História For My Own Be - Capítulo 1

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Hello guys. This is my first story written in English, I hope you enjoy it.
Please comment on my mistakes and successes.

Capítulo 1 - My only love?

Fanfic / Fanfiction For My Own Be - Capítulo 1 - My only love?


      Many times I think about how it
would be nice to be able to travel
all over the world, and today is
no different.
       It is late afternoon and I'm talking with one of my best friends: Tim; In all the times that I speak with him I lose myself in that look deep. He has beautiful brown eyes clear; a beautiful face; and your hair silky and soft, a bit
long, wavy and shiny; than I know. Just keep contact with him and with the Tone are the best "people", thinking better, the Tone is not exactly a person, but he was already a person.
      - Jane? Hello ?
      - JANE! - He yelled impatiently.
      - Oh! - The fright made me hit my head on the wall that was behind me - What the hell you're doing? Fuck. - I passed my hands on my head - Tim, What happened?
         - It was thinking, Jane?
         - About you - I whispered to myself. However, Tim was able to hear.
         -What? - He asked a little surprised.                             
        - I was thinking of traveling the world - I spoke too fast.
       - Come on, Jane.
       - Ok - Breathe slowly - I was
thinking about you.
       - You're kidding! Thinking what about me?
       - I-i-i was thinking about my bests friends: you and Tone. And about like you make me happy. I love you.
       - Wow! Tim replied - I'm surprised with this. - I also love you... *hmm*... you and Tone.

        I just smiled and hugged him. Was always so nice to be so close to him...

       A short time later I spotted the Tone coming to us. For most unfair as it may seem the Tim never got to see Tone, just to hear him. Only I can see it. The Tone... Oh yes... It is a ghost; he says that he died murdered, but not thought of revenge because the killer is already dead.

      - Hey Tone - I said
      - Hello guys - said the ghost. Despite being a spirit he still has a human appearance. But is very pale and clear his "skin"; have a dark blue so
beautiful is eyes, more beautiful eyes
than ever seen *I'm sorry, Tim*; and has blond hair.
       - Hi Tone -, said Tim still looking for me.
       - Oh! I think I'm getting in the conversation of the two. I support much the couple, ahh... - Tone nor let me respond and disappeared.

        I was too ashamed to look at Tim, and I began to look at the ground.
       Suddenly I feel the icy hands touching my face. Tim forced me gently to look at him.

       - Jane, tell me, tell me everything. Tell me about your feelings for me, please.
        - Tim, I... I... Ok. - (pause) - I love you. - Close my eyes with fear - I love you very much. - I felt my heart speed up and my mouth dry. The damn cold in the belly, I never imagined that would feel this. My hands sweating quickly. I could only think: *maybe he likes me. It is different from other boys.*

        -I am sorry, Jane. I like you... Just like. You're a great friend... But you know I love Amy.
         *I don't believe. As he says this? After everything?! Broken my heart without measuring the consequences of his words.* My eyes are filled with tears. I can't think of anything, much less to say something. I go running that room allowing myself to cry. Tim stays there as if nothing had happened. I have never felt so angry in lifetime. Without thinking I open several doors until you get to the street, where do I start crying like a stupid teenager, in fact, is that I am.

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See u later

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