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História Good seem? - Capítulo 1

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Capítulo 1 - Unique chapter

On this weird world

All the diferent person

Have it own way to see

It own way to think

It's weird to think like this

At same time everybody wants an utopic world

They can't see the beauties around their dreams

Just being you

Makes you feel better

And don't worry if you don't know who you are

Everybody have their own time

And when you see

You already grow up

The world isn't perfect, my dear

You know all cruelties

But, let's try to don't see just the distopic things

Try to stop thinking about the horrible things

The world is cruel

But, let's try give at least in our part a little kind of colors

They won't be seem by the others

But, I think you don't care about this

Like you see

The colors will be around you and me

Let's give our friends these colors

Even they think we are childsh

Let's bring happiness

For who want

And them, when we are done

On our own colors

We'll be safe

And changes will be made

Because, when you change with people, those people change with you

And it's beatiful

Isn't it?

Notas Finais

Beauty need beasts to be seem

I hope you enjoyed! Any mistake sorry~

Cya mon amoures~

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