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História Guardians of Destiny - Capítulo 13

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Capítulo 13 - Theory in pratice

Fanfic / Fanfiction Guardians of Destiny - Capítulo 13 - Theory in pratice

The next day arrived and White, along with the others, would put the plan into practice. Wicca observed that modern vampires usually wear a ring or an amulet that protects them from sunlight. In Due's case, she wears an amulet. White has psychic powers and could get the amulet out of her, but it wouldn't be easy, so she would ask someone to distract her. While she'd be distracted, White would take advantage and steal Due's amulet and she'd be burned by the sunlight. 

They then began to put the plan into practice and it would be executed in more detail. Nubia would be the person who would distract Due, but she has a skill that no one knew, which was to turn into something. She'd turn into a man and go on walking quietly. 

Now, the chances of Due catching transformed Nubia are great? No, but if she turned into a foreign person, who knows, and turned into an Egyptian man. 

Said and done. 

Due note Nubia, already transformed into an Egyptian man and said: 

- Hello, are you new here? 

As a foreigner, Nubia wouldn't say anything. 

- Yeah, you don't speak my language. - said the vampire. 

She then starts to use her absolute seduction ability and little by little, she'd be seducing Nubia and soon, she'd be close to biting her. 

Mega Boy and Cellina were hiding behind a tree and saw what was happening. The Irishman takes a shot that frightens everyone and Nubia takes advantage and runs away, since it caught Due's attention. She was running, but Due was fast and was almost catching up with him. 

- We have to catch her fast. - said Cellina, who was faster than Mega Boy and was running to reach Due. 

White was flying over them, but from an angle that Due didn't notice her. 

As the vampire was about to pick up Nubia, Cellina threw lightning at her and Nubia was back to normal. Due looks at Cellina, White and Mega Boy arriving, plus Nubia returning to normal and says: 

- You bastards fooled me! 

She moves on Nubia, but Cellina grabs her and immobilizes her. Being a snake shizen, she'd be wrapping her arms in Due, to the point of immobilizing her. Her legs would hold her too. Due wouldn't be moving. 

- Let me go! - said the vampire. 

White would be concentrating to use her psychic powers and can lift her amulet. 

- No! Please, no! - said Due, desperate. - I promise not to attack anyone else. 

White would look at her and say: 

- You promise?

 - It's a trap, Snow. - said Mega Boy. 

- Yes, I promise. - said Due. 

- Well, since you're telling the truth, I won't take your amulet. - said Snow White. 

Due smiles, but Cellina talks: 

- Only I won't let you go. 

She squeezed Due even tighter and left her breathless and felt a squeeze in her heart.

 - You're gonna kill me, girl!!! - said Due. 

- Really? I thought you vampires were immortal. - said Cellina. 

A hair of the shizen curls up in the amulet and squeezes it, cutting the chain. 

Due was burning and Cellina changed her skin, getting away from the vampire.

The amulet and Due burned together. The four of them just looked at the body that was turning to dust. 

- That's disgusting. - Nubia covered her face and White held her by the shoulders behind. 

- Nice work, Nubia. - said White and kissed her on the cheek, leaving her blushing. 

Mega Boy speaks: 

- Well, it looks like it's over. 

- Yes, it's over. - said Cellina. - Waterford is now in no danger about this vampire. It's okay now. 

- We're going home. - said Nubia.

 - Yes. - said Branca.

 Meanwhile, at Guardian Headquarters, Gogo was watching the Waterford news mentioning the whereabouts of Mega Boy, Cellina, Nubia and Branca. 

- The Guardians of Destiny strike again and it seems that this time, they have protected our city from a dangerous threat, especially to men. - It said on the news. - Of course, unlike Brazil, which had all of them united to end the zombies, only four came here to end vampire Due. They are Mega Boy, from Ireland, 22, Cellina, a Japanese shizen, 180, White, a Portuguese wicca... Pull, 2000, Nubia Olome, Egyptian, 20.

 - Thank you, Robbie, now we have the special invitation to talk about the Guardians of Destiny, Jack Foster. - Said the anchor. - Jack, what is your opinion of this new organization, young but experienced, innocent but dangerous, independent but led, whose name is Guardians of Destiny?

 - Well, first good afternoon and second, I would never have imagined that they would join forces to defend themselves, I didn't even think they would call themselves heroes. - said Jack. - I know some of them as the futuristic soldier, Joe, the green fighter, Midori, the immortal snake, Cellina, the redhead from the Potira tribe, Kasumi and even, whoever we never imagined, being in that organization, the princess of Cairo, Nubia Olome. 

- To see that even the codenames have power. - Said the anchor. 

- That's right. So... 

...White came and Gogo said: 

- It seems that they are being recognized by the world what they do. 

White smiles and speaks:

 - It is true. Even I don't believe where I am.

 Gogo smiles at her and so ends this saga, which was dedicated to the hunting of a vampire in Ireland. But the adventure doesn't end here, we still have more villains ahead.

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