie. Moxie grabbed the shot glass from Kuzco’s hand and took small sips, to the last drop until the shot glass was empty.

—2 1/2 an hours later—

“Hey Moxie who’s *hic* turn is it?” Kuzco asked slightly drunk, with 5 empty shot glasses in front of him. “I lo-*hic* lost count, af-*hic* after Cuca.” Moxie answered Kuzco with her being a little bit drunk herself with 3 empty shot glasses in front of her. “I’ll go ag-*hic* again.” Kuzco said while gesturing to himself. “Ku-*hic* Kuzco shot, truth or da-*hic* dare?” Moxie asked between hiccups. “I *hic* choose da-*hic* dare!” Kuzco answered while gesturing at himself again. “I dare you to g-*hic* go upstairs and m-*hic* make out with Roman!” Moxie said while trying not to hiccup but continued to hiccup anyway. “Okay i w-*hic* will!” Kuzco said while standing up.

—Back upstairs—

Kuzco walked to where Roman was standing. But what Kuzco didn’t know was that Roman was slightly drunk himself as well. “Hey Ro-*hic* Roman do you want to ma-*hic* make out?” Kuzco asked while grabbing Roman’s wrists. “Sure w-*hic* we can!” Roman answered while pulling Kuzco closer to him. “How about th-*hic* that we go the g-*hic* guest bedroom?” Roman asked Kuzco before they started to kiss. “That s-*hic* sounds great!” Kuzco answered before he put his arm around Roman.

—In the bedroom—

Roman and Kuzco were both kissing each other. The two boys were both shirtless and pantless only wearing their underwear until. “Hey Kuzco h-*hic* how about we “Do it” together?” Roman asked while hiccuping. “Of course w-*hic* we can “Do it” i *hic* I really want to!” Kuzco answered back hiccuping as well.

—End of flashback—

“And that’s all i remember the rest was a total blur, the next morning i woke up naked in a bed.” Kuzco said while putting his hand on his chin. “Well if you “Did it” with, then Roman is the other parent of the baby!” Malina said in shock.

Notas Finais

*Gasp* Roman is the other parent of the baby?
I’ll try to upload Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and maybe Chapter 10 tonight.
BTW what do you think of my Mpreg fanfic so far?

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