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História Guardians of Destiny - Capítulo 12

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Capítulo 12 - What's Due can does?

Fanfic / Fanfiction Guardians of Destiny - Capítulo 12 - What's Due can does?

What impressed the quartet, who were aiming to end the whereabouts of Due, a vampire, was that she had appeared right in front of them, as if she was afraid of nothing. She was tall, a little bigger than Cellina, had black hair, her eyes were red, her skin was white and she had mange on her face, mainly in the region between her nose and mouth. She wore dark clothes and looked really soulless, heartless, above all lifeless, comp if she was alive and dead at the same time, as if she were a spirit wandering the streets of Waterford, anyone who came across her would feel that, on top of it, her presence was frightening, not that she was ugly, but she had a very impure and dark heart. White, who had the ability to read and feel people's aura, felt it in her. She got goose bumps. 

- But what a dark aura and so... Dark. - said White. 

- Hihihi... - Due laughter. - It's because I really, really loved being bitten by Dracula and being known today for some reason. I would never have thought it would come to this, but I am loving it.

 Nubia was the most scared of the group, not so much when she was 17, the age when she was rescued by Aisbua, but she was the first to get scared and tried to stay close to Branca. After she met Wicca and Kasumi, she wouldn't go anywhere near one of them. 

- You must be that vampire, right? - said Mega Boy, who stood in front of the girls. 

- Yes, that's me. - said the vampire. - My name is Due, and I'll give you 24 hours to get out of my town or you'll suffer the consequences. 

- What are you talking about? We're girls, except Mega Boy. - said Cellina. - You can't seduce us and he'll protect you. 

- Huhuhu, interesting.  - said Due. - Then prepare to suffer the consequences. Record what I'm saying. - she'd vanish into dust and leave White and Nubian scared. 

After a while, they were in Waterford City, staying in a hotel. They each did one thing. White was reading a book about vampires, she had gone to the library with Nubia to study the behavior of modern vampires. The Egyptian read with her, but even though she didn't speak English, she risked reading. White already spoke three languages, still the basic ones, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Mega Boy was watching TV and Cellina was with him. The Chinese guy looked worried. 

- What is it, Mega Boy? - Ask Cellina. 

- You can call me Mao-Chang," said Mega Boy.

 - It's okay. Mao-Chang, what happened? - Ask Cellina. 

Mega Boy was silent and then said: 

- "Because I'm a boy, I'm afraid of being seduced by Due. 

- You will not be seduced. - said Cellina. - I will protect you, but... 

Mega Boy was looking at her. - But what? - Ask around. 

- I too am afraid of being seduced. - said Cellina. 

- What are you talking about? - Ask Mega Boy. 

- Mao-Chang, I know you're my friend, I love you, but I didn't stop to tell you this, or anyone on the team. - said Cellina. - But I play on your team. 

- What team? - Ask Mega Boy.

 - Do you like girls? - Ask Cellina. 

- Yes. - said Mega Boy.

 - Me too. - said shizen. 

- Is that right? - said Mega Boy.      

- Yes. - said Cellina. 

- Got it. But why didn't you tell anyone? There's nothing to be ashamed of. - said the Chinaman. 

- It's just that... Well... 

- Mega Boy! - White was calling her. 

- Wait a minute. - said Mega Boy. 

The Chinaman was going to the wicca and this one speaks: 

- Put this amulet on. It'll protect you from being seduced by Due. 

- Thanks, Mega Boy. - said Mega Boy.

The amulet was composed of a little chain, which replaced a string. There was a symbol of Ankh and another of Yin Yang. They looked bright and he smiled at Branca. 

- We'll protect you. - said Wicca. 

Nubia just looked at them smiling and was leafing through the pages of the book that White had gotten. 

Later, everyone was sleeping, there were only two beds and Mega Boy was sleeping with Cellina, while White was sleeping with Nubia. This one was having a nightmare, which involved Due. 

The Egyptian dreamed that she was in a forest with the trees without leaves and fruits, besides being dry. She seemed to run from something, which would be Due. Nubia ran for help and help, but nothing or no one showed up. There was a moment when she stumbled and fell and Due threw herself on top of her hurting her. 

She talks: 

- Like the others, it was her turn to die. 

She bit Nubia's neck, but she tried to react, but Due stuck her fingernails in her belly and went down. She screamed in pain, was flushed and sweating a lot, and started crying. 

She sees from afar a headstone with the names of Mega Boy, White and Cellina and she talks:

 - Why did you die? 

Due to the strangulation and she told her to stop, but the vampire ignored her request and fell with her mouth on her neck. Nubia screamed so loudly that her voice seemed to be over. 

- Nubian... Nubia... Nubia wake up. - said Branca, who was trying to wake Nubia. 

When she woke up and saw Branca looking at her worried, she said: 

- White... 

...she hugged her crying. 

Cellina and Mega Boy were also awake. 

- It's 3:30 in the morning. What happened? - Ask Mega Boy. 

- Easy, Nubia. - White was the console. - I'm here. 

Nubia was trembling and nervous. Her dream seemed very real. 

- Cellina, see me a glass of water. - said Branca. 

Cellina was sleeping naked and her parts were covered. 

- Well... 

- Let me get it. - said Mega Boy. 

He gave it to Nubia and she looked calmer. 

- Nubia, what happened? Ask White. 

Nubia counted:    

- I had a nightmare. - Everyone was looking at her. - I dreamt that Due had hurt me a lot and said that I would die.  But you were dead and... - she remembered the moment when Due went over to Nubia and sucked her neck. - It was horrible. - She started crying. 

White hugs her and talks: 

- It's okay, Nubia. Cellina and I are immortal, we're not gonna die that easy. Mega Boy will be fine, nobody here will die. - she looks at Mega Boy. - I need to talk to you later. 

Mega Boy would do it with his head. 

- Let's try to sleep, guys. - said Cellina. 

- We will. - said Branca. 

When they were getting ready for bed, someone knocked on the door. Mega Boy was gonna see who it was, who was a neighbor. 

- It's okay, it was just my friend who had a nightmare. - said the Irishman. 

He was going to bed then. 

The next day, Cellina was with Nubia walking through Waterford. She decided to take her so that White could talk to Mega Boy. Shizen decided that since they were among the civilians, she could supervise the safety of the place. 

Mega Boy went to Branca, who read about the vampires and said:

 - What was it? 

- I need your help to come up with a plan and defeat Due. - said Branca. - She seems to be strong.      

- Yeah, I'll help. 

Mega Boy and White would put their heads together to come up with a plan and defeat Due. Will they make it?

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